Madison Park in Seattle, WA

"Madison Park -- America's kindest neighborhood"

A boy rides his bicycle down the Madison Park Children’s Parade. (Credit: Hunter Robbins)

Home to a variety of fantastic business and groups, many people have chosen to make their home in Madison Park to slow the pace of their daily lives while having access to a major metropolitan life. Our local public elementary school and PTA is incredibly active with the community, sponsoring giving events. It raises funds for neighbors of need, but host events that celebrate multiculturalism, honors or veterans and seniors, informs the community through events like Walk for Water to highlight that a caring community is one that takes action through empathy. Our Madison Park Community Council sponsors numerous events such as community-wide blood drives, neighborhood bike tune-up-days in the park, a local artisan art-walk and tree walks to learn about the hundreds of different variety of plant and tree species in Madison Park. It is said that we have the most bio-diversity in the US.

A pedestrian was unfortunately seriously injured by a bicyclist who could not see him in time due to trees and parked cars that obstructed the view of the crosswalk. Our neighbors immediately formed a group that began a program to create a greenway and safe route designs to school that the City of Seattle adopted and has incorporated across the city.

A woman speaks at the Madison Park Tree Walk Talk for the community’s senior residents. (Credit: Hunter Robbins)