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Do you have a good boy or girl, and want to know how to take the best possible care of them? Or do you just love doggos? Here’s everything you could want to know about man’s best friend.

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    Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Photos of Adorable Dogs and Their Quirky Owners

    Behind the scenes at one of the most famous dog shows in the world.

    A Story About Pretty Girl, the Stray Dog We Couldn’t Give Up On

    Never give up on anything, least of all a dog.

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    My Dog Got Skunked, Now What?

    Don't panic. Don't grab the tomato juice. This home remedy will help deskunk your dog just fine.

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    More Than 70,000 Dogs Live in America’s Research Labs. I Rescued One of Them.

    More than 70,000 dogs live in America’s research laboratories. Now there are seven fewer.

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    20 One Liners Only Dog Owners Will Understand

    Every dog has its day—and that's basically every day if you're a dog owner!

    7 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Better Than Being a Dog on Cape Cod

    For our four-legged friends, heaven is a place called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Just take a look at these crazy-happy canines...

    Animal Control Found Their Beloved Pet. But What Happened Next Will Horrify Any Dog Lover.

    After their dog was accidentally euthanized, the Medlen family sued their local animal control for sentimental damages. Do they deserve...

    Walking the Family Dog I Never Wanted Got Me Through My Husband’s Cancer

    In the midst of her husband's fight with leukemia, Jill Smolowe's walks with Misty reminded her that life goes on.

    After Unimaginable Cruelty, How Toefu Became a Dog Whisperer to Help Others

    Can dogs learn from their misfortune? Here’s the story of Toefu the spaniel, who overcame her own abuse to help...

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    Here’s Proof that No Animals Are Happier than Dogs in Cars

    Taking a dog for a drive is the ultimate win-win situation: they revel in the ride while you get to...

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    A Look at the Secret Lives of New York City Dogs

    Photographer Rachael Hale McKenna captures the diversity of what it's like to live as man's best friend in the Big...

    Everyday Heroes: “I Carried Him Down the Mountain”

    How hiker Andi Davis saved the life 
of a 50-pound pit bull.

    The Case of the Prohibited Pooch

    Should a tenant with a disability be allowed to break a ban on animals? You be the judge.

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    Meet the Prisoner With a Gift for Healing Dogs

    Sixty dogs changed one man's life as much as he changed theirs.

    Everyday Heroes: Social Media Saves a Battered Puppy

    Tied to a truck and dragged for miles, this young pup has seen extraordinary cruelty—and overwhelming kindness.

    Meet a Very Special Courthouse Dog

    Rosie was a "failed" service dog who finally found her calling in the courtroom.

    6 Secrets for a Well-Behaved Pet

    Is your pet's bad behavior driving you crazy? Here's how to fix six common problems.

    Your Dog: The Perfect Workout Partner

    The best fitness tool may be your beagle's leash, say Northwestern University docs.