San Antonio, TX

"Diversity at its best" and "Big-city conveniences with small-town hospitality"

A splash of color for the San Antonio River Walk. (Credit: Mary Gomes)

Known as Military City, USA, with friendly people and affordable living, we have everything for everybody. We have amusement parks (including the only one in the world exclusively designed for people with special needs), and historical locations ranging from the Alamo to the San Antonio Missions’ World Heritage Site. We have theater, every type of ethnic food imaginable, our famous River Walk, music venues, shops, museums, and rodeos. Need I say more?

The Cummings are a military family, often moving around the country, who’ve found a home in San Antonio. (Credit: Wendy Cummings)

As a military family, we’ve lived in a lot of cities, but since retiring last month we’ve decided to stay put in San Antonio. It’s the best place to live, work, retire, and build lasting relationships! We have all the conveniences of a big city like Dallas, but the slower paced, southern hospitality of a small town. Everyone takes time to stop and visit, and most everyone puts their family first! The history is rich and the people are simply kind. That is why we love it and are planting our roots. Proud to call this gorgeous town home.

The Tower of the Americas from the 1968 World’s Fair. (Credit: Mary Gomes)

Stories About San Antonio

Young people here hold doors open, and anyone will stop for you if you look like you need directions. I once fell at a pre-rodeo parade and was helped by so many strangers.

A rough rider outside the Briscoe Western Art Museum. (Credit: Mary Gomes)