Grayson, GA

"Where busy lives come home to roost"

Sunset on Cooper Lake. (Credit: Denny Wood)

Grayson, Georgia retains much of its small-town atmosphere despite the encroaching suburbs trailing out from bustling Atlanta to our west. Our community activity centers around a small City Park and Arts Center located in a historic farmhouse and homestead, where citizens and visitors alike enjoy scheduled festivals, small concerts, and hosted celebrations at one of two pavilions. Flanked by a popular pizza parlor, a boutique bakery and an active ice cream stand across the street. On any fair day or evening, you’ll find singles, couples, and families with their pets enjoying the modern playground, jogging, or walking the paved exercise trails or basking in the shade of tall pines seated on one of many A-framed porch swings scattered throughout. Fond memories of greeting neighbors while treating my grandchildren to frozen treats following an active day at the park, when a pick-up truck of high school football players, fresh from a recent State Championship win, cruised by and blared the Dixie Fight Song from their car horn, to the reveling cheers and applause of the gathered crowd.

Within blocks of Grayson’s City Hall, one will see horses and goats grazing yellow daisy fields and ducks paddling past kids fishing on Cooper Lake, where midnight beavers are busy “relandscaping” the shoreline. You might even spy the resident Blue Heron gigging for frogs.

Girls celebrating a princess-themed party at Grayson City Park. (Credit: Denny Wood)