Mountain City, TN


Here in Mountain City, everything and everyone comes together.

Stories About Mountain City

My husband was driving home one night after a long work shift, and came across a car going very, very slow. He stayed behind the car for a few minutes before deciding to get out and walk up the car and see what was happening. The driver was an elderly man that was very lost, and thought his car was broken. My husband called 911 and stayed with the man until the police arrived. Once they arrived, my husband drove the man’s car to a safer location and met up with an ambulance so EMTs could check the man out. My husband stayed till around 4am until he was certain the man was taken care of. It turned out that the man had Alzheimer’s and had driven from Florida to Tennessee without knowing what he was doing. I think my husband saved his life, as other cars were just passing by without a care as to what was happening.