Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Patriotism reigns in Lake Havasu"

The community hosts many parades and festivals on the London Bridge each year to honor and pay their respects to veterans. (Credit: Linda Heredero)

Residents dub Lake Havasu as “the most patriotic city.” Anytime there is a day of historic remembrance pertaining to our veterans, you can bank on the community to host a parade or festivities on or around the London Bridge. Lake Havasu respects and cares for its veterans and shows its gratitude for their service by honoring them with every opportunity. Our veterans know we appreciate them and we let them know every chance we get

When my son was diagnosed with cancer, the community rallied together with fundraisers and donations. After he passed away, one of the local ladies who owns a craft shop and was a customer on my husband’s mail route made hundreds of cards and passed them out to every business and home on my husband’s route. Within days, stacks of cards with cash and checks were arriving on a daily basis to our house. In a nutshell, thanks to the generosity of our community and people we didn’t even know, our son’s final costs were completely paid for and we were able to lay him to rest without owing a dime. These are the kind of wonderful people that reside in Lake Havasu City.