Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company in Flint, MI

"Service with a smile!"

More than half of the employees dressed in blue on Wear Blue Day to show their support for Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Credit: Alison Kangas)

I work at Pioneer and everyone here is so friendly. I came from a different insurance company that was “not-so-nice.” Every day I dreaded going to work, but at Pioneer, I actually look forward to my work day! We have visitors in the building who always tell our administrators how much they appreciate the friendly employees here.  Everyone loves working here and is genuinely kind to strangers. This is the type of place where you know everyone’s name, greet each other in the hall with a smile, and people genuinely care about your wellbeing. In fact, we’re so friendly we actually failed a security test done by a third-party security group because we were too nice to the intruder! (We’ve since learned our lesson).

We’re very active in our community and give our time and money to various causes. Recently, a group of our employees volunteered at the Super Hero 5k Run/Walk in downtown Flint, MI with another group of volunteers. The other group we worked with said, “We’re going to make sure to partner with Pioneer next year! You guys are the best!”

As a part of Child Abuse Prevention Month, we participated in the Paint Our Town Blue campaign. The campaign leaders stopped by the office and were blown away at how many people were involved. Of course, we greeted them with smiles!

At our company Christmas party in December, we had a member of an organization we support join us to talk about our charitable contributions to his organization throughout the year. Come to find out, the man who gave the speech actually worked for one of our competitors.  He really enjoyed spending time with us and reiterated how nice everyone was!

We have a quarterly newsletter where we spotlight certain departments and this time it was our Human Resources and Administrative teams. We asked the employees from each department questions about what it’s like to work here and each of them answered in some way that they love working here because of the friendly atmosphere and how you’re instantly part of the family!

The most recent thing I witnessed was when I sat in on three interviews for interns. We asked them what their impression of us was based on what they saw online and they all said, based on our social media pages, that we seem like a very friendly place to work! One of the applicants admitted that he felt nervous about interviewing with us but felt at ease the moment he browsed through our social media pages, which gave off friendly vibes.  He confirmed that what he felt was true when he came to interview!

Customers and employees praise the administrators and human resources team for the friendly atmosphere and positive office morale. (Credit: Alison Kangas)
Employees volunteered to participate in the Super Hero 5k Run for Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Credit: Alison Kangas)