Troy, TN

"Nice people live here"

Patient pups politely wait their turn during a day of fun in the park. (Credit: Dawn Guy)

Our town is a small, country-living kind of town. Everyone knows you and meets you with a wave, asks how you are, or simply says hello. Yes, we have strangers that move to our town, but they all are welcomed with southern hospitality.

Stories About Troy

Our small town of Troy is nestled in northwest Tennessee’s Obion County. Speaking as a recipient, I can certainly attest to our town’s tremendous helpfulness. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, and went without work for almost six months. Thank the Lord it wasn’t cancerous and removed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. I was blessed for all the prayers from my community and friends, I can’t imagine life without such a loving community. They came together and had a fundraiser for me, offsetting all of my expenses that weren’t covered by insurance. I’m so grateful and blessed for what they did for me.

A a couple years ago our police chief was in the midst of a long hospital stay due to a severe heart condition. Our community came together for him as well, and had a fundraiser which help him tremendously. He considered himself very blessed and was very thankful for this loving town.

Breaking ground for the new Air Evac landing pad in Troy’s Industrial Park. (Credit: Dawn Guy)

When farmers are planting or harvesting and fall ill or experience a tragedy, all of the other local farmers come together and do whatever needs to be done.

We also have a outstanding Mayor and Board of Alderman that have done and continue to do wonderful things for our town. We have festivals in town during the year, like the Pecan Festival, Troy Community Involvement Days, Movie Night in Park. Women’s Day, Small Town Business Day and town breakfasts for our community. All of these events bring our little town together, and they are all filled with fun and laughter.

Troy residents gathering together for a night in the park — seats go fast, so make sure to bring your own! (Credit: Dawn Guy)