Liberty, KY

"Back to the basics"

In Liberty, everyone gets a slice of the pie. (Credit: Nadine Jascor)

Visiting Liberty, KY is a great experience. The folks are genuine and real. They are super friendly and go out of their way to help others. There are so many clubs and organizations that are all based on helping others. The town is filled with so many religious denominations and everyone gets along and helps everyone else.

The Apple Festival spills over into Liberty’s streets each year. (Credit: Nadine Jascor)

Stories About Liberty

My folks just moved to KY from NJ. My mom was at the Apple Festival working for the day, and an old family friend from NJ was in the area (my parents had no idea they were coming to visit). They saw the festival and stopped and ask 2-3 people if anyone knew my parents, and someone did! They were even able to provide directions to the house.

Being from NJ, I remember visiting my folks and driving along and people kept presenting the IQ finger to me. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong and wondering why they were doing this. It was actually the one finger wave from the steering wheel. Everyone just waves to everyone.   

This town has good home values, everyone holds the door for the next person. They same please, thank you, ma’am and sir. It feels like you’re in Little House on the Prairie, the town still even has one room school houses.