Hannibal, MO

"America's hometown"

Local kids play with a cat. (Credit: Alicia Hammond)

Unlike many places, Hannibal’s town slogan is true. I grew up in Washington state and Florida, yet I can happily and truly say that Hannibal is my hometown. The same is true for many. I and many of my friends came here to attend Hannibal-LaGrange University, fell in love with the town, and stayed. It’s a wonderful tourist town, without all the traffic I experienced growing up in Florida. There’s always something to do but never crowds accompanying you. The literary emphasis as the hometown of Mark Twain and the setting of his novels Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, reinforced by Bluff City Theater, ensures that much of the entertainment is of an educational nature, and the unique events such as the Steampunk Festival and Tom Sawyer Days are fun experiences that are incredibly coordinated for a town of this size.

Mini golf at the library! (Credit: Alicia Hammond)

Stories About Hannibal

There’s an amazing sense of community here — everyone gives genuine, helpful advice freely, and all are welcome to stop by the churches, businesses (even if you don’t patronize them) and attractions. Everyone is happy to slow down to chat with friends and strangers alike.