Ruidoso, NM


When more than 200 homes in Ruidoso burned, neighbors helped everyone who lost recover. (Credit: Dorrie Tyler)

Residents of Ruidoso give and they love and they share. That’s Ruidoso.

I moved to Ruidoso in 1973. A single mom with 4 kids. Nick Orcioli owner of Michelenas Italian Restaurant gave me a job and allowed my older daughter to bus tables, then he made sure we had enough food, money and a place to stay.

About a year later my 18 month old baby boy got a rare disease and died. The whole town of Ruidoso came to my aid with money, sympathy, care and help and friendship.

Years later in 2012 there was a fire and my home was one of more than 200 that got burned. Again the whole town of Ruidoso came to the aid of the people whose homes were burned.¬†At the time of the fire there were donations of furniture, clothing and cash money. People there went above and beyond to help any way that they could. God bless them, every one. I can’t be thankful enough for all the love that has been shown.