Ord Township Library, NE

"Stop by and get a smile, a book, and a friend"

Doreen stands in front of the library, her favorite space to write and make new friends. (Credit: Doreen Frick)

No matter what you come to our library looking for, you’re sure to find something good to bring home. Maybe you’re just out for a stroll, walking your dog, jogging, or need a few moments to de-stress. If that’s you today, you can be sure someone in that library will say hello, give you a smile, and listen to the news of your day. Oh yes, there will be books, DVDs, and audio books, but there will also be puzzles in the works, children being read to, and movies shown. I may go in to do some research and walk out with a new recipe or friend.

I moved here two years ago and was warmly welcomed. I had a dream to move to Nebraska and while I was waiting for housing I spent some time at the local motel and the local library. I was so “at home” at the library because the staff and helpersĀ gave me a place to do some of my best writing and spend my happiest afternoons. They worry when they see me with an aching back, and in return, I worry when one of them is under the weather. It happened so naturally I felt I’d lived here all my life. They are Nebraska-strong and Nebraska-caring.

Out here they wave, even if they don’t know you, unfamiliar cars waving at other unfamiliar cars and trucks is a new thing for me, but it’s another piece of Nebraska that I’ve grown to love. I’m not saying I haven’t lived in other nice places, and been in other wonderful libraries, because I have. Maybe it’s in living someplace warm and kind, you carry that warmth with you to other cities, towns, streets and local libraries in America because kindness is something you can’t keep to yourself.