Libertyville, IL

"Welcome to Libertyville, a place that cares"

Libertyville High School students bought these specially designed T-shirts to raise money for a sick resident. (Credit: Patricia Tazzioli)

Families call it home. People may move away but eventually they come back to put down roots.

Libertyville is a place that hosts a variety of events to reach many.

For example, in the summers the Farmer’s Market sells local produce and goods. Local restaurants and establishments gather in the park to sell their goods for “Lunch in the Park” — an event where residents come to catch up with their peers over a scrumptious meal.

Another example to further demonstrate how the town cares was when a local woman was diagnosed with cancer. The town rallied to tie green (her favorite color) ribbons around posts throughout the village.  Also, the local apparel shop “Customized Garb” designed T-shirts in an effort to raise money for the woman. Instead, she insisted they give the donations to another person suffering from the same disease. School staff and students in the area bought the shirts and shared their support. 

These are just a few examples of how we make caring connections to many and welcome all.

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