Rockport, TX

"A little piece of heaven on Earth"

A new day dawns as Rockport rebuilds. (Credit: Lisa Garza)

This small town on the Texas coast will charm you with it’s plentiful history, fishing tales, colorful sunsets, beautiful beaches, and friendly people.

Stories About Rockport

After Hurricane Harvey almost completely destroyed Rockport, neighbors and strangers alike have been models for the meaning of helpful. Our beautiful little town is rebuilding from rubble. It’s heartbreaking to see so many locally owned businesses shutter in the wake of Harvey that will never reopen. Empty slabs are all that’s left of once-beautiful waterfront homes. Trees robbed of all their leaves have now begun to show signs of new life among the brush. Rockport depends on tourism dollars and people need to know that we’re open for business, and a place they simply have to see for themselves.