Lewiston, ME

"Jayden's Place"

Residents gather to dig a memorial garden in honor of Jayden Cho Sargent, a middle school boy, who was struck and killed by a car while crossing the street. (Credit: Robert Reed)

It’s about putting aside differences of race, religion, and politics to focus on “doing good in the (neighbor)hood” to help a family grieve the loss of their son.

In November 2016, local middle school student Jayden Cho Sargent was struck and killed by a car while crossing the street. The location became a memorial, but since it was on a main route, the displays of teddy bears and flowers became a distraction for some drivers. The police department asked to have the items removed four months after the accident without realizing that the city had given people permission to place the items at the memorial. 

An engraved monument stone and plants are in place for the surprise reveal to present to Jayden’s family. (Credit: Robert Reed)

A suggestion was made to create a memorial space for Jayden in a nearby park the family often visited. Members of the Facebook group “Lewiston Rocks” began to discuss and come up with a concept.

By May, plans for the memorial were put into action as the city, citizens, and local businesses such as a stone memorial company and garden nursery donated materials for the cause. Community members gathered to clear the site, build the memorial garden, and plant flowers to honor and remember the young boy’s life.