Island of Vieques, PR

"Isla nena"

Vieques sunset. (Credit: Teofilo Bermudez)

A small island located 18 miles off the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is home to a population of 9,500, and most know each other to some degree. The island community is made of people from all over the world, mainly the U.S., but locals and foreigners peacefully coexist, since everyone is friendly and respectful. The island was recently hit by two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, and everybody has joined forces to help the island recover. As of today everything is back to normal thanks to the efforts of the community.

Stories About the Island of Vieques

People get together for any charitable activity that has the potential to help somebody, and have even joined forces to create an organization to aid local cancer patients, raising funds throughout the year to assist them with their treatments. With the help of the local municipal government, Vieques en Rescate, an organization to support cancer patients on the island, has an office space to help their beneficiaries. A lot of people have benefitted from this initiative.

In the month of July we have a big carnival. People from the main island, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and even the United States, visit our island and join locals to celebrate life and friendship.

Vieques has the best beaches in the World. We also have the most brilliant bioluminescent bay in the world. People from all over visit us just to to see this marvel.