Littleton, NH

"Glad town"

A parka-clad adventurer on an icy path across the covered bridge. (Credit: Lori Alderin)

Nestled on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River at the feet of the beautiful White Mountains, Littleton is a true small town community with the friendly and generous attitudes that make a town feel like a real home. The author of Pollyanna, Eleanor Porter, was born in Littleton and the town has adopted Pollyanna’s “Be glad!” attitude. Niceties are everywhere around town, from beautiful flowers, to the “Stop, Look, Wave” motto on our cross walks, to the fact that you cannot walk down Main Street without running into someone you know! The businesses and individuals living and working in Littleton embody kindness and generosity, with the idea that if Littleton as a whole does well as town then everyone benefits!

Prudent advice for cheery Littleton pedestrians. (Credit: Lori Alderin)

Stories About Littleton

My husband and I moved to town and opened a business almost three years ago, and have felt welcomed with open arms since day one. When we moved, so many people reached out to us, asking us about our background and what brought us to the area. Other business owners were eager to support our business and were happy to help with anything we needed. We own a restaurant, and one night ran out of a product, and another restaurant brought it over to us. We left town and had a tree fall on our roof, and had so many messages letting us know about the issues when we landed. We had calls from our yoga instructor, the fire chief, our plumber…everyone knowing we were away and wanting to help. It was a lovely feeling of support and kindness.

With a motto like that, who could argue? (Credit: Lori Alderin)

When you walk down the street, you need to plan extra time to stop and chat — everyone wants to know how you are and what’s new with your family. This town has literally watched our daughter grow from infancy to toddlerhood, and she’s a better human already because of it. There are so many wonderful and amazing events, and everyone gathers to make them happen and ensure that they are a success. There are many opportunities to gather as a community to celebrate Littleton and each other. The embodiment of “Be glad” is everywhere, from events put on throughout the year, to the mail lady, to the teller at the bank. It’s a joy to live in a place that is kind and pleasant, first and foremost. When you meet people, they don’t ask where you are from or what you do for work, they want to know what you enjoy doing for fun, and how you are doing in that moment. It’s lovely.

Littleton over the river. (Credit: Lori Alderin)