Gardner, KS

"Where grace and love abound"

There is a city Facebook page and I’m constantly reading about different people that are blessed by their neighbors, local businesses, and even complete strangers.

Stories About Gardner

So many stories!

At a drive-thru, discovering the car in front of them paid for their order.

Someone obviously short on paying for a few groceries, and someone quietly pays the difference.

A community group that posts “local needs” (whether a winter coat, diapers, food, etc), and also having a weekly parking lot roundup to share things with each other, trying to help each other.

Someone with medical issue and suddenly a half a dozen volunteers are arranging a casserole, or mowing their yard, or helping kids to and from school.

Paying for someone’s gas.

People giving guidance for job searches, recommending local contractors, and sharing important community news.

Free car repairs, or plumbing fixes, etc. Helping after a storm. Police shooting basketball with kids while on duty. So many stories every single day in our community!