Home Away from Home in Valparaiso, IN

"Gateway to heaven"

A Home Away from Home resident greets her visitor. (Credit: Diana Lewis)

Home Away from Home is a private set of homes for the elderly who are no longer able to safely live independently. Edwina Shields and her group are a true loving ministry who create a peaceful family environment for these men and women. Everyone’s needs are met throughout the day and night. Care and love comes naturally from everyone who helps the people who are fortunate to have found their way to Home Away from Home. Whether it be months or years before they leave this earth, Home Away from Home has given each one of these souls a sneak preview of what many of us hope for in our next existence. I was blessed with having both my parents experience “Heaven on Earth” before their passing.

Stories About Home Away from Home

In the beginning, when I placed only my mom in the home, my father was residing in a public nursing home. Edwina, on her own, showed repeatedly compassion and spiritual support to me and my family.

Another resident, Miss Molly, had no family members visiting her. On Christmas Eve, Edwina gathered some 20 of her friends and family to celebrate Miss Molly’s birthday with plenty of food and laughter and love! With every unannounced visit I made through the years, I never saw or heard anything that would make me feel uncomfortable or give me an unsettling feeling about placing my parents with Alzheimer’s in her care. Edwina and her group were a godsend and continue to be for others like me with aging loved ones.