La Crosse, WI

"A community with heart"

A smile or hello from a stranger is guaranteed walking down Main Street. (Caption: Thomas Donovan)

There is a lot of heart in the La Crosse/Coulee region from fundraisers for sick residents to good neighbors.

Nothing spells friendship like hosting fundraisers for sick neighbors or people who have been struck by tragedy. (Caption: Thomas Donovan) 
Freedom flights offered in La Crosse take war vets to Washington D.C. free of charge. (Credit: Thomas Donovan)

No act of kindness is too big or small for the people of La Crosse. As residents, we try our best every day to do good for others from something as simple as offering to put a grocery cart in the cart corral for an elderly person to helping the homeless find shelter or raising money for sick residents.

One of the many food basket locations where the community donates canned goods for people in need. (Credit: Thomas Donovan)

Christmas is a popular holiday in La Crosse as dozens of volunteers string up lights in Riverside Park.

Riverside Park, a beloved hangout spot for locals, twinkles with Christmas lights during the holiday season. (Credit: Thomas Donovan)

Adam and Jeff Weshofen exemplify good neighbors. Despite their own busy lives, they take care of our weekly lawn mowing.  Jeff has even taken on other lawn projects going above and beyond. He is our hero.

Adam and Jeff Weshofen generously mow their neighbors’ lawns in their spare time. (Credit: Thomas Donovan)