Spring Lake, NJ

"What dreams are made of"

Spring Lake, a picturesque and peaceful town. (Credit: Anne Skalitza)

When I left my hometown of Spring Lake for college, I not only missed my family and friends, but the quiet beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the serene lake, and the awe-inspiring St. Catharine’s church — all the things that help form this small town. Some refer to it as Camelot, others as the Irish Riviera, and still others as a place to unwind and find peace.

With today’s hectic pace and technology-driven lifestyle, Spring Lake is a place to leave modern day anxieties behind and embrace this calm, sea-and-pine scented town.

Stories About Spring Lake

With many homes sporting large front porches and many people walking or jogging or riding bikes around the small town, conversations among neighbors and visitors alike are quite common. A thriving four-block business district with its many benches, encourage one to sit and chat. The boardwalk that stretches north to south along the wide sandy beaches boasts many benches also, not just to gaze out at the beautiful ocean, but to mingle with others. There are several churches — one being the aforementioned St.Catharine’s — where there are meet-and-greets and abundant fellowship among the parishioners, among the religions.