West Family YMCA in Boise, ID

"Bringing families together, no matter the struggle"

The West Family YMCA was Amanda Narvaiz’s rock during one of the toughest times in her life, giving her family a future she otherwise thought was unattainable. Years later, she credits the community for their support of her family’s progress.

Two thumbs up for YMCAs everywhere. (Credit: Amanda Narvaiz)

The West Family YMCA was a safe haven and advocate for my family during our hardest times. They have gone above and beyond and provided everything I could’ve ever imagined for my children and changed their lives for the growing future. Because of the Y family here in Boise, we have been healed and made whole again, knowing that there’s a community in Boise that cares about us.

Amanda Narvaiz and her husband show how much they care about their Y at a fundraising event. (Credit: Amanda Narvaiz)

Stories About West Family YMCA

Ever-smiling and compassionate, the Y goes far beyond niceties. I was a distraught struggling mother with a son who was not doing well mentally. They have changed our lives with their compassion and love. My son has been doing so well, and we try to visit often. A year later, the Y family continues to contact us, ask about our wellbeing, and be proactive in my children’s lives. I don’t know where I would be without them.