Reliance, TN

"Back in time"

Even if you’re a stranger, Reliance feels like home. (Credit: Laura Curbow)

The folks in Reliance treat you like they know you. You never feel like a stranger. It’s the best place to visit and live. The only crime in the last five months was trespassing!

I lived in Reliance¬†35 years ago and moved but my husband and my family have gone back to visit every year for camping or staying in a cabin. The place hasn’t changed at all in 35 years. It still has the same two stores but they did have to replace the wooden bridge because it was falling apart.

A store called Webb Brothers has been there over 100 years and there’s a lot of history in the town in general: an old post office; an old church that was also a school; and a motel that Mr.Webb is trying to bring back to life dated back to 1800s. Men building the railroad would stay there with their women friends.

The town is just a step back in history and hasn’t changed at all in 38 years. Take your family there to go camping, white water rafting, ride a train and enjoy one of the many hiking trails.

You will love it!

There’s plenty to do in Reliance! (Credit: Laura Curbow)