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Once you’re an adult, advice about friendships can start to take second fiddle to dating and parenting advice—and we think that’s just too bad! Friendships are just as important to adults as they are to children, and maintaining healthy friendships can be a major source of happiness. We’ve got some advice, quotes, and general expert know-how to help you do just that, no matter how old you are.

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    10 Simple, Fun Ways to Make New Couple Friends

    What's even harder than finding your perfect other half? Finding another couple of like-minded, fun people to hang out with....

    10 Ways to Find Your Back-to-School “Mom Squad”

    Children aren't the only ones with social worries at the start of the school year, mothers have their own concerns...

    This Is the Absolute Best Way to Ask Your Friends for a Favor—Guaranteed

    We may live in a digital world, but when you want something, it pays to step away from the screen.

    If Someone Looks at You Like This, You’re Officially in the Friend Zone

    Ever wonder what her gaze means? What his eyes are revealing when you meet for the first time? Finally, science...

    10 Amazing Trips You Need to Take With Your Girl Squad This Summer

    Looking for a place to escape to with your BFFs? Whether it's a bachelorette party, a reunion, or just a...

    This Story Will Make You Stop Saying “I Hope You’re Well” Ever Again

    The words we use to express closeness and care in our culture can drive us further apart. Is it respectful...

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    You Can (and Should!) Stick up for Yourself as a Bridesmaid—Here’s How

    If your bestie is becoming a bridezilla nightmare, read on.

    Is Your Coworker Trustworthy? 9 Signs They May Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

    While every industry yields its own set of unique trends and expectations, whom you work with day-in and day-out is...

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    This One Magic Phrase Will Stop Gossip in Its Tracks

    Rumor has it you’re trying to stop badmouthing people.

    When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Your BFFs, It’s the Marriage That Suffers, Says Science

    A new study finds that our taste in friends may hold the key to a happy marriage, or actually destroy...

    Yes, There’s a Way to Make Jealousy Work for You—Here’s How

    Your friend got engaged while you're still waiting for your boyfriend of three years to propose. Your co-worker got the...

    What to Do When Your Friends Make More (or Less) Money Than You

    You're a struggling artist and your BFF just got promoted—again! Income disparities between friends can cause a rift if you're...

    Two Pilots Were Flying from Oahu to Hawaii—Then They Heard the Engines Go Quiet

    They swam through jellyfish, the threat of sharks, and 16 miles of exhaustion before being sighted.

    The Stunning Rainbow Is Only One of the Reasons This Woman Is So Adorably Happy

    Ola loves to tell her friends that she lives in a barn in the country.

    6 Subtle Mistakes that Can Wreck a New Friendship FAST

    Even if we hit it off with someone immediately, something as simple as an unanswered text could mess things up...

    8 Fun Friend Date Ideas for You and Your Squad

    Who says dates have to be romantic? Grab your closest friends (male or female) and get together for something other...

    8 Ways to Turn Your Online Friends into Real-Life Besties

    These days, apps give you what you need when you need it–including a flock of online friends. But how do...

    5 Signs that You Talk About Your Relationship Too Much

    A little intel is good, a lot is annoying. Here's how to make sure that you are not over-sharing.

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    Have a Friend Who Won’t Stop Talking? Here’s How to Deal with a Chatterbox

    No need to listen to Chatty Cathy or Domineering Don for hours.

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    12 of the Best Movies About Friendship to Watch with Your Bestie

    These fun flicks celebrate the joys and comforts of true friendship. Grab a tub of popcorn and settle in with...

    9 Ways to Join a Conversation at a Party Without Being Awkward

    It takes a mix of confidence, timing, and panache to jump into a discussion that's already in progress, but these...

    He Dialed the Wrong Phone Number. The Guy Who Picked Up Is Now His Best Friend.

    You never know what may come of a funny answering machine message.

    11 Ways to Move Past a Friendship Fight

    A best friend by your side is invaluable, whether it's someone you've known since childhood or someone you encountered by...

    Here Are 8 Types of Best Friends Every Adult Woman Should Have

    These types of best friends should be in every modern woman's social circle (hey, #squadgoals).

    What’s With the Hype Over Hygge? How to Incorporate This Danish Philosophy into Your Daily Life

    Dreading the cold, dark months? This Danish tradition just might change how you feel about winter.