Newfane NY

"Newfane USA"

Kids, Christmas lights and Rudolph! (Credit: Christine Budnack)

We’re a small town and everyone waves to each other as well as strangers — we have the greatest people living here! Everyone is welcomed in. Neighbors help each other, we all get involved in issues in town. If there is a tragedy, everyone pulls together to help.

Stories About Newfane

My dad’s car fell on him in 1982 and everyone was so nice. The town undertaker’s son saved his life (along with a garage owner’s son), running over broken glass to help get my dad breathing with CPR and to get him to the hospital where he was mercy flighted. One neighbor, Jeff Munger, stood guard at our house because the door was unlocked and no way to lock it all evening and night while we were at the hospital and dad was in surgery.

Once, a purse snatcher came to Newfane and grabbed a purse in the grocery store lot; almost the entire group in the parking lot chased him until the police caught him before he got out of town limits. People are like that here, fiercely protective of their friends, neighbors and families. We have the best Christmas decorations ever, living nativity, Candy Cane Lane at the church, and light decorating ceremonies. It’s a fun, family place, full of wonderful people doing what they do everyday — just being nice!

We all pulled together to win an MRI machine for our hospital system’s Eastern Niagara Lockport site, out of all the tons of places voting with bigger populations, we won because together we can! We have Murphy’s Orchards, which is part of the underground railroad where slaves escaped. We have Lake Ontario so close to our town. We have fruit orchards, fun shops, events, fishing contests, and festivals. It’s a fabulous place!

People of Newfane know how to have a good time. (Credit: Christine Budnack)
Happy Fourth from Newfane! (Credit: Christine Budnack)