Goodland, KS


A friendly wave is never far away in Goodland. (Credit: Judy Nations)

None of the many places I’ve lived could compare to my hometown. It’s just my kind of place. It’s a rural community, which I love, and not all crowded like a city. It’s beautiful northwest Kansas. If it’s the right time of year, you can drive down the highway and see golden wheat blowing in the wind. It reminds you of a golden ocean, or you might see fields of sunflowers instead. Nothing on earth more beautiful.

Stories About Goodland

Goodland is the exact right size. I don’t like big cities, so this is perfect. The people in my hometown are the best. I came back home almost three years ago after losing everything I had. I applied for an apartment when I returned, but didn’t have a single thing to put in it. The people in this town were amazing. Family, friends, and even total strangers completely furnished my home. I still sit and look around my apartment in amazement at everything I have now. The people in my hometown are so wonderful and bighearted.