Glendale, NY

"Bliss surrounded"

The community gathers at an outdoor concert venue for events. (Credit: Craig Schwab)

Nestled between cemeteries and Forest Park, a 400-plus acre oasis of rolling hills, a golf course, the band shell and one of the oldest carousels in America, Glendale New York is home to a growing diverse population where on any day people frolic in the park or visit the band shell during Summer concerts. A place where generations of Americans have thrived and discovered the American dream is right here at home.

As a resident of Glendale since the early 1960s, the landscape and population is both tranquil and respectful. Local churches have housed shelters for the homeless and hosts community gatherings that entertain and enlighten all people. Sports enthusiast witness the giving nature of mothers and fathers who volunteer to teach children the nature of competition while embracing the spirit of loving the games. Because many people were been born here each new generation has nurtured their aging parents with dignity. At any given time during the day one might notice the helping ways many support the elderly. Programs at the local library endorse reading programs for children and book clubs for others of all ages. Because the park and acres of cemeteries surround the community, Autumn takes on a picturesque quality unmatched in New England. Spring time offers the same miracle of natures blossoming. Festive events occur during all seasons including a celebration for our troops with annual parades for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and the Fourth of July on our main thoroughfare Myrtle Avenue.

A local Glendale resident displays support for those lost on 9/11. This is typical of Glendale homes. (Credit: Craig Schwab)
This restaurant was once a famous local haunt and now exists in memory and art. (Credit: Craig Schwab)
Community artists depict local landmarks, like this event space that has housed thousands of weddings and parties over the years. (Credit: Craig Schwab)