Sweetwater, TN

"A nice place to live"

Deirdre moved to Sweetwater with her husband, worried that they might not be welcome — but the town embraced them as one of their own. (Credit: Deirdre Sutherland)

Everyone is so helpful and kind. We moved here at the end of 2015 and have since made a beautiful life as an interracial couple, which is hard to do even in this day and age.

People here are real genuine and try not to judge. As I said we moved here in 2015 and within a week we both had full time jobs and a place to call home and it was because of the great people in this town that we were able to do so so quickly. We also had so much stuff donated to us for our first home by people who didn’t even know us. Plus there are a ton of family oriented places in Sweetwater that offer great activities!

This baby isn’t crazy for loving life in Sweetwater. (Credit: Deirdre Sutherland)
It was easy for Deirdre to make new friends in Sweetwater. (Credit: Deirdre Sutherland)
People just embrace people in Sweetwater. (Credit: Deirdre Sutherland)
There’s always a lot to smile about in Sweetwater. (Credit: Deirdre Sutherland)