West Jefferson, NC

"Neighbors lovin' neighbors"

A group of women casually enjoy a meal together on a typical day in West Jefferson. (Credit: Ginny Tedder)

In West Jefferson and the whole county Of Ashe, if you have a problem or a crisis or just need a friend, never fear. The folks here believe in “looking out” for each other.

Folks like to buy other peoples’ meals, especially in a drive-thru where the fortunate receivers have no idea from whom this treat came from. When there is a fire or an accident, we don’t wait on the sidelines and wait for others to take care of it; we all do what we can to help. If there is sickness and mounting medical bills for one of our neighbors, we are quick to form a fundraiser to help out. You can always find a helping hand here.

Cows line the front of Ashe County Cheese Inc, Carolina’s oldest cheese plant, where people can visit to watch cheese be made. (Credit: Ginny Tedder)

Several years ago, a young boy sustained horrible injuries from a tree limb while camping. Everyone here did what they could for him and his family, for months, and yes, for years. I am happy to report he is still living in and loving this great place!