Williamsburg Christian Church in Williamsburg, VA

"Spreading love and the kindness of Jesus"

Congregants of Williamsburg Christian Church give special attention and care to the problem of homelessness. (Credit: Bre Soukup)

Williamsburg Christian Church is a wonderful church! The pastor Fred Liggin started a nonprofit organization called 3E and it is instrumental in helping the homeless in the area. It brought to light the homeless population in the area and gives resources to that population. The Williamsburg area is so beautiful. It is a sleepy, yet booming town.

This town is one of the nicest. We belong to Williamsburg Christian Church and it is a very supportive church. My husband and I have lost two babies and the church community has really rallied around us. Everyone has been supportive and here to lend a hand.

Helping the Homeless

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3E Restoration Inc.