Jackson, MS

"A field of dreams and kindness"

Vickie Bradley is an integral part of the Jackson community thanks to her good samaritan heart and generous contributions to others. (Credit: Tenisha Younger)

This is one of the nicest places in America because of my friend/mentor, Vickie Bradley, who owns and operates an aftercare enrichment program for kids. Her heart reaches the masses in several different ways. She feeds anyone in need, cares for the sick, and simply inspires others. She’s also a two-time cancer conqueror. Mississippi has such educated, wise people who pass the torch to others. The gift of giving is life’s greatest reward.

Jeremy Forrest is an active military worker and fitness trainer, who raises awareness and funding for lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease. Jeremy has rich Mississippi roots and is always trying to make the city of Jackson a better place.

Trace, CJ and Sky love living in Jackson where everyone cares about each other and the wellbeing of children. (Credit: Tenisha Younger)