Prescott, AZ

"Everybody's hometown"

In Prescott, kindness is always on the horizon. (Credit: Prescott Chamber of Commerce)

Once the territorial seat and first capital of Arizona, Prescott rests atop a high desert plateau, where grass-fed cattle graze and organic gardens flourish. We’re also home to one of the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forests at our southern edge, in addition to several lakes and an underground water system, which are rarities in our desert state. For an active town of about 40,000, children are closely cared for and protected. Our old-fashioned downtown Courthouse Square, surrounded by small shops, has free events almost every weekend. One of our past governors designated Prescott as Arizona’s Christmas City, as we still have the old-fashioned Christmas tree lighting with choirs of children on our Courthouse steps.

Bird’s eye view of downtown Prescott. (Credit: Prescott Chamber of Commerce)

Stories About Prescott

Our local newspaper, The Daily Courier, has documented several accounts of purses and wallets that have been found and delivered to the owner’s door. If you run into car trouble, someone will usually stop to assist well before the motor club has arrived.

We just feel so lucky to be living somewhere where people care about one another. I myself once had a dead battery in Walmart’s parking lot, where a young man pulled his truck over to help me. After several attempts, we soon found that his jumper cables were not long enough. He actually waited for someone to come out of the store, and move their car, so he could help me. Now who does that? Young men in Prescott.

Kayakers carving through the Arizona water. (Credit: Prescott Chamber of Commerce)