Kipling, NC

"Mayberry, USA"

The folks at Kipling United Methodist Church are at the heart of the town. (Credit: Jill Phipps)

Kipling is a small town where the folks are so nice. Having lived here my entire life, Kipling folks remind me of Andy Griffith’s imaginary town, Mayberry, USA. When someone is in need, our community comes together like one big happy family!

Stories About Kipling

The Kipling Community comes together for anyone. When my father passed away in 2011, Kipling folks brought food and more food and rallied around us in our time of need. The love and support was more than words could ever express.  This community does it for everyone. We have a Preacher, Melinda Ivey, who is the Pastor of Kipling United Methodist Church, and is usually responsible for rallying everyone…truly the community of one big happy family.