North Wilkesboro, NC

"Hidden jewel"

Kindness – it causes a spark. (Credit: Cassie Hoogendoorn)

In North Wilkesboro, everyone waves, even workers just passing through the neighborhood. Meeting your neighbor is easy, as you’re made to feel welcome, and if you move with children you’re guaranteed to hear chimes of adoration for the sounds of them playing. These are friendly, polite, and caring salt-of-the-earth people. If I could pick any place on Earth to call home, it’d be right here.

Stories About North Wilkesboro

A middle-aged couple moved into town, and not soon after the husband very suddenly and very tragically passed away. His funeral was attended by these near-strangers, who hugged their neighbor and wished her well. For months after his death, people would drop by with a cake or plant to reassure her of how well thought of she and her husband were.

In North Wilkesboro, everyone is welcome to the neighborhood. (Credit: Cassie Hoogendoorn)