Fry’s Marketplace in Mesa, AZ

"Triple-A all day"

Fry’s Marketplace honors war heroes, first responders, and all who serve our country. (Credit: Linda March)

Customers tell us on a daily basis how wonderful it is to shop with us! We go out of our way to make sure the customer has a great shopping experience and they leave with everything they came for, even if it means giving them a comparable item for free.

Posted by Fry's Marketplace on Sunday, 25 September 2016

Stories About Fry’s Marketplace

If there is a cheese at Murray’s that a guest has never tried, we are happy to open a package and sample it. Small children tend to get impatient shopping with Mom or Dad, so when I hear the crying, I run to the produce section were we have free fruit for the little shoppers, for which parents are always grateful. I personally work in the liquor department, where we have a wine bar. I’m asked for advice constantly, and they return to thank me for my help. I love my job and all my coworkers.

Springtime Wine & Cheese Pairings

Spring into action and create a seasonal spread like this in no time. Pick out your favorite cheeses and HemisFare snackable olives, grab a chilled wine out of the fridge and enjoy the world's easiest springtime picnic.

Posted by Fry's Food Stores on Friday, 13 April 2018