Unity Spiritual Center in Vero Beach, FL

"Place for positive people"

Unity Spiritual Center greets anyone and everyone with a welcoming smile. As you walk past the bookstore filled with inspirational items and the featured artists’ works, you’ll see evidence of all the varied activities and resources available on the colorful bulletin boards and tables. It is a place filled with positive people! The Sanctuary overlooks the gardens and labyrinth, both peaceful places. The Sunday Service brings the nicest people together to hear a practical, positive message. After service it is great to spend more time together enjoying home-baked treats and each other’s company. Everyone is so giving and willing to share. It fills you up!

Stories About Unity Spiritual Center

Kevin had a fire on his property. In response to this news, he was given more clothes and household items than he could have imagined…even a car! Kids ask their parents to be brought to Sunday School classes because they just like being there. Bookcases are repaired, resource items are organized, food is cooked and donated, and time is volunteered. Nice people give of themselves to each other.