Sugar Land, TX

"Sugar Land, Texas - Nice and Sweet"

Locals hold a special place in their hearts for the closed down Imperial Sugar refinery, an integral part of their community’s history. (Credit: Marianne Bliss)

The people in Sugar Land are just plain nice (and a little sweet too). We are diversified and good neighbors, who love to help others. Heck, we even love our pets, too! Come and see!

The main thing that sets Sugar Land apart is the fact that we like to give our time and funds to help others.  A good example of this is the Impact A Hero 5K race coming up on May 20.  Many people in Sugar Land will be participating in this fundraiser, and have participated in many other fundraisers that have arisen over the years.  Other upcoming fundraisers include the “Take me out to the Ballgame” auction and fundraiser on June 24, which raises awareness and funds in the USA to provide care for orphans and at-risk children in Romania and the Lupus Fundraiser Event benefits the Lupus Foundation Texas Gulf Coast Chapter.

Lakeview Elementary even has a Random Acts of Kindness Club.  Activities include gardening, cleaning desks, making signs, washing cars, and gathering trash.  

There are also many dog-friendly activities in Sugar Land.  BringFido shows just how many dog parks and dog-friendly activities we can participate in in our great city.

Sugar Land is also a great place to work.  It was ranked as one of the “Top Cities in Texas” for business relocation and expansion.  We have a diverse array of businesses here, including energy-related businesses, which includes petroleum exploration and refining.  Sugar Land also has a large number of international energy, software, engineering and product firms, plus businesses in the hospitality, hospital and medical industries.

There is so much diversification in Sugar Land that it leads to every kind of restaurant and cafe you could ever imagine.  And believe me; the people of Sugar Land, Texas are well-fed!

We may be well-fed, but we’re also one of the “fittest cities in America” for a city of our size.  We have many parks, jogging trails and sporting activities for keeping fit.

Local sports are popular both at the recreational and competitive levels.  There are so many to choose from, including baseball, football, soccer, ice hockey, swimming, and even fishing.

Sugar Land also has several entertainment venues, including the new Smart Financial Center (concert hall), Constellation Field (baseball stadium where the Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team plays), and the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Many festivals and other fun activities take place at the Sugar Land Town Square plaza.

The most memorable component of Sugar Land is the old Imperial Sugar Company refinery, which began as a small mill in post-Civil War territory.  Even though the refinery has been closed more than a decade ago, it means so much to the community that there are plans in the works for reinventing the refinery into a hotel with a landscaped plaza housing shops, offices, restaurants, bars, and apartments.  The people of Sugar Land love the history of our town so much, that keeping the Imperial Sugar Company refinery alive is very important to us.

Sugar Land is a great place to live and raise a family.  And remember, we’re just plain nice and a little sweet, so come and see for yourself.  You’re more than welcome here!

Residents may catch up with a neighbor during their weekly trip to the town’s Farmer’s Market. (Credit: Marianne Bliss)
Sugar Land residents aren’t afraid to flaunt their Texas spirit. (Credit: Marianne Bliss)

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