PayItForward Inc. in Mower County, MN

"Healing hearts one home at a time"

From the Editors: Mower County, MN has been named a finalist — and that includes this nomination.

A PayItForward check to go toward an adaptive bike. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)

PayItForward is an organization made up of businesses and individuals in Mower County to “help brighten, enlighten and rejuvenate hope of families in need.” This is one small dream that has helped so many amazing projects take flight. There isn’t anyone that we don’t try to help — as long as it falls within our funds to do so! All who have been asked to participate or donate never hesitate to help PayItForward!

The Ellie Butts family with Ellie, who has brittle bone disease. PayItForward donated over $2,000 to the family. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)
Accentra Credit Union presents PayItForward with a check. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)

Stories About PayItForward Inc.

There are probably a hundred articles on the variety of projects, but to summarize a few:

— We held an auction to raise money in support of a young couple whose baby was born with brittle bone disease.

— Helping an elderly gentleman replace a snowblower that was stolen.

Thorsen tree service volunteered for PayItForward to help remove 30 dead trees from an elderly couple’s yard. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)

— Installing a water heater and repairing plumbing lines for a sober house that was just starting up.

— Needed repairs to the local Matchbox Theatre for children.

— A grill purchase for a recovery house for male teenagers.

— Five major bathroom/home renovations over the past five years for family or couples in need. This past year’s project was nearly $65,000, with the renovation of the bathroom, kitchen, and landscaping, as well as the installation of piping, a water heater, a softener, a furnace, and an air conditioner.

The PayItForward crew poses for a pic during a 2014 house renovation project. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)
Hugs after a house renovation reveal. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)
Having some fun during a house renovation project. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)
After one local child was diagnosed with cancer, the community came together to build him an adapted bathroom, and a second bathroom for the rest of his family. (Credit: Gina Grundmeier)

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