The Homeless Charity and Village in Akron, OH

"Meet the homeless where they are today. Empower them to take themselves where they want to go tomorrow"

Residents of The Homeless Charity & Village’s Tent City work on making camp. (Credit: Rocky Lewis)

A business owner in our town opened his entire office building in a disadvantaged neighborhood to Akron’s homeless and created a thriving, homeless-run Day Center and Tent City. So many people have rallied around this endeavor. The homeless that live there have the stability they need to get jobs and apartments. While there, they work to improve the neighborhood: planting a garden, running a food bank five days a week, giving away donated home goods, picking up trash in the neighborhood, and distributing baked goods to low income seniors. It’s innovative, generous, and amazing. The folks at Tent City are like one big family.

Stories About The Homeless Charity & Village

The Homeless Charity & Village sees a stream of church parishioners, high school volunteer groups, city councilmen, non-profit representatives, and others looking for new ways to serve the homeless — but it’s the people who live there that are truly inspiring. Take Gary Mikes, a homeless felon, who was estranged from his family and living on his own in Akron. After coming to The Homeless Charity & Village and contributing all of his time to the center, he is back in touch with his family, has custody of his son, and started his own non-profit fixing up blighted properties in Akron to start sober houses and group homes for the homeless.

Ellen and Hunter are able to lead more successful, stable lives thanks to a little help from The Homeless Charity & Village. (Credit: Rocky Lewis)

And it’s not just Gary. There are endless success stories coming out of The Homeless Charity & Village. Ellen came to us pregnant and living in a tent. After she gave birth to Hunter, everyone at Tent City helped her fill out the paperwork she needed to get herself and her son into low income housing. Now, with that stability, she has been able to get a job and childcare for Hunter. She is back on her feet, doing well for herself and her little family.

Brandon constructed the fence surrounding Tent City, allowing those who live there a little more privacy. (Credit: Rocky Lewis)

Brandon, another felon who came to live at Tent City, was head of maintenance and then security. He built the large privacy fence surrounding the facility, and now he and his family have housing. Yet, he still comes back to Tent City every single day to volunteer his time when he’s not working as a contract handyman. And these stories go on and on and on.

Tent City is more than place to live, it’s a place to grow, learn, and thrive. (Credit: Rocky Lewis)

Then, of course, there’s the story of the property’s owner, Sage Lewis, who first gave up his building to homeless people in need and gave up running his business to start The Homeless Charity & Village, funding the people living in his building and yard and making hefty personal donations to support the people in Tent City.