Joliet, IL

"A community full of history and kindness"

Holiday lights in Joliet. (Credit: Karen Ward)

To put this town into words is easy. Full of life, full of history, and full of great and kind people! As someone whose family has lived here for generations, and whose family has been public servants for the community, our community is full of history, of great and kind individuals, and great beauty. We are more than meets the eye; we are a community of thrivers and survivors, of people helping others, and others going above and beyond for each other. Our community and my great uncle, who was mayor, once hosted President Kennedy — and there are other stories of leaders being welcomed with our arms wide open. Our community is a hidden gem, and where anyone is welcome. If I could make a movie of places to see in Joliet, my community, I could show many pieces of our local sparkle. My community is a jewel in itself.

Stories About Joliet

One of the stories I have is of one of the local pub owners, who I have witnessed going above and beyond for a stranger, and taking money out of his own pocket to have a piece of jewelry repaired for her. Also, one of our local car dealers and his family, has a big history of helping out people and non-profits, whenever they can, and not expecting any praise. So many random acts go on everyday that makes me proud of this community.