21 Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales

Bargains are great, but cross these gross, broken, and unsafe items off your list when you head out to garage sales. Also: 20 garage sale finds to snap up when you see them.

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Helmets are designed to protect you from one accident, and one accident only. Sometimes damage isn’t visible, so buy a new helmet to make sure you’re getting full protection.

Child car seats

Child car seatsiStock/Ziviani
Like helmets, car seats are really only meant to protect in one accident. But damaged car seats are common; a survey found that one in ten have been in an accident. Plus, car seat technology improves each year.


TiresBart Sadowski
If they’ve been in an accident, tires are likely to be unstable and unreliable. Make sure you can get an accurate history.

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Wet suits and swimsuits

Wet suits and swimsuitsiStock/JoeLena
Personal products that hug your body are technically safe if you wash them in hot water... and still we're cautious. But constant changes in water pressure also wear out swimwear faster than regular clothing, so it's likely a used wetsuit or swimsuit will tear.


Bed bugs could lurk in any used mattress. You might also end up sleeping with other people’s mold, mites, bacteria, and bodily fluids (yuck!).


Scores of crib recalls, as well as changing safety standards, make it hard to verify the safety of a used crib.

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Laptops or other devices

Laptops or other devicesiStock/xijian
Laptops, e-readers, tablets, or mp3 players are more likely to be dropped, knocked around, and spilled on, simply because they’re out in the world. A desktop computer sits (mostly) safe at home, but even that would likely cost more to upgrade than buy new.


It’s hard to determine how well TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices have been cared for by their previous owners. Plus, technology changes so quickly that you can often get a better quality device. If you're buying refurbished devices directly from a manufacturer, you'll be covered by a warranty—but a random TV at a garage sale could be hit or miss.


Used shoes have been molded to their previous owner’s feet—and poorly fitting shoes will make you miserable, or you'll just never want to wear them.

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Sheets and Pillowcases

Sheets and PillowcasesiStock/magnez2
Sure, you can wash them in hot water, but that might not protect against bed bugs.

Baby bottles

Baby bottlesiStock/fivepointsix
While sanitation and cracks can be an issue, the real culprit is the chemical BPA that's present in most older bottles—and as of June 2012, the FDA no longer accepts that as safe. Go with new bottles to make sure you're getting the safest, most up-to-date bottles.

Worn plates, pots, and other cookware

Worn plates, pots, and other cookwareiStock/saw
Rust, flaky non-stick coatings, and chemicals that leach out are just a few of the safety problems you can run into with older cookware.

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DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes

DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapesiStock/junce
If you're still using this technology and looking to scoop up a bargain, know that scratches have ruined many a DVD or CD—and VHS tapes lessen in quality the more times they're played, not to mention disintegrate over the years.

Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture iStock/vichie81
Just like mattresses and sheets, any upholstered furniture can be home to bed bugs, fleas, and spiders, as well as unknown odors and stains. Unless you're going to reupholster the piece, steer clear.

Clothes that require a tailored fit

Clothes that require a tailored fitiStock/Armin Staudt
It might look like it fits—until you put it on. Unless you can try something on, it's often not worth the money you'll spend on alterations.

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Video Games

Video GamesiStock/Robert Herhold
You might want to quickly google the video game—manufacturers are now including codes for one-user only play, either for the whole game or special bonus sections.

Fragrance or makeup (new or old!)

Fragrance or makeup (new or old!)iStock/ronnisugiharto
The quality of both can lessen over the years (and yes, they do expire!). Even if makeup is brand new in the box, skip it unless you can tell that it was recently manufactured.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animalsiStock/RapidEye
Stuffed animals can be hard to send through the extra-hot cycle on a washing machine, and like mattresses and upholstered furniture, they can be full of creepy crawlies and other unsavory finds.

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Blenders and other kitchen electronics

Blenders and other kitchen electronicsiStock/Black-Crow
Your go-to smoothie maker's blades and mechanisms can become dull and wear down over time, even if the machine looks fine on the surface.

Running shoes

Running shoesiStock/OlafSpeier
Used running shoes are often devoid of the cushioning that runners need; stick with new shoes for the cushioning and fit that will protect knees, feet, and legs.


How's this for gross: Hats may contain remnants of hair products, sweat, or skin infections. Sources: msn.com, US News & World Report, bargaineering.com, Sammy Davis Vintage.com

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1,155 thoughts on “21 Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales

  1. I don’t, belive in yard or garage sales, but as they say one mans trash is another mans treasure.

  2. Gotta disagree on VHS tapes. It now becoming a work of art to score a film that most people haven’t seen on tape. I still have some from the 80’s that work and play just fine (and yes, I have a DVD player and several high def TV’s at home). The most you’d be out is .50 cents. I love watching my Halloween tape on…Halloween with all it’s analog pops and fuzz. Makes it all the creepier.

  3. I dont think the author understand the appeal of physical video games. Sure I could download an emulator of pretty much any game I want, but its not the same as playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega Genesis.

  4. 90% of these are things people go TO a garage for!… this is yet another piece of crap article from the wonderful world of internet writers…I think EVERYONE that shops at a garage sale knows everything stated above.. yet they go anyway..
    I’ll keep buying my games for $2 and you can buy them for $80.. My Big screen TV’s for $100 while you pay $3000… My DVD’s for $3 while you spend $20.. and MILLIONS still use this technology!… you make it sound like they’re 8-tracks!

  5. This article says not to buy upholstered furniture or cookware. The sister article…”things you should always buy at garage sales” list both couches and cookware! LOL!

  6. I sort of agree with 16. Games for the older game systems might be a good buy if it is reasonably priced. Games for the newer systems I would skip over.

  7. according to this, there is precious little that is any good at a garage sale. I bought a very nice hardwood picture frame in excellent condition once for $5. Otherwise, I don’t drag other people’s stuff into my home.

  8. Wow, why even go to garage sale – that’s about 3/4 of what is always at a garage sale…..short of power tools and skis!

  9. Thanks for finally giving us #16. I get tired of trying to explain to people why they should be very careful about buying used video games.

  10. Wholly Cricket batman!! Worried Nellie has gotten ahold of Readers Digest!
    I expected things like car seats and scratched Teflon pans but seriously?? Don’t buy a used hat because of possible hair products?? Kitchen blender because the blades might be dull!! Better not buy any knives or forks either! The comment about may be bed bugs on the mattress is accurate, but by dumping linens into this you may as well list any item of fabric for the same reason. My clothes hit the bed multiple times.
    Seriously, have we come to THIS paranoia RD? NEVER buy at a garage sale?

  11. well so in other words …just avoid garage sales all together, seeing you shouldnt buy anything you REALLY need at them..

  12. There’s actually a huge market for old VHS cassettes, mostly horror and sci-fi and finding a rare movie can rake in hundreds if you pick the right one. I found a movie called Lunch Meat and sold it on eBay for $100.

    1. I know I’ve had trouble replacing several of my VHS tapes with DVD, especially at a descent price, but now that I have…where is this huge market for old VHS tapes?? Please share! I have a few boxes that I hate to part with for less than $.50 apiece.

      1. Just watch the movie ‘Rewind This,’ it’s a documentary about VHS collectors.

  13. What? No video games? I bought Legend of Zelda mint in the box for $4 and the first three Mega Man games for ten just last year. Believe me, NES has no single user restrictions.

  14. Number21, didn’t mention head lice. Never buy a refurbished hat.

  15. gee, might be a shorter article if she wrote what TO buy at garage sales! does this author know bed bugs have also been found at many retail stores?!

  16. So what does this list leave to buy at a yard sale? It names off everything!

  17. So basically anything sold at a yard sale should not be bought. Whatever.

  18. So… Basically don’t ever buy anything that’s for sale at a garage sale? Haha

  19. I don’t agree with number 16. People are still buying old videogames and consoles, specially the Nintendo shown in the picture. Either for collection purpuses or re-selling old videogames are a better deal than digital content.

  20. Evidently the author has never been to garage sales. First I would never buy a used mattress common sense. But I have had many garage sales and people come to mine because of the quality of items I sell. Rethink your list please.

  21. so one article says yes, buy a couch and another one says no, never buy a couch. ugh.

  22. recycling is icky. and It’s too hard to wash stuff in hot water. other people’s stuff if toooooo groooosssssss. so the answer is: THROW STUFF INTO THE LANDFILL AND BUY MORE DISPOSABLE STUFF! Yay! [deep, deep sarcasm here] REALLY??? So much of this ‘article’ is common sense or totally alarmist — duh, don’t buy manky old shoes, but if they are barely-worn, go for it! if you want to make yourself crazy, then go ahead an focus on the fact that EVERYTHING is covered with other people’s skin flakes…

  23. So, what can you buy? Sounds like the only things they don’t have a problem with you buying are marital aids.

  24. I would add compressors to that list. There were numerous home/portable compressors recalled 10 years ago. These compressors can suddenly explode even though they look good on the outside doesn’t mean the tank isn’t rusted internally. Compressors that weren’t recalled may have internal tank damage from not being drained properly after every use.

    1. But there are also web sites that specialize in recall information that goes back YEARS. And most compressors can handle some internal rust without problems. Most of this list is either bull or alarmist crap to con people into buying the newest everything, and dumping used but good product into landfills. Let’s keep that corporate payola running.

  25. I do agree on some things,but not on sheets.I bought some very expensive large lot of sheets egyptian cotton at a yard sale in excellent condition took them straight to a laundry mat washed/dried them and then bought them home and still came out way ahead on expense of retail.Think of it this way if you’ve ever been in the hospital chances are your hospital bed had sheets that someone that was very sick laid on or possibly even died on . I’ve found some very nice clean shoes at yard sales condition being the key factor for me.Haven’t bought brand new pair of shoes in years.

  26. I no longer have children, but I do have grandchildren and I know many others who do as well. I receive emails from several different consumer sites that are not profit. They email me for any type of recall. I then post them to my FB. I don’t allow anyone to dictate to me how I feel or what happens to me in my life. I am 100% responsible for my own happiness and well being. That said, I do all research on whatever I need.

    SUGGESTION: Maybe if you do decide to buy a used crib, take a list of recalled cribs throughout a certain time period and use it to check against when you go to yard sales.

    We can’t tell people what to do or not to do, but we can help arm them. Get into the solutions and quit name calling and telling people that what they do is all good or all bad. That is not our job. Our job is to help people make the most informed choices, if they do decide to do something that we do not agree with. Just look at them as your adult children. You can no longer tell them what to do, but you can give them suggestions and then let them be free to make their own choices, right or wrong.

  27. So what this list really amounts to:

    Don’t buy anything at garage sales unless its dishes, silverware, or books.

  28. This is the most ridiculous list I’ve ever seen. I’ll give you the intimate clothing and mattresses, but all the other things that you guard against because they may have scratches, cause scratches, deteriorate with use – you do realize that people are paying a nickel, dollar or usually less than 10 dollars on garage sale items. I don’t think anyone buys a garage sale item with the thought that it will perform or last as long as a new item.

    These things cost the kind of change you can find hiding under your sofa cushions. Get a grip.

  29. Come on Reader’s Digest… some people/kids wouldn’t have clothes or shoes if they didn’t shop at Garage Sales. I sell all of my good used items at Garage sales to pass on the savings to other families. I bought a like new Lazy Boy recliner chair that a family purchased for their Grandma who ultimately didn’t like reclining in the chair. I got it for the bargain price of $35.00. The key is to use discretion and examine the products carefully that you buy..

    1. Ah, but that would take common sense, and we are supposed to believe nobody has that any more.

  30. WTH? Everything they mentioned is all you see in garage sales..

  31. So, you probably shouldn’t buy from a thrift shop, because they sell used clothes, too.

  32. wow why bother with this website, freaking ads are unbelievably annoying

  33. HAHAHA! This is all of the items at most garage sales. Cracks me up.

  34. Doesn’t sound like there’s much use in having a garage sale anymore.

  35. will totally laugh at someone using Indiana Jones’ hat at the end. Like that was the whole point at the end of the movie anyway (of the 4th movie) hey Shia was gonna take it :P well used..

  36. totally disagree on dvds. you do know vudu and the 2-3 other companies upgrade most of the dvds for $1-2 in the cloud? say someone offers these for 10 cents to a dollar and I dont have it in the cloud it’s mine. VHS? way more sturdy than dvds , but the tracking always sucked :(

  37. I have purchased literally thousands of used music CD’s over the years, and I have never had a problem playing the music. Simply inspecting the playing surface for visible gouges or abrasions has prevented any problems. Most people take very good care of their CD’s which are actually more durable than the old vinyl LP’s were.

    I must say, though, that I cannot understand how anyone could purchase another person’s used underwear, shoes or personal apparel. And any woman who would buy and wear a used thong bikini from a stranger ought to do more than just wash it in hot water. I would advise her to soak it in formaldehyde overnight, then autoclave it on high before donning the thong. And she should make sure she is current on all of her immunizations. Good grief!

  38. Many of these are, either no-brainers or ewwwwww. Who would buy a mattress at a yard sale (I guess, unless you know the person).

  39. Readers Digest- you suck and no longer have anything worth reading. You have lowered your standards and use fluff like this crap to fill the pages. WHO THE HELL decided this was an article worth publishing? These points are ridiculous and poorly substantiated, which is what makes it only an opinion. Oh well- rd goes the way of the rest of the world… sad, sad, sad.

  40. Seriously? Ever heard of reduce, REUSE & recycle? This is written for people with money who are apparently need to have the best/new of everything. Good grief! Some of my best, kitchen appliances have come from yard sales. And my couch and chair were dumpster dived. I’ve had them for five years and no bed bugs found. We live in a throw away society and this article promotes that thinking.

  41. I’ve always gotten GREAT deals on guns at garage/moving/estate sales.

  42. I’ve got a million miles on 2 wheels and wore a helmet on MAYBE 1/10 of those miles. They just make for open casket funerals.,

  43. This is so lame. Basically, don’t buy anything. What a waste of bandwidth this article was.

  44. It’s pretty obvious that you should never buy these automobile products at garage sales. Your safety is on the line!
    In fact, I don’t even think that buying a used car is a smart decision. New cars these days have lower MPG (you can fill up for less than $20 with GasBuddy), insurance discounts (insure for less then $30/month with 4AutoInsuranceQuote), and there are tax deductions (depending on the car you buy), also they are safer :)

  45. So basically don’t shop at yarsales is what the author is saying. LOL a lot of these are silly.

    I’m doing a challenge where I buy nothing new for a year. I’ve bought used shoes from a secondhand shop on multiple occasions, not a single issue aside from the same issues you get when you buy new shoes(a pair was of wedges and since I seldom wear heels, lol), I’ve bought food containers used, and cooking goodies like blenders, so long as you verify it works, you can buy replacement parts for much cheaper than buying a whole new gadget, fairly often. I’ve even bought a used pillowcase set from goodwill and washed it using color safe bleach and my skin is thanking me now that I’m able to change pillow cases much more often(acne).

    Things that do NOT make sense to buy used: Lingerine, underwear, swimwear, replacement parts for things(like a car oil filters), and yoga mats are a few among many things that don’t make sense to buy used.

    The best thing you can do to help the environment is to check things over quite thoroughly before buying and to also use your best judgment. If it can be washed, wash it a couple of times and hang dry it outside so the sunlight can work some magic as well. Or if you don’t have time, dry cleaning should also kill anything that’s on them too, if you’re worried about bugs.

    EDIT: also check ESN and manufacturing numbers if you’re buying electronics, plus check model numbers on things like child stuff(like cribs) and other such things that could pose a risk(like workout equipment).

  46. When you buy a set of four used tires they got rid of them for some reason. Slipped belts, to many plugs or flats and out of round making the stearing wheel shake. Might make a good emergency spare for short use but thats it.

  47. So, what I get from this is don’t buy anything from garage sales. Some of these make sense, but video games and dvds and vhs tapes? Those are the biggest things that I look for at garage sales.

    1. I wouldn’t say never by those things. I would just say use good judgment. Many times you probably can look at Dvds to see if they appear. The caution about video games, however, is probably good. You would want to know, for example, if their is a product code that you need to activate the game. I know that some computer software (i,e word processing software; operating software) require that you to have a product code that you enter into your computer. Every time I get a new computer, I have to reenter the product code when I load my word processing software onto the new computer. If I didn’t do this, the software would stop working after so many uses.

  48. Well you can buy hand tools. Don’t pay much for them though. Tools are pretty easy to come by. It’s pretty easy to get adequate tool quality in cheap Chinese hand tools.

  49. Okay so what ARE we allowed to buy at garage sales? knick knacks? some of these are ridiculous.

  50. I understand most of these, like the car seat ones and the ones concerning bedbugs, but what I find stupid are the ones regarding electronics, because you supposedly don’t know if it has been rebuilt or manufacturer codes or something. If you are getting something for next to nothing, who cares if it’s rebuilt, as long as you can test it to make sure it works before you buy it? As long as the price is right, even if it only works for a couple weeks and then breaks down, you got your money’s worth. I just never expect something thrifted to last that long from the jump. It’s usually just to hold me over until I can get into a better position to get one a bit better. If it lasts longer than I expected, I count that as a bonus. I find this list a bit patronizing.

  51. This is a paid for spot by USA retailers as when you think about after it’s finished “Whats left?” My personal take, hit the garage sales in good neighborhoods and know your info well before you buy. As always this is a buyer beware of defects and appearance. There are many people that have lots of money and they simply donate off materials to thrift stores but in my opinion the thrift stores are stating to get way too greedy. What ever happened to volume discount and selling in mass quantity? Why should they have to pay taxes?. They have already been paid for once. The states should allow for a tax free savings and release the requirement Isn’t the company tax exempt anyway cause they are non profit? They should be TOTALLY tax exempt.

  52. How in the Hell, did we survive to be 75 plus years old? When you are POOR, you are glad to get anything cheap or Free..

  53. Wow that is just about the whole garage sale. Even though I get what they are saying however I believe it is up to the individual to be cautious and shop wisely.

  54. in the tire buissness for many years no.3 is a crock. wear and maintenence are a lot more important

  55. Wait a minute. “One in Ten child car seats have been in an accident”??? Where do they get that statistic? If that is true, then having a child car seat in the car increases your chance of being in an accident by nearly 1,000%
    This isn’t a real article. This is bogus misinformation promoted by industries to discourage second market commerce so that people will buy new.
    Shame on Readers Digest for pimping this misinformation disguised as unbiased journalism.

    1. Maybe, but the idea is that you don’t have any way of knowing if the car seat has been in a car that has been involved an accident. Also, it might have been recalled.

  56. If your intent is to get new quality at yard sale prices, then yeah, you’re sure to end up with a lemon. But C’mon RD. Nobody expects the laptop they pick up for $25 to come with a 2-year warranty. You get what you get, and the bargain prices offset the risk you’re taking. That’s just understood.

    It sounds like your real intent is to scare people away from yard/garage sales. Which retailer is paying you for this “article”?

  57. Might as well not go to garage sales. Just about everything you find there is on this list.

  58. DVD’s? Video games? Really? That is the place to get them! Of course it also helps if you can get them to show you that they work, too. It might not happen, though.

  59. They’ve left out some pretty important ones! (e.g., unlabeled medicines)

  60. You listed everything that gets sold at yard sales. What’s left to buy?

  61. Basically you should only buy furniture made of wood or anything made of glass or steel.

  62. No used CD’s or DVD’s? Really? Ask to inspect the discs for scratches before buying. If they’re okay, the seller should have nothing to hide.

  63. I hate the “throw away” culture we have now…everyone afraid of a little germ….eewwweeee!! Tough it out and maybe get a good bargain!!

  64. No DVDs? Are you kidding? First, you can open and check the disc for scratches, Second, I’ve got some great deals on kids’ dvds- 50 cents for dvds that have worked just fine! It was definitely worth the “risk.”

  65. Baby items are not being sold at garage sales but rather consignment sales where the car seats and cribs are checked for safety and recalls. Give me a break with the baby not buying used.

  66. Very lazy. Shoes in there twice. Half of the list disappears if mattress, sheets, furniture and stuffed animals were just fabric.

  67. The article’s real name: “Never buy anything from a garage sale.”

  68. Seriously?? Dont buy used video games? Dont listen to this one folks. There are only a couple games out there that you need a code to play online with that doesnt include a single player game. Most games however want you to be able to access their online content so they can get you hooked into buying there other online content. Most of my older games collections is from yard sales.. Check facts people..

    1. I would think it would more likely be other kinds of software that wouldn’t be usable. It would be a good idea, however, to find out if you need a product code.

  69. I guess just don’t go to a garage sale, everything at a garage sale is basically listed above.

  70. So, you pretty much just shouldn’t buy anything from a garage sale LOL

  71. so essentially… most of the items listed make up a vast majority of items for sale at garage sales…(oddly enough, it doesn’t say to not buy used combs and hairbrushes…)

  72. All of these items are ok to buy in a garage sale. The corporate sponsors dont want you to buy anything used. After this list, what is left to buy? Think about it. Buy from yard sales, keep the money in the hands of the common folks. Not these corporate pigs.

  73. Constant changes in water pressure wear out swimsuits? That has to be the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard. I actually think I’ve lost IQ points by reading this.

  74. So if you don’t buy any of the above mentioned 22 items at a garage sale — what’s left to buy? If I can get a blender at a garage sale for $10 (rather than $50 at the local Target) and it lasts for a couple years, I’m good. The items with safety issues make sense but the rest of the stuff is just paranoia.

  75. most of these are just idiotic and geared towards the silly fluffy generation of parents who raise children who expect everything in life to be fair, in perfect condition and safe.

    They hate the reality that while they self righteously wear their helmets and keep their children in car seats until 8th grade graduation, there are NO real stats that back up anything they love to bloat about and their children are quite ill prepared for anything in life that does not come from a text book case study.

    They are by most logical and normal standards…silly little fools.
    (now watch them have their temper tantrums all up and down the thread)

  76. Ha-ha! That’s quite a list: appliances, furniture, shoes, toys, mattresses, home bedding, baby beds, shoes, electronics, games, T.V.s, clothes, and car seats, tires, helmets? And I know there isn’t a woman left on this planet that hasn’t heard the warnings about cribs at garage sales.

    That being said, I bought my daughter’s crib at a garage sale in 1988. An adorable crib with a canopy and matching bedding that I could never have afforded new. I checked the width between the spindles before I bought it and checked for recalls the minute I got home. A few years later, the crib sold in less than 5 minutes in my garage sale, to a young mother who came with tape measure in hand.

  77. Shoot when I was a newborn I was put into an empty high-sided drawer for sleeping. No slats, no fancy bumpers, no toys, no bassinet. That was 47 years ago, so not really that long.

  78. This advice is just silly. If no one purchase these things all of the thrift stores would go out of business.

  79. According to this article, don’t go to garage sales, cause you shouldn’t buy anything at them period…?!

  80. I generally avoid the following as well:

    – Milk

    – Condoms
    – Syringes

    Really, the list goes on and on…

  81. Is there anything left that IS OK to buy at a garage sale?????

  82. Used CDs and DVDs are ***GOLD*** I just got like 15 of David Bowie’s old albums for $4. None of them were scratched. Used BluRay on eBay … ****GOLD**** Used PS3 and XBox games *****PURE F’ING GOLD******

  83. Used tires can be fine, so long as they have been kept inside, do not have dry-rot, and have a good history of the # of miles of them (along with even wear). Tires in an accident are not the same as a car in an accident. Uneven wear on tires comes from constant driving on bad shocks, bad springs, or inappropriate tire pressures/out of alignment car, not from blunt force trama. A tire in an accident is not a bad tire, unless it is punctured, or heavily de-beaded (check the bead seat for cracks, its more likely to be damaged by an idiot at a tire shop mounting/dismounting than it ever is from an accident). Understand the facts before you publicly dismiss something.

  84. you should ask to try things out when i have a yard sale i have a plug out side

  85. I am sorry, but you have left little items left to buy! When you rent a DVD it has been used, same with VHS tapes. Shoes, are fine if they haven’t been worn much. Obviously whomever wrote this article doesn’t go to many garage sales!

  86. It’s purely a case of “buyer beware” as it is with most things.

  87. People actually write this crap? And idiots like me actually read it. Shame on me.

  88. True story. Went to garage sales looking for stuff for our first born (he’s 32 now). Saw an enema bag for sale. End of garage sales for me.

  89. Usually you can tell how well the stuff being sold was taken care of the minute you pull up to the house.

  90. Dude these are like all the items ever sold at a garage sale what a dumb article..

  91. I was curious to read this, but after reading it and scratching most of this stuff off the garage sale list, there’s not much left to buy… lol

  92. 21 things you should never buy from a garage sale…. IF you are a germaphobe that is! What a pile of fecal matter covered verbal diarrhea this article is.. Clean and disinfect, buy the kid the dang stuffed animal.. they’ll live. Actually, the germs will maybe help boost their immune system. Just use good judgement.. don’t buy crap-stained underwear.. don’t buy half eaten lollipops.. This list is pointless.

  93. bunch of pathetic liberal loons on this site.

    Need to take off and nuke the site from orbit…only way to be sure.

  94. Never, ever, EVER purchase a used hard drive of any kind. Whether it be in a laptop, desktop, or portable drive the risk is just not worth it. In most states, if a deep scan reveals illegal files (such as child pornography) the current owner is responsible for the content.

  95. Omg people have been buying this stuff at yard sales for a 1000 years. Please…everything you buy at at yard sale is a gamble that is the fun of it.

  96. I completely disagree with nearly everything listed. Obviously the person who put this article together is some kind of 20 something that has never been to actual neighborhood garage sales in “real America”. Common sense dictates. The stupidity on the electronic items (laptop, CDs, DVDs, video games) was pure ignorance. If you KNOW what you are looking for, then buy it. Sick and tired of these kinds of articles written by uniformed, inexperienced children fresh out of college and green as a Crispin apple.

  97. About the only thing they didn’t mention was the garage itself… Yeesh. The people who take this list to heart and stay away from ALL these things might as well never go to another garage/yard sale ever. The rest of us can use our common sense, wash clothes, sheets, etc. in hot water and disinfectant as we see necessary, and we’ll save OUR money (and subscribe to sensible mags…)

  98. better yet, do not ever buy anything at a GS or have one, thats what you may as well have written because you covered everything.

  99. This story is brought to you buy WalMart, Sears, Best Buy and all the crappy retailers out there who want you to throw everything away and buy cheap new crap from them.

    Mattresses, bathing suits — yes, I’d stay away from those. But everything else is perfectly fine if you use common sense.

  100. all a crock of crap bologna! it’s kinda funny how yahoo & other websites advertise to get people to buy new things by making up bs news stories. tHIS ISNt NEWS PEOPLE, it’s a way to get us to keep sales rotating (which isn’t a bad thing, buying new) but definitely not necessary. those with a keen mind understand me. stuff like this is for the weak minded. (for ex: no one drops laptops and kicks them around and spills coffee on it…no more than the avg accident. they’re putting pictures in your head, so you buy new stuff and keep products moving) I take ALL headlines with a grain of salt. the Internet! the best way to advertise. I’m not a fool.

  101. All the items mentioned in this article are important things to consider, but I wonder if all these items be crossed off the list, then what is left to buy at a garage sale? What is the purpose of going to a garage sale? You go to garage sale aware of these risks and still try to find a good deal… If you need to be cautious of every item sold there, then why not just go to a regular store and pay full price? paranoia perhaps?

  102. So what you’re saying in this dumbass article is not to buy anything ever at a garage sale. Seems like you didn’t add the most obvious one though, underwear. Did you have shoes on there twice? Nothing wrong with buying videos at a garage sale. At all. I have bought and sold dozens. Or video games. If you’re paying top dollar at a garage for them you’re an idiot, but for a couple bucks and if you can see the disc, what’s the big deal?

  103. Sooo, with this list… Is there anything left to buy at the garage sale???

  104. I bought my Oster and Braun from a garage sale almost 20 years ago, the 2 best blenders I ever bought and they are still going. Yes, I’ve had to replace a part on my Oster, about $3. So golly, RD, just what can we buy at a garage sale these days?

  105. I clicked on this link to what stupida$$ thing someone wrote and I wasn’t diasappointed.

  106. This article should really be called “Never Buy Anything From a Garage Sale”

  107. Better yet don’t pay attention to the moron’s that make these lame lists!

  108. “As of 2012, the FDA no longer considers ‘x’ safe.”

    Who the hell cares?

    Government functionaries are not the arbiters of truth. Most of the time, when something is declared unsafe, it’s the result of a lawsuit or the fear of one. It’s the same reason the FDA keeps drugs off the market for longer and longer periods.

    Don’t rely on government functionaries. Use your own brain, do your own research.

  109. I have to disagree with CDs and DVDs. If you just look at them closely you can see if they are scratched. And if they are sitting out in a garage sale, they probably haven’t been played that much.

  110. CDs and DVDs?? Really?? Have you ever been to a yard sale????? Ridiculous…

  111. A visual inspection of CD’s and DVD’s is sufficient…going prices are around $1.00…it’s a good bargain…even if you have an occasional bad one.

  112. #16 — the videogames pictured (NES) are not one-user-only and cost far less than what you’ll find by Googling much of the time if they’re worthwhile titles.

    Also, like anyone would turn down a cheap plasma TV that worked? Some of these on the list are “duh” and others are “nah, I’m gonna keep buying them when I can.”

    After seeing the whole list, I wonder what we SHOULD buy at garage sales since what’s listed here is… everything you find at garage sales except old Reader’s Digest condensed story hardbound volumes. Hmm, do I sense a trend? :-D

  113. That’s hilarious, laptops/electronics and video games/systems are the ONLY reason we even go to yard sales, lol. Then again we fix and resell so it’s our business, lol

  114. You are an idiot. Dont post anything else about yard sales. EVERYTHING you posted has be bought and sold at yard sales for years. You can clean almost anything, and most yard sellers do. Stop trying to take away the fun.

  115. Aside from a few things (like mattresses) that actually make sense, most of this list is junk. Of course what you buy at a garage sale is less reliable than buying new or manufacturer refurbished, that’s the point of a garage sale and it’s why you’ll pay 1/4 the price. Will you get a few scratched DVDs? Maybe, but at $2 a pop rather than $15-20 it barely matters in the long run.

  116. Your comment about video games isn’t true at all. No game has a play once code. You can play any game at anytime. The only exception to this is some PC games have serial key that registers to only one user. Another user can play the game with the purchase of a new serial key but those games are very uncommon.

  117. This list is idiotic. Use your head and get good deals at a garage sale and everything will be just fine.

  118. So according to this article one should not buy anything at a yard sale. (Next thing to be banned by Obama ?)

  119. Why do they call it a garage sale, every one I have been to… no one wants to sell their garage ??? : }

  120. Never listen to a d a m n liberal tell you what you should and should not do. I have made THOUSANDS buying dvd’s at yard sales. This is why you stupid liberals are all broke and dependent on the government and your family.

  121. In the case of CDs and DVDs, it may be useful to inspect the underside of the disc for noticeable scratches before buying. For video games, older systems should be far less likely to involve single-use codes. In particular, games that come on cartridges (as opposed to discs) are likely to be safe.

    (A different issue is that cartridge-based games sometimes use an internal battery to store a player’s progress, and these batteries can die after many years. At the same time, instructions on game cartridge battery replacement are not difficult to find on the Internet.)

  122. Yeah never share anything, don’t reuse, keep buying everything brand new and being a good consum… I mean citizen. And please roll some debt in your credit cards!

  123. Basically whoever wrote this article is anti garage sale. I don’t agree with most of the items that they listed. Mattresses I understand but the other stuff is salvageable and can be disinfected.

  124. I rebuild broken LCD monitors and Televisions… and, computers. Then, I look for kids in poor families who need them for homework… Donations work in communities! And, the deadbeat parents who want to pawn them? I only donate ONE to a family, EVER! Every town and city in America has folks like me!

    Linux is IMMUNE TO THE 50 MILLION Microsoft Virus! What does Microsoft run, and design their products with?

    LINUX on all the Research and Development systems! Linux on the 400+ Aruba Router Firewall boxes! Linux on all servers! (As does Google, YouTube, Face Book)

    Linux Mint (dotcom) 13 is LTS through April 2017! Has over 60,500 educational and
    professional Office Suite programs! Yahoo doesn’t like to brag, but, is Virus free

    running on FreeBSD!!!

    Salvation Army, Goodwill, sell monitors for $18 to $30… Also, at times, computers…

  125. If you wash in hotwater and leave your sheets/clothes in the dryer for a long time then you can kill the bedbugs. This write has zero knoweldge about reality.

  126. Obviously you’ve never been poor. Sometimes you have no choice in what you can afford. As for sleeping on used Mattresses have you never heard of steam cleaning them? And using a mattresses pad? As for bed bugs mattresses can be treated for them with high heat or treatments. It must be nice to be able to be so picky. Not everyone is so lucky.

  127. Seriously, how can you go wrong with a $1 DVD if it’s a movie you only want to watch one or two times!

  128. Please, I get AWESOME DVDS, CDs, and video games at yard sales all the time. One glance at the back of these is enough to tell you if they are in good condition. Why pay $5, $10 or $20 for something you can easily get for $1-$3 used. Same goes for kitchen appliances, such as blenders etc. I’d rather risk $5 on a used one than spend $50 on a new one.

  129. You’ve eliminated literally EVERYTHING people sell at garage sales. Who paid you to write this? Walmart?

  130. For
    many, selling their home for cash is the only option left. As long as the
    lender approves the short sale and agrees to Payment in Full without Pursuit
    of Deficiency Judgment, homeowners can walk away from their property
    without owing any money.

  131. So they’re sayin we can’t wash the stank out of the swim trunks?

  132. CD’s and DVD’s can be easily inspected for scratches and other damage, so there’s no point passing on them. VHS on the other hand of course can have diminished quality and possible physical damage that you can only know about if you watch the whole video. Unless you are getting a whole box for virtually nothing, don’t bother.

    As for most everything else, it’s mostly from the “well duh” file. Don’t buy stuff at garage sales that touched other people’s bodies, except for off the rack clothes.

  133. What a terrible article, written by morons for morons. Uhhh, I didn’t see the gouges in the DVD until I tried to play it. Or, Mom these sheets have holes them, Sorry honey I forgot to check.

  134. Seriously? Was this list compiled by a bunch of no-life women worry-warts?

  135. They could have just posted one slide that said “Don’t Go to Garage Sales”.

    This list is ridiculous.

  136. I agree with most of these, because they involve human skin contact and can be nasty. Number 7 is junk, you can see if the laptop works properly or not and usually tell it is damaged or not. But either it works or it doesn’t

  137. seriously retarded. who wrote this crap? don’t buy dvds or appliances b/c they might not be NEW? One time use of video games??? HUH?

  138. This article basically says don’t buy most things you see at yard sales.

  139. They’re talking about video game anti-piracy codes but they use a photo of a NES from 1985.

  140. Actually I am going to go out and purposely buy these 21 things merely because no article is going to tell me how to live my life.

  141. Well what the heck can you buy at a garage sale? Maybe we need a list for that, because practically everything is on the “don’t buy” list. Why even bother going to or having garage sales at all. Sleesh!

  142. Well, according to this article, you can pretty much just steer clear of garage sales all together! When did we become such a namby-pamby society?

  143. This is stupid. MOst of those things are the bulk of garage sales. There are perfectly good dvds, etc. out there.

  144. too bad you can’t buy common sense at garage sales. This article is directed at people that don’t have any

  145. Oh My GOD!!!! You are ALL a bunch of nit-picking sniveling idiots. Every last one one you. This is about things you shouldn’t by at a garage sell for gods sake. And most of the stuff here you can find at any garage sell. and there is NOT A F*&^%g THING wrong with any item here. Do you have any common since at ALL!.

  146. Give me a break. Why do you think people have garage sales…to buy all this kind of stuff.

  147. What’s left. so they are saying don’t go to garage sales. Sheesh!

  148. Fear mongering. That’s what this article is. Sure, it’s always safer to buy items new, but a poor person can save a lot of money by buying things from a garage sale. Of course it’s buyer beware, but most of the problems listed can be vetted by your average buyer. It wouldn’t surprise me if this article was suggested by the marketing department.

  149. This must’ve been written by a white person. Hispanics buy everything from garage sales. Ha they don’t care abut expiration dates or how it may be worn. Its a garage sale. you get what you pay for! They need to save money, otherwise they’d shop at dept stores…like whitey suburban families

  150. this is ridiculous. it’s basically saying not to buy anything second hand. i mean come on, if it looks filthy, then don’t get it. but this list is just downing everything that could ever be sold second hand other than art. It’s okay, wash it, try it, you’ll be okay. who really needs to spend hundreds of bucks on brand new everything.

  151. What a bunch of freakin’ wimps these editors are !! Do they ever stay in motels? If so, then they’ve slept on sheets that HUNDREDS of other people have slept on! Blenders: so the blades MIGHT be worn out !! This is a GARAGE sale, for crying out loud! You spend five bucks (maybe less) and take your chances. Same goes for the dress that looks like it’ll fit. These stupid editors don’t understand the concept of garage sales!!! What a bunch of weenies !!!!!!!!!!

  152. The list was OK, but why can’t I view the WHOLE LIST on one page? It sucks clicking 22 freaking times! I may NEVER read anything from this site again. Most sites let you views these things on one page. Thanks! :(

  153. even new furniture is now being delivered to people and it is infected with bedbugs. and I was thinking of getting a new couch or futon for the house and then I read that.

  154. Most things can be cleaned. Such as furniture,sheets, and toys. Shoes unless they are in a box and you can tell never worn, use a good foot spray.. mattresses, no…not even if you stem clean them. They are much different than couches and chairs, which can be steamed cleaned…And you can do that yourself. Sheets and stuff wash in hot water……..

  155. so according to this list.. there is nothing to buy at a single yard sale… one there are shoes that are considered “vintage” and worth money (chuck taylors for instance) and stuffed animals you wash them or have them dry cleaned.. electronics are find good people will let you test them out before you buy.

  156. Well according to everything they listed as “unsafe” to buy, then there’s nothing left to buy at a garage sale. LOL!! Absolutely every article on this hideous list is the only items you will see at a garage sale. I can see mattresses and the baby items which contain them, e.g., a crib with a mattress, a bassinette with a mattress, etc., being on this list. Some of us have common sense and know it’s unsafe to buy a used mattress but CDs and VCR tapes as a “do not buy at a garage sale” item is absolutely hilarious! Please let someone with common sense revise this list for you.

    1. One other thing, appliances (#18) is correct, however the concern is not how it will run or how hideous it will look on your countertop, but the REAL truth is some appliances contain roaches. 5 years ago, I bought a coffeepot at a garage sale, about a month later I had roaches galore. I called pest exterminator & they discovered them in the coffeepot I bought at the garage sale. We threw it away as it cost me $100 to have my house sprayed. Never buy appliances at a garage sale; if you do, I would suggest to spray them thoroughly with pesticide, clean and inspect them immensely, and observe them for a week or two (possibly in shed or area away from home) before placing the item inside your home.

  157. You do realize that most who go to these garage/yard/tag sales are not looking ( or paying for ) brand new stuff? I find this article a little bit…well…snobbish. You can get good buys for things and also upcycle others. Even if I can only get a few uses out of an item then it may be worth the buy; especially when you are paying under a $1 for some items. As for the “creepy crawlies” – please. Learn to clean and disinfect. I think the writer of this article should just drive by the garage sales and head off to Macy’s where it seems she is better suited. Leave the fun and deals to the rest of us.

  158. I like how there are photos of a Nintendo in your list of things not to buy, but you are talking about technology that only applies to PC games and the next generation video game systems that are not even on sale yet.

    If you see a Nintendo at a garage sale(for cheap), BUY IT. Those are worth quite a pretty penny now on Amazon
    . Its a great way to turn a profit… just look out for roaches hanging out inside.

  159. Video games? You obviously know nothing about gaming or the industry, and have either: A) skimmed through a gaming news site’s articles and retained none of the information or B) listened to your whining snot nosed 12 year old child try to explain what they really don’t know anything about either. Video games are perfectly fine to buy at garage sales, there’s no code needed to play a current gen or next gen game.

  160. Jesus Christ! How ’bout a list of things you CAN buy at a garage sale? What a bunch of BS. We’ve turned into such fkn NINNYS.

  161. So basically, don’t buy anything secondhand, ever. Stellar article…. *insert eye roll here*

  162. This article is retarded. Basically it is telling you not to buy anything at Garage sales and that Walmart is God.

  163. All that crap coming off cargo container ships from China wasn’t exactly made by robots in a sterile room, you know. And following the line of thinking, what about the lettuce, the apples, the tomatoes in a grocery store? Should we avoid food, too?…..well, maybe we should….point is, we should use our heads. Used mattresses, hats, shoes – questionable, but are you really going to have a huge problem with bugs and germs? Video games, books, dishes, raincoats, My Little Ponies – these can be washed or surface cleaned, sprayed with Lysol.

  164. Give an option of printed article with slides so we can print it and read it away from this brain box -we oldies have many more moons so we do need easier life optionry.

  165. i dint stay an schol and dont got no good job so i need every thing cheap from homesales

  166. I dont think the writer likes yard sales. The 21 items listed account for 90% of the garage sale items!! To mention DVD. CD VCR….because they may not be in good shape…..IT”S A GARAGE SALE!!!! They get these items for 25Cents!!! Take achance . shop away….!!! Watch for the next article: ” Don’t Go to thrift stores”
    Good Will Stores and the trash they Sell” Maybe it will just be “Don’t Sell it…Trash IT!” Maybe one day as the economy changes we will all have the money to buy new things and cast away the the used items like the AUthor f the article obviously can.

  167. most everything people buy are the things they need for family and friends,and it’s not junk either. a person can find new things that would fit their child ar themselves. people don’t save furniture and other household goods like they did when I was growing up and there are others that can use them at a price they can afford. the ones selling probably have more than they can useothers are in need of the items.

  168. What are you supposed to buy at garage sales then, nothing? Don’t buy movies at garage sales? WTF.

  169. We’d buy any O thing cause it’s cheap an were stupid and don’t know better.
    I tried to return the toothbrushes and soap bit’s but they said no way it’s used.

  170. Also, catheters, military surplus hand grenades, cat litter boxes, erotic novelties, Yugo parts, used pregnancy kits and old condom packages, underwear……

  171. If you want to go out and buy every little thing new, because you are afraid of every little thing, then go right on ahead, so that there will be more yard sale bargains for me. Most of the things you mentioned are perfectly fine to buy used if you use a little common sense. Only about 2 of the 20 items you mentioned I would be hesitant to buy.

  172. What, always buy new electronics, who are you writing for. There is no safety issues, so that must be the only reason.

  173. Never ever buy pu$$y, it has been used & abused & an almost guarantee of an STD.

  174. you dumbass have list everything except pictures that are sold at garage sales.

  175. guess the dipschitt writer has plenty of money.

    i would rather buy ALL of the above with money I earned than to live off the government

    1. You are NOBLE, and we all bow down to you, sir or ma’m! Proud Amurican! We salute you!…..If I buy used clothing, I doubt I’m going to find any designer originals that need costly tailoring. If I buy a DVD for 50 cents, I won’t be taking them to small claims court if it’s scratched. Some ladies gently used dressy sandals for $2, which I will wear to one wedding? I’ll live with the pain for one afternoon! The author of this sounds like one of those hypervigilant germphobe moms, everything everywhere crawling with cooties, get the hand sanitizer! (agree on cribs, car seats, mattresses – that’s only common sense since bedbugs run rampant/safety regulation)/

  176. half the fricken nation doesn’t pay taxes at all while the rest of the nations supports the lazy low lifes.

    many people including those paying for the above do have to buy those items.

  177. Ok’d items: Baseball cards, Board Games and Planters……Everything else is garbage.

  178. Ok’d items: Baseball cards, Board Games and Planters……Everything else is garbage.

  179. How much sense does it make to advise against buying a used mattress, when every hotel stay means sleeping on a used mattress — with bed bugs?

    1. That’s why there was the big bed bug scare about a year ago and they did a story on how to protect yourself from bedbugs when you stay at a hotel. They did the story on more than one hotel and found that many upscale hotels had bedbugs. Best advice, buy a used mattress but treat it with Diatomaceous Earth. It is the only thing (other than heat) that can kill them all.

  180. You might also want to stay away from USED TOOTHBRUSHES too! I actually saw one for sale at a flea market (used) for 5 cents! Of course, I tried to jew the guy down to 2 cents but he wouldn’t budge. I think it was the one he was personally using at the time…

  181. #16, you say “video games” but not all video games are like that. Old
    games, like Atari, super Nintendo, Sega, etc. virtually all the games
    prior to XBOX 360 and PS3 are perfectly fine for exchanging used, and when it comes to a
    cartridge game if you can find one at a garage sale for $2 or $3 how
    is that a loss?

  182. This list can be stupid. Some make sense ie, car seats, helmets, mattresses, and swim suits. But the rest is honestly just wasteful advice. If you can’t buy it from a garage sale then your basically saying you should throw all these items away. Dvds, laptops, tvs, clothes, furniture, toys, video games, and kitchen items? Ridiculous. Better advice you should reuse what you can or donate, sell, or repurpose what you can’t. This earth doesn’t come with an abundance of landfills.

  183. So if you shouldn’t buy any of those 22 things at garage sales; the question is, what should you buy at garage sales?
    Some of these are true, but be the judge for yourself when going to garage sales. If the house is clean, and it looks like everything is well taken care of (or new with tags), buy it if you want it!

  184. Disagree on the hats, if you are capable of washing your own clothes, you could likely wash ones from a garage sale.

  185. So in other words, don’t buy anything at garage sales because you never know what the previous owner did to/with it?!?!?! Wow must be nice to buy everything new and have the luxury of throwing it away when done because you told people not to buy it used.

  186. Riiiiigggghhhhhttttt! BPA is soooo bad that they now replaced it with BPS which is even worse! Good God, America! Give us a damned break!!!

  187. Sounds to me that you might as well not have a Yard Sale….everything you have to sell is a danger !!! So what do you put in a yard sell ?? I think this is a bunch of crap…I would not buy a bed from no Nasty Looking person anyways, or a swim suit , Or a nasty couch , You can find some good stuff if you are looking in the right Yard Sale ! Crap they put on the Internet is so dang Stupid !!!

  188. this is so stupid pretty much saying dont buy anything from garage sales who ever wrote this is special.

  189. Number #11 is part of the MYTH of BPA. BPA is one of the most studied chemicals in the food industry. The FDA, CDC, and many other government agencies have to tried to create circumstances in the lab by which BPA could actually cause a harmful result. These tests include 1000’s of times the concentration that anyone would ever experience. The FDA even reports that the human body metabolizes BPA into a harmless by-product. Please read reports given by the FDA and CDC. The official stance is that BPA has NOT been banned. The general practice is to eliminate BPA from enfant products and enfant food liners, just to be safe, as that is the most vulnerable group and obviously the most dear to our hearts. (So, if you do not have to use it, then why not find an alternative.) The BPA hoax is the #1 example of health-freaks seeking out a target, creating an industry wide hysteria, and thus manufacturers that use it as a marketing ploy. They used outdoor enthusiasts and babies to perpetuate the myth.

  190. Might have been easier to list what you can buy (in your opinion). Books and board games, although the games might be missing pieces, and the books might be missing pages! I was tempted to tear out the last page of the Series of Unfortunate Events we owned.

  191. So don’t buy anything used I guess?. Wow, thanks readers digest for steering people to becoming even more wasteful. Ew yucky, I couldn’t dare put my foot in someone’s shoe. Really? Used DVD’s are usually very reliable. Chances are the person only watched it once. Give me a break. Second hand items aren’t really that bad and you save money and the environment. Would you rather they end up in a landfill?

  192. Ive gotten almost every mattress Ive ever owned as well as pillows and bedsheets from estate sales. I have never had any issues and most of what I buy is like brand new.

  193. A shorter list would have been what they believe IS okay to buy at garage sales.

  194. In other words, don’t buy ANYTHING at a garage sale. Idiots! Everyone knows that nothing at a yard sale (or almost nothing) is virgin and buys accordingly…..*shaking head*

  195. Anything made of cloth and bought second hand should come in your house in a tightly closed plastic bag and not taken out until it is thrown in a dryer. It should go through a hot dryer for 20 to 30 minutes to kill the possibility of bed bugs or bed bug eggs.

  196. This list includes nearly everything that is typically sold at a garage sale. Just say “don’t buy anything!”

  197. I buy used mattresses specifically for the bodily fluids. All the ooze with none of the personalities. it’s a win/win,

  198. Only Microsoft is petty enough to sell games that can’t be re-sold / re-played. You are sullying the good name of Nintendo with your mis-leading images for #16 and should be making every effort to correct this false reporting ASAP….


    1. No, buy the used mattresses specifically for the bodily fluids. All the ooze with none of the personalities. it’s a win/win,

  199. When it comes to cribs and the slats being too far apart or the side collapsing, back over 45 years ago our crib was a pretty white one that both sides could be lowered and raised. Now back then we parents were also told to put our babies to sleep on their tummy….We could with no trouble at all, just as we could safely use those cribs with no deaths from kids getting heads caught when very young. Why? Well now we had firm mattresses on those cribs as well as firm PLASTIC covered and attached to the rails on both sides guards. Our babies did not have super soft mattress pads nor any pillows, nor those oh so pretty supersoft good for nothing cushions along the rails.

    When the industry began with all this oh so soft bedding and cushioning and oh yes pillows that are so soft but oh my goodness doesn’t that look so pretty JUNK they charge far too much money for BTW is when we began seeing babies on tummies SMOTHERING! Also all that so pretty cushioning along the side rail? What good is it doing? A baby that can roll over can still smother when their face is pressed into that hazard….

    How about telling the industry to take baby’s furniture and bedding back to what was safe instead of all this decorator junk?

  200. Two things you should never buy from an article on the web (or in book form): paranoia and fear.

  201. This list basically eliminated all 22 things that people sell in a garage sale.

  202. Huh? Some of the best things about yard sales are getting old classic video games, CDs, books, and DVDs. I agree nothing clothing/safety related.

  203. What’s left to sell? They’ve listed everything that fill up every garage sale in America. Use common sense with whatever you buy and you’ll be just fine.

  204. shoes AND running shoes? huh? clearly no need for the second as it’s covered by the first.

  205. Gosh, these click-thu’s take a long time…notice the ads changing as I go along.

  206. So what should you buy because the list of don’t buy is pretty much the entire store. lol. I disagree about the kitchen appliances. I bought a gently used coffee maker for $5 two years ago and am still using it today. Hmmm…wonder if a good bleaching will kill bed bugs and other nasty pests on bedding.

  207. Number 16 is a really poor example, because NES’s have no such codes and generally will work as long as their in one piece.

  208. As for Pots and Pans, It’s not hard to sterilize one by simply coating the surface with peanut oil bringing it up to temperature to where the oil begins smoking (about 450 degrees) a few minutes there and nothing is going to be alive. Only “Teflon” pans can leach chemicals, and most of them wont be in good enough condition to attract a buyer at a yard sale anyway.

  209. So pretty much stay clear from garage sales and buy new to boost economy…

  210. This article is ridiculous. NEVER is a strong word. NEVER implies strong importance. SOME of the things on this list are important. But I should NEVER buy a DVD at a garage sale? Because it could be scratched? Including silly examples of things that don’t belong just to get to some magical number lessens the impact of the things on here that really have reasons. Disappointed in Reader’s Digest for this list.

  211. Yes, older items are more worn out and won’t last as long. That’s why they’re cheap. I understand things like car seats, but for Pete’s sake, is anything safe to buy used? And the explanation that newer technology is available for plasma televisions? Do you think if we could afford newer technology we’d be considering buying TVs at a garage sale. Reader’s Digest is scraping for ideas once again.

  212. I beg to differ on the CD, DVD, and VHS…..yes CDs and DVDs can be scratched, but also they will usually still play fine or chances are youll find a copy thats used but still looks brand new….and VHS tapes DISINTEGRATING?! I still have VHS tapes from 1981 that play just fine.

  213. I disagree with a lot of these. If you clean the hat, it is not going to have anything in it. You people who made up this list are all grossed out about nothing. You are stopping people from using perfectly good stuff too, so knock it off with your scare tactics.

  214. I disagree about the stuffed animals. If they are clean and don’t have food or some other crud on them, they are fine. I have bought lots of stuffed animals and keep them and have never had any problem with critters or creepy crawlys or anything like that. I have washed them either in the washing machine or hand wash in the tub. Too many stuffies get thrown away for stupid reasons. The ones in the photo are perfectly good and cute. I would buy them in a second.

  215. Some of the highest quality, toughest appliances can be bought at garage sales because they’re old, and made in the USA. I have a mixer that’s from the 1960s that still works, a testament to how we used to make stuff back then.

  216. Used swimwear is a great deal, mainly because most swimwear is used maybe 1-2 times a year at best unless the person is a professional surfer. Those kinds of items are like new status, unlike jeans or t-shirts.

  217. I buy hundreds of DVDs at thrift stores and garage sales. Most are absolutely pristine. VHS tapes are good deals because they rarely get enough wear in their normal lifespan so they’re usually like new. Sniff them just in case, don’t buy if they smell moldy.

  218. Anyone who collects (or enjoys) music and movies should be wise enough to inspect DVDs and CDs that are offered at yard and garage sales. Minor surface scathes or scuff can often be buffed out and actually don’t have any impact on the playback of either of these type discs. I have found wonderful bargains on highly collectible CDs, paying less than fifty cents for items that sell on eBay or Amazon for upward of $25. Buyers simply have to take the time to inspect the discs (CD or DVD) before making their offer.

  219. There is a sucker born every minute, some spend 20 times more for new because you’re too lazy to wash or clean WHEN YOU DO ANYWAY.

    Maybe the authors are new product sales shills, given the advertising revenue.
    That is more likely than this phony broken unsafe unclean nonsense.

    Maybe Cartels are afraid the customers they’ve been ripping off might get smart and go rogue(DIY, redo, reuse, repurpose, and self sufficient?)
    Wow, I hope so!

  220. And i think its understood that you take a gamble shopping at garage sales.. this article is written as if garage sale shoppers expext top notch, bran new products.. give me a break

  221. then what the hell are you supposed to buy at garage sales? there’s a reason things that retail for $60 are sold at garage sales for $2.

  222. Never purchase used cast-iron cookware at garage sales or thrift stores. The surface is porous, and will retain traces of anything it has held. When I was a teen, I used to soak my bicycle chain in old used motor oil. The container was an old cast-iron skillet. I think I may have finally washed it out and put it in a garage sale. At least it didn’t ever come into contact with DDT or Chlordane out in the shed. Or did it?

    1. Cast iron is easily refurbished, with navel jelly, some brillo pads and soap. A pan can easily last 100 years, even if it has been rusty.
      The only cast iron to avoid is chinese made, and it usually will say made in china on it because the chinese love to proudly put that on their stuff.

  223. Here’s the real list
    1 used condoms
    2 used lingerie
    3 false teeth
    4 underwear
    5 opened bottles of alcohol
    6 opened food products
    7 food with bugs in the box
    8 guns
    9 knives that have blood on them
    10 an axe that has blood on it
    11 prescription medicine
    12 a bridge in NYC
    13 Land in outhern Florida
    14 A Russian Bride
    15 a college degree
    16 a genuine Piccasso painting
    17 a diamond ring
    18 a genuine Rolex Watch
    19 A black and white striped mink fur coat
    20 a book telling you how to make a million dollars investing in real estate
    21 naked pictures of your mother inlaw

    1. OMG! Thanks for the great laugh! Really enjoyed your post!!!!

  224. This article is designed to convince people to spend money they don’t have on brand new consumer goods. Some will be fooled by it, others are smart. While I agree with a few things (like not buying used car seats or cribs, which can pose dangers to the child), I disagree with all the rest. There is simply nothing wrong with buying used shoes or stuffed animals, as long as you clean them well.

  225. Sooo…bascially. Don’t buy anything at a garage sale. Good advice!

  226. If washing linens in HOT water does not kill bedbugs—must everyone carry their own bedding when going to a hotel/motel? Or do you really think that bedding is new? And even then–if it it made abroad–wash it first–again–what about killing bedbugs?

  227. Anything that can be run through the dryer on high for 20 minutes will be fine. This will kill bedbugs.

  228. The video game one is total bs. As a game collector one of the main sources of the older games IS garage sales. And even with newer technology, there’s nothing system wise that I know of that’s a 1 time use. Yes DL content cards probably don’t work, but that’s about it, so that’s bogus on this list.

  229. If you are planning to listen to number 16 (video games) then you’d better stay away from any Gamestop stores, too, if you are that worried about it.

  230. If you do buy a used crib or are given one that was recalled you can contact the company. A lot of times they offer refunds or exchanges on recalls with no questions asked. We were gifted a crib and later found out it was recalled. Even without the receipt the store it was purchased at (a store that is difficult about returns) took it back and offered us a store credit for the amount the crib cost. We were able to get a safe crib in it’s place.

    1. Some cribs are haunted, if they rock back and forth by themselves in the dark, toss it!

  231. Some of those make perfect sense. But, we often buy DVDs and even VHSs at garage sales. Why not, they cost only 50 cents or so. No big loss if they don’t work well. Same with video games and systems. There are ways to get new codes.

    My “new” living room sofa and love seat came from a garage sale just a few weeks ago! I guess I was too trusting, I only cleaned it with my carpet cleaner and didn’t worry about bedbugs and such! It was still in the family’s home, and the home was clean.

    It it common sense to never buy used helmets or car seats. It is not obvious if they have been in an accident, and car seats may fail if reused. Cribs have too many recalls to buy used. Don’t try to save money on things that can be safety issues.

    Games and movies? Go ahead and buy!

    Oh, WeLend Money? Yes, people buy used sheets. Sheet sets can be very expensive.

  232. Do people really buy used swimsuits, sheets and baby bottles?…

  233. Dont buy video games at a garage sale? Thats stupid advice. What about the millions of vintage video games and machines out there? Codes for single play are for computers and are just now about to take hold on next gen video game consoles. Why shouldnt someone buy a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo or an Atari at a garage sale again? This is what happens when editors receive commission based on how much content they write! The world is filled with useless info…

  234. I agree mostly, but video games? You talk about the newer ones but have a picture of an NES. I have made a lot of money buying older video games from garage sales and reselling them, on a couple occasions I even got +1000% ROI. Most of this list applies in only the most extreme cases. Appliances are another thing that you can save big bucks on at a yard sale.

  235. This is absurd. “changes in water pressure” damage swimwear. What?? Who wrote this slop? can’t tell if a helmet has been in an accident? tires could have been in an accident? C’mon. Ridiculous. These reasons are why you pay 1/10th th price or less at yard sales. I would never buy a used mattress though, that is disgusting.

  236. 7, 8 and 13 can be solved by simply checking them. You can see scratches, and if you’re buying used, you aren’t expecting long life or the fanciest new features out of a TV or laptop. Certainly don’t pay a lot for them, but a $100 outdated TV or a $30 outdated laptop that does what you need for a year is a fair deal.

    16 shows a clear lack of understanding of the market for used games. People who buy used console games want them to play on their old console, not on an awful keyboard adaptation.

  237. Obama must made this list up yard sales or cheap don’t buy anything from them buy stuff full price so the over taxed can go in our pockets.Even tho i agree with the swimsuits and under garments.

  238. People are dumb. Cribs are actually a great thing to buy at garage sales as are helmets.

    1. Cribs are recalled too often to chance it. Safety regulations on them change too. It isn’t worth risking your baby’s life.
      Helmets and car seats should never be bought second hand. Unless you know for sure they have never been in an accident it isn’t safe. They may fail in a second accident.

  239. I disagree with #16. Used video games are a great buy! Why pay full retail when you can buy the same game used. Check your resources before giving that kind of statement. You are showing a picture of a nintendo from 1985. What kind of code was being supplied for a one time play back then? And as far as these bonus sections you are speaking of…..don’t you mean DLC? Get the terminology right.

  240. Hats might be OK to wear, if you sanitize them with a hair dryer first. I used it to kill lice off my sombrero after sleeping in the Sonora desert for weeks.

  241. keep all the asians, pakies, iraqis, mex,south africans…etc…etc we wouldn’t have rampent bed bug problem

  242. How did enough of ever survive to populate the world with the current crop of dumb as a box of rocks people ? Than goodness for a Government big enough to raise you all. since you can’t seem to manage on your own

  243. This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read….I actually quit my full time job and make a living on selling video games, cds, and dvds on ebay that I bought from yard sales.

  244. what a crock . whomever put this list together obviously has no clue as how to shop a yardsale. I would definitely pass on the crib and car seat, but not much of the other items you have listed.

  245. I disagree TOTALLY on the video games, I have found some of the BEST games at garage and yard sells…

  246. Okay. I’ll probably gross you out, but I have bought 16 out of the 21 things used, and you know what? We’re living fine, no cooties. Who can afford to buy everything new these days? Not me and my family. In fact, even if we do eventually have money to “waste”, I can’t imagine buying a lot of things new when I know I can get something that works fine for a lot cheaper, used. We’re not poor, we’re not rich…but we do live paycheck to paycheck, and again, have no interest or means in buying everything new.

  247. Item #9, shoes, Item #20, RUNNING shoes… because if you don’t spell that out I’m TOTALLY gonna say “no” to random everyday shoes, but RUNNING shoes, no, those are another story, surely “shoes” doesn’t cover those.

  248. well why have a sale or go to a sale or a thrift store?
    if you can’t buy any of these things.
    you go to buy these items because they are items that we would not or could not afford anywhere else.

  249. If one is *really* worried about worn-out, buggy, unsafe, obsolete, poorly designed, rusty, out-of-style, ill-fittong, and/or disease-ridden items, than the only thing they should seriously consider at a garage sale is……the garage!!!

  250. There is nothing wrong with buying CDs/DVDs at garage sales. Most are perfectly fine, and if they aren’t the least you could do is check for visible scratches before you buy them. Most of my DVDs are from garage sales that I got for 2 bucks, in perfectly good condition!

  251. Guess we have reached a point in our country where no one can have an opinion. Geez folks, let the authrou be. If you don’t agree, then keep going to garage sales. I love them myself, but don’t take away the author’s right to speak an opinion.

  252. Every item on this list is what you will find at most garage or yard sales. It’s about finding a great bargain.

  253. So basically…never shop at a yard sale? And, FWIW, strangest comment thread I have ever read.

  254. Getting back to specifics here–I think it’s ridiculous to include blenders in this list. Some companies–Oster definitely does–sell replacement parts, including blades, gaskets, and containers. Some people stopped using blenders when food processors became popular, so for little money you might get a good blender that will last for a long time. If it’s really cheap, who cares if it doesn’t last forever? My old Oster blender has some issues and probably no one would buy it at a a garage sale, but it just keeps going and going.

  255. C’mon people…just use common sense. Do you really need a so-called expert to tell you what to buy? This article offends anyone who can think on their own.

  256. this article states that u should never buy blenders and other kitchen electronics what a laugh i bought a black and deckard coffee maker at a yard sale for .75 and i used it for 5 years

  257. I love the coupon people who have 80 tubes of tooth paste, 200 boxes of cereal, etc. That is called Gluttony, send it to people who need it today and dont worry about running out of toothpaste 20 years from now

  258. Don’t buy
    Life Insurance policy
    Auto Insurance
    Steaks and burger meat.
    Fireworks, Hand grenades
    Used Elvis lamp shades,posters
    Animals of any kind
    Soiled bedding
    Memberships to Aryian Brotherhood
    Playboys that wont open
    Rolex watches
    Nudist Magazines

  259. I’m a little worried about anyone who can’t clean sheets, clothing (I don’t buy underwear at garage sales, but I’m well aware that it’s a silly foible) well enough to make it safe. I shoe horses for a living, and I’d have to be a damned fool to pay full price for either clothing or shoes for work – I’ve had a (new to me) pair of work boots destroyed within ten minutes of starting work – but I only paid four bucks for them, so even though they fit like they were custom made, I could cope.

    Helmets and child seats show age and wear – though it’s not true that they don’t eventually get less safe, some is better than none, and it’s usually possible to tell if one is only a year or so old and barely used. Close inspection and running your hands over all parts of either will show up most damage issues.

    Computers are a great buy if you can fix them (I can), not if you can’t.

    Obviously written by someone with a whole lot more money than a lot of folks have, and a lot less ability to cope with life – and a throw-away ethic to boot.

    I’d agree that if you’re not very good at cleaning, and can’t absolutely trust your ability to evaluate some of these things, then take a pass – but that’s hardly a blanket condemnation of buying any of this stuff used.

  260. I would appreciate removing video games from the list… I like to buy them, use the code and then sell them on EBAY!

  261. Good grief! There is a whole lot of germaphobes out there. “Buy used and save the difference,” that’s what the Duggers say.

  262. Politics aside, I would – in a heartbeat – buy an original NES system and game cartridges. Yes I know that I will have to blow into the games to get them to work, and probably have to stick some folded up paper on the game to keep it down. (If you ever had one you will know what I mean).

  263. I’ve had some of the best meals cooked on used Cast-Iron pots. It’s those new aluminum pots you have to worry about :)

  264. Advice from those who have no ability to size up an item, used or new.

  265. Jesus, they might has well have named the article “Don’t Buy Anything at Garage Sales”

  266. This is ridiculous. Mattresses with potential bedbugs I understand. Hats, because they might have somebody’s sweat residue in them (and that’s “gross”), a blender because the blade might be dull eventually, DVDs because they might have a scratch, a flatscreen because, well, don’t you want a “better” one refurbished by the manufacturer and sold for 20 times what you’ll pay at a garage sale?

    This is what happens when the pathetic American educational system runs up against the cowardice bred in consumers during the past hundred years of commercial fear tactics. At that point, no sane person would have bought bread, because you can get the components for a tenth of the cost. So they told everybody that that was gross and unsafe, and now we’re so afraid of a speck of dust that we eat what isn’t even food anymore.

    But by all means, continue to believe that you are actually getting something better when you pay more, and that any suggestion to the contrary is low brow. That is, if you already live in a place that doesn’t have garage sales. Frankly, if your town has them, then you aren’t rich enough to act like you’re better than those who sell or buy from their human neighbors instead of China.

  267. Beware of Tires, they may look ok but how old are they? The rubber dries out, especially if they have been stored in a hot garage.

    1. Aren’t ALL tires stored in hot garages? How many tires do you see stored in living rooms?

  268. i bought some stinky used diapers but they were totally fine – thats probably why those didnt make it on the list

  269. Not all of this is true. DVDs CDs video games are great! So are other things on this list. Recycling and reuse will save the world.

  270. Wow, had no idea NES games had 2013 technology embeded in them.

  271. i was so poor for many years that i bought everything on that list second or third hand.a carseat from a yard sale i took to the state police barracks to have it checked out. they told me it was old and actually gave me a new one and took the old one. shoes or sneaks i would wash with a drop of bleach to desinfect, a mattras can be 100% covered with special zippered bag, a hat can be washed by hand, drying in the sun also desinfects. later i did go to school thank you and became an r.n., i still buy things 2d hand, for my little grandkids now, to help their parents some. i believe in recycling EVERYTHING!!!

  272. Who reads this kind of nonsense?

    You forgot to include “leftovers” on the list. Likewise “dog poop.” Either Reader’s Digest has idiot readers, or the folks at Reader’s Digest thinks they do. Could both be true?

    EDIT: Now, after having read the other comments, I am forced to conclude that Reader’s Digest DOES have idiots for readership. I am out of here!

  273. I’ve purchased more than half this list on a regular basis for years without any problems. It sounds like the list of someone who is afraid of yard sales and second hand products. BLAH!

  274. Dumbest article I have ever read on the Internet. It boggles the mind that people don’t know this already.

  275. I have always driven used cars, worn used clothes, and bought used houses. I also own two nice airplanes and a 1500 acre farm in Central America. Penny saved is penny earned,

  276. This is hilarious! Basically it’s saying just buy new, no matter what it is. I don’t typically buy from garage/yard sales but when I do I’m definitely going to second guess my purchase.

  277. John Morales makes a good point who is the corporate sponsor of this list? I would suggest you follow this list if you lack common sense.
    With 2 meth charges in my past when I got clean I found I was unemployable. Now I would never work for someone else 50 hours a weeks; when I can work at home and see my son grow up and make just as much.
    I make 20-30K a year on buying and selling used merchandise. Most of which comes from auctions where I don’t know the history.
    Helmets, Car Seats, Tires: Can all be inspected and expiration dates checked.
    Swimwear, Mattresses, Shoes, Sheets and Pillowcases, Upholstered Furniture, Tailored Clothing, Stuffed Animals, Running Shoes, Hats: Can and should be thoroughly and properly disinfected. If you don’t know how to clean an item take it to a pro.
    Cribs: Are easy to check the model number and see if it is safe. If the model number is missing it can be turned into something useful; there are dozens of websites on rehabbing old cribs.
    Laptops, Plasma TV and other Electronics, Video Games: Can be tested to tell if they are fully functional.
    Baby Bottles: Discard the nipple and sanitize the bottle; buying used bottles can save a young parent enough that they can also buy a bottle sanatizer they could not otherwise afford.
    Worn Plates Pots and Other Cookware, Blenders and Kitchen Electronics: These are easy to check to see if they are safe to use. Most are made of Aluminum that after breaking off the handle is worth $.50 per pound. So if you can get a 10 lb pot for $.25…
    DVD’s CD’s and VHS: Take a look and also know what the local pawn shop charges to buff the scratches out.
    Fragrance or Makeup: If you are using these you know how to tell what is good and what is not.
    Thanks anyway Readers Digest and Whoever the sponsor of this article is. I have common sense and will use it.

  278. This list looks like it was made by a corporate sponsor who wants you to buy new things, not by an intelligent reasonable average person.

  279. So what am I suppose to buy at a garage/yard sale? I couldve sworn people told me to live within my means.

  280. ….Dont ever pick up a framed picture of Michelle Bachmann……..You dont know how many dogs went on it.

  281. this article is hilarious. i was kind of just reading along then i got to ‘dont buy used cds or dvds’ HAHHAHAHA. seriously? SERIOUSLY???

  282. Stupid ridiculous excuse for journalism. Poor research, and biased opinionated writing.

  283. this is the worst article ever….. so what should someone buy at a garage sale??

  284. Goofy is all I can say to the writer and the posters, you are all goofy.

  285. Why did they show an old nintendo and mention not buying it because games just started doing one time play codes? FAIL on the part of the author. I would buy an old school 80s Nintendo any day of the week

  286. Just don’t buy running shoes… period. Your feet are perfect just the way they are and they don’t need “cushioning” otherwise we would all be born with Nikes coming out of the womb.

  287. if your buying used sheets, bedding, swim wear your just a dirty nasty nasty person, being poor is one thing, being nasty is a whole other world. I say make the below poverty peeps be forced to use condoms and re use them,, no reason to tax the system any further, this way you got poor AND nasty covered!!!

  288. Never is a strong word. Many many many music collectors have scored wonderful music and even valuable items buying cds at garage sales. Unlike, say, used mattresses, the risk of contamination is minimal and you can usually tell how good a shape it’s in by looking at it. It’s not unusual to find cds at garage sales going for a buck or less, especially since people are now much less likely to collect them and more likely to get their music from digital files. If you buy 10 for $10 and 2 or 3 of them aren’t as good as they look, you’ve still done very well.

  289. So let me get this straight — if you buy something that has been previously used by someone else, it might not be in “new” condition? Wow. I never could have figured that out on my own. Garage sale stuff follows exactly one rule — you get what you pay for.

  290. Wow, the nonsense abounds, “Rust, flaky non-stick coatings, and chemicals that leach out are just a few of the safety problems you can run into with older cookware”.

    The non-stick coating on cookware is chemically inert, rust is harmless; just more crap advice.

  291. Said of sheets, “Sure, you can wash them in hot water, but that might not protect against bed bugs.”

    More B.S. Washing sheets in hot water followed by a spell in the dryer will absolutely kill bed bugs absolutely 100% of the time.

  292. “But constant changes in water pressure also wear out swimwear faster than regular clothing…”

    What the hell kind of pseudo-scientific bull scat is that? Just goes to remind us that much of what you read from internet “experts” is nonsense.

  293. Bought Used shoes once and ended up getting Athlete’s Foot from them!

  294. What BS. I’ve bought used clothing, shoes, bedsheets, etc with NO problems. Has Readers Digest ever heard of BLEACH?? I’m a disabled veteran and live on a fixed income. I can’t always afford NEW things. And what’s with all the name calling and drama in the posts? Play nice everyone.

  295. I have done a lot of arrange sales in my life selling everything from cloth, shoes to crib and car seats. Everything I sell I take pride in and take excellent care of my items, so people are proud to buy from me. I have also purchase great items from sales as well. Believe it or not the items in garage sales are taken better care of then items given to good will.

  296. Everything that they mentioned is what is sold in yards sales. And when you have to shop that way, then you do what you have to do for yourself and your family.

  297. So basically we can’t buy ANYTHING at a garage sale–wait, no, you didn’t mention tchotchkes, we can buy those. We should all quit having garage sales and just throw all that stuff in a landfill. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle doesn’t apply anymore? Thanks, Reader’s Digest.

  298. Number 16 is an outright lie. The one-time-only coding MAY be coming in future generations of gaming systems, and has not been released on ANY current-generation gaming system. I expect better out of the Digest than this drivel.

  299. Well, some truth to these things, but all I saw was some pansy with a fear problem. Obviously written by people who has
    plenty of money and has never had to make difficult choices. In fact,
    they have probably never shopped at a yard sale or bough second hand

    When the economy finishes collapsing, they won’t know how to survive.

  300. Way off base on Sheets. The way to kill bedbugs is to throw your stuff in the dryer for 20 minutes. So wash and dry the sheets. No worries. Plus used sheets already have all those new chemicals washed out so they are much nicer to use.

  301. Seems to me, if you let this list be your guide, there wouldn’t be much left to buy. I recently got a king set of sheets with cases for $10, & I’m not itchy!

  302. I will go along with the mattress, shoes and one more that I can’t remember….however, this hype about car seats and helmets are crap, great for the manufacturer, for sure. You can tell if a car seat is in working order. Flaky cookware? I do not need these people to tell me not to buy that. Are we flipping imbeciles? Do people really not think that, like roaches and other bugs, that you are safe if you buy new? Not necessarily. They could come in to the warehouse or plant on employees’ clothing and into the retail store on just about anyone’s! I am so darn glad that I do not need someone telling me what I should not buy. This is stupid!

  303. So basically don’t buy anything at a Garage Sale. Ha!

  304. Sheets, really?? Come on. This is no more then clothing. Wash them well and use them. Mattresses you can’t ‘wash’ but a good hot washing and bedbugs aren’t going to survive that.. really.. good grief.

  305. sooo, I think this list would be shorter if it said the things you should buy from garage sales! I mean really what’s left?

  306. So basically, don’t ever buy anything ever from garage sales…just buy into consumerism by well known companies already making billions. Great. Good advice, douche.

  307. This is just common sense. You can purchase what you want, just check it out first before you buy it. This is why my mom spends like half an hour looking at one thing at garage/yard sales. The video game thing in this article is rediculous…”one-user only play”? I’ve never heard of such nonsense and I’m a pretty big gamer.

    1. If you’ve never heard of such nonsense then you’re not a pretty big gamer. Although it is nonsense. There’s a disturbing trend over the past few years of games that require online activation and/or connections to play – even if they’re not online games – and then become non-transferable to someone else.

      Bioshock and Spore come to mind…but the trend is getting a lot bigger. Apparently the new XBox will actually prohibit the play of used games completely, wiping out the entire market for resale or trade of use XBox games.

  308. This article is the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever read. The only thing he has right is buying a used mattress even though I have before and I slept on it for many more years. What this person fails to understand is that not everyone has the money to go out and buy new stuff when it is needed. Yard sale stuff has been found to be wonderful for the amount of time I need it. The only thing this article does it promote the companies that are selling these items and, as I have found out in my life, everything is about money. Sorry, bud, but I will continue to buy yard sale treasures.

  309. Laptop and electronic devices are fine, if you know what you are buying and how to troubleshoot it. For those of us not bothered by appearances, but rather interested only in what the item can do for us, sometimes the amount of savings is worth it. If you are not a geek, or don’t have access to one, forget it.

  310. I my self wouldn’t buy anything personal or been worn by any one, not in this day and tine with all the Bed Bugs going around. Perhaps painting, silver ware, china, If some one so happens to buy such items, ensure you throughly wash them in hot water.

  311. Some of this information was very compelling. I lost my dream home due to toxic mold and we lost everything. I would not wish upon anyone a piece of furniture or a mattress that has been exposed. Anything permeable is not necessarily safe; however I do feel that sheets can be easily washed in hot water! Still some very interesting points were made!

  312. Most of these comments are pretty stupid. These comments seem to imply that the buyer is incapable of judging safety, product wear, cleanliness, and the like and/or that the buyer has no way to remedy the shortcomings of the items purchased. Here are some news flashes for you: Clothing can be altered or repaired by anyone with a sewing machine and/or basic seamstress skills, certainly simple things like pants leg lengths, shirt and coat sleeve lengths, missing buttons, that sort of thing. Seamstress skills are easy to learn. Mattresses can be sprayed and steam cleaned. You can also enclose a mattress in an airtight plastic mattress cover so that your own bed linen never touches the mattress. If the vertical slats of a baby bed are too side apart, you can cover them with a plastic cushion, or even a piece of plywood. Laptop computers can be plugged in and tested on site, or they may be so inexpensive that the buyer is willing to take a chance. You do not have to be too bright to pick out cooking utensils that are in good repair–avoid aluminum and those with flaking or worn non-stick coatings. Tires can be examined for breaks in sidewalls, tread depths, and non-repairable holes. Hats can be steam cleaned or in some cases dry cleaned, and you can inspect the hat before purchase and avoid those that are obviously heavily soiled. The strength and structural integrity of plastic objects should be observable at time of purchase. Bedbugs will not survive a hot washing cycle and long dry time in the dryer.

    I am not below the poverty line, but have an income in excess of $150,000 per year. I buy at garage sales, Goodwill, and thrift shops not because I have to do so. I do so because these points of purchase offer excellent value. I prefer to save my money so I can pay my own expenses instead of looking to the government to do so. I buy generic food items at Aldi and dollar stores, and can and freeze vegetables from my garden every year. In this country, you can live very well by careful purchasing of items that others have used and discarded, and you can develop major savings by doing so.

    Many people seem not to appreciate the amount of money they can save by this kind of shopping and food preservation. (By the way, I bought my huge steam canner at a garage sale for $5.00, not $125 at a retail store.) I have found by speaking to some of the individuals who come to church food banks that many of these individuals do not wish to use any except new items, and some of them reject the idea of generic brands. This is not an attitude well designed to lift them out of poverty, but rather an approach that is more likely to keep them in the position of needing handouts from others. Some of them are afraid of what others will think of them if they shop at thrift stores, but seem not to have such concerns over accepting and using food stamps, unemployment insurance payments, Medicaid, and food banks. To live thriftily in this country, the first thing you need to realize is that no one else really cares what you do or where you shop.

  313. “manufacturers are now including codes for one-user only play…” This is a flat-out lie. There are no current or past retail-release video games for major consoles (not including PC) that require a code of any sort to play them. Some Xbox 360 and PS3 games do include codes for bonuses, extra levels, etc. that may or may not be used. But whoever edited this article is obviously less than experienced with this subject. And putting the picture of a NES up there? Better make sure they include the download code before you buy!

  314. As a libertarian, I feel like people are smart enough to look at most of this stuff and determine if there is likely a problem with it. Granted, considering how dumb some people are, there might be rare instances where someone might want to tag along and make sure they don’t drool excessively, fall over, or buy something that will harm themselves, but people should just exercise some common sense and I’m sure they’ll be fine 99.999% of the time with any or all of these items used.

  315. I get a little turned off by you rich people that can go out an buy new! I’ll take all the $100 bike helmets you pass up for $5 and all the $100 Nike or NB shoes that are like new for $7. All the Levi 501’s for $3. Oh but you may have all the bug infested bedding and the stained undies too! LOL!

  316. I have never purchased a DVD at a thrift store or at a garage sale that did not work perfectly. If you have old legacy game consoles like the original Nintendo the only place you will find games for it is to buy them at a garage sale or thrift store. New in box legacy games will run hundreds of dollars. This was a terrible article.

  317. BTW reader’s digest, the video game comment is mostly moot. The majority of game developers are selling the codes for 10 dollars on their sites so that they can still reap the benefits of used game sales. depending on what you spend on the game used it’s worth it.

  318. Yet, for #16 they show a console that has nothing to do with todays games, buying older games from a garage sale is perfect!

  319. So…what’s left to buy…really? I mean seriously, ok, disinfectant, soap, water, seam rippers, scrub brushes, sunlight, washing powder, steam-cleaning…you get the idea…

  320. Ok, I wouldn’t say NEVER buy DVDs at a garage sale, I’d just say know what you are getting and don’t be suprised if it’s scratched… Some DVDs aren’t available new anymore. VIdeo games too, well at least until Xbox 720 comes out.

  321. So confused with this list. You listed shoes twice and dvds,cds,vhs, and video games are some of the best things to buy at a garage sale considering some people are practically giving some dvds and such away in the bulk and at any typical store that sells dvds or video games it’s usually $5-$50 maybe more each. Just the newer Wii Just Dance 4 game is $40+ new at the store. At a garage sale it’d be about $5-$10 that’s called a bargain and most do not have scratches people just don’t want them. I don’t understand with the helmets and other things you listed as well. Someone’s not going to buy a helmet without inspecting it, to make sure it’s safe 1st and some people sell them at garage sales new or unused same with shoes. Obviously don’t buy old looking shoes that are tearing up that’s just common sense. I’d say things not to buy at a garage sale would be anything costing over $70 because it’s a garage sale. Unless it’s an antique you know for sure is worth a lot more or something. I do agree with the flat screen tvs and cribs. Great things to buy at garage sales are also instruments of course in good condition.

  322. This is the stupidest list I’ve ever seen. “22 foods you should never eat from the back of an angry, rabid skunk” Will be their next list. Blogorrhea.

  323. So then practically nothing is safe to purchase second-hand. Great. I’ll treat this like I do most other so-called conventional wisdom–put it straight into the metaphorical round file.

  324. According to this article…don’t go to garage sales! That’s basically what is being said. In other words…I’m too good to to touch someones used items. THEN DON’T. Some of us don’t have the luxury of running out to the store and paying full price for everything. Perhaps next time you are throwing out your “valuables”, you could rate them, price them accordingly, and make sure you put them at the end of the driveway…so you won’t have to chance looking us ghetto trash garage salers in the eye. We will drop our money in a can *and use wipes first so we don’t get germs on your money*.

  325. Horrible list.  Obviously you shouldn’t buy swimsuits and mattresses.  But cds/dvd’s because they might be scratched?  If they’re cheap, take a risk+plus scratches to CDs and DVDs are often easily repaired (lookup the toothpaste trick).  Kitchen electronics and appliances…again, take a risk if the price is right.  Video games, because there might be a one time only  code?  That’s an extremely new trend in the video game industry, and chances are a garage sale will be feautring old video games.  Plus, we all have smart phones now, if there’s a concern, just look up the title on your phone to see if it’s a one time use game.   This list basically covers everything at garage sales; and completely lacks common sense.  If you’re not willing to take some risk, you shouldn’t be shopping at garage sales to begin with.

  326. Reader’s Digest Editors got it wrong on almost everything. Talk about clueless.
    How much do they pay you editors?

  327.  Well Honey, forget about the yard sale next Saturday, just throw everything in the trash. People are too scared, lazy, or uninformed to purchase anything that will have been cleaned or they they think will need to be cleaned by them. The media is making folks greedy, stupid, and wasteful.

  328. I agree that personal items like bedding and shoes should be avoided. However, small appliances, some furniture, and electronics can be purchased at ‘bargain basement’ prices and savings of 90% can be achieved. However, be sure to test, before you buy, any electronic device or product, like T.V.’s, and inspect all items VERY CAREFULLY. If the owners will not allow you to plug-in any item, do not purchase the item. Cookware can be inspected for nicks and abrasions and the general finish. Modern electronics will work or they won’t when plugged-in for a short period of time, say 10 minutes. To me the savings are worth the slight risk of product failure. For example, I purchase all my T.V.’s in pawn shops where I can save at least 50%. You can save more than 75% on T.V.’s at garage sales, if you shop carefully and often. That savings can be more than $1000 on some expensive items. But again, I emphasize caution, careful inspection, and astute bargaining of any item purchased. If you do, you will save a lot of money. Good Shopping!

  329. I think most of us are sensible enough to not buy flaking non stick cookware but often the older cookware and kitchen appliances are much better than the new ones. Cast iron can last forever with care and usually a quick look is enough to tell if it has been cared for properly. Meat grinders, knives and other kitchen tools can be found often at prices below buying the poor quality stuff available today and still be first rate equipment.  Depending on the piece of equipment some see little use and can be in like new condition even after years of ownership. Personally I have often bought older kitchen tools and will continue to look for those hard to find, sometimes no longer made, tools and kitchen gagets that I remember from many years back that will outlast and out perform the plastic stuff made in China today. For an example I have several glass, lemon and orange juicers that were made over 60 years ago and they still look brand new.

  330. NSS if you buy a hat or shoes, you need to fog them with some kind of disinfectant. Good hats are freaking expensive, and sometimes a good find .

  331. um.. why not just list everything at a garage sale
    I mean don’t you already take risks when you buy the crap anyway captain obvious ?

  332. Sponsored by Walmart – “Stop buying things you need from garage sales, and come and buy new shiny ones from us!” you tight wads – its no wonder the economies down the crapper :)

  333.  #7 dont buy laptop due to spills and what not…. oh please come on, if you got half common sense of most ppl, you would do something called “TURN IT ON” its honestly not hard to do that and see if its functional or not, just remember to check the CD drive though, in case laser may be damaged

  334. Ridiculous story designed to perpetuate the throwaway culture. Use common sense, not an article in the online Reader’s Digest to determine whether you should buy any used item. I’ve bought many a no-no on this list with no ill effects.  

  335. So there are some obvious ones like , really old baby bottles, helmets, and worn nonstick cookwear, most of them I completly don’t agree with.
    Shoes, really?! Because you’ll be uncomfortable…uh hello, new 2 inch heels at the store are uncomfortable, and I don’t see that stopping many women from wearing them.  And with running shoes its called buy an insole. When you go to the store to buy your new running shoes, they will try to sell insoles to you anyway! People can’t hid how much wear a tire has, all you need to do is a little inspection. Family video will clean your cd’s and dvds for cheap.  Clothes that required tailored fit, lots of people know how to run a sewing machine. If you have a sharpening stone you can sharpen the blender blade yourself.
    This is exactly what is wrong with consumerism. Throwing out whole blenders because the blade isn’t sharp anymore (you can also order replacement parts!) and only ever buying new shoes…it’s rediculious! Also if you are not sure if something works, ask the people if you can plug it in. I feel bad for people who think like that, always wanting something new, and not knowing how to make do with what they have and needing to slave away so they can afford those things. Their life must not be that fullfilling!

  336. ok who buys and/or sells a laptop at a garage sale, and if you do…. youre probably not paying or asking for  much cash…. and if thats the case, why not? 

  337. If you search hard enough, you can find a reason to not buy anything second handed.  Notice how most of the reasons include…  if’s, might’s and maybe’s…

  338. So, basically we should throw out all those potentially-usable used goods rather than re-use them. All because they “might” be not work or “might” not fit or “might” have cooties. I’m not the biggest greenie in the world but even I can tell that’s some really brown advice.

  339. Writer needs to do some research on video games.  There is no “one person only” games out there (PC maybe, console no).  There are online passes, but those are for the multiplayer and most gamers are aware of what games do and do not have them…and even if they do, they can be purchased from the console’s respective marketplace.

  340. Know how to read DOT numbers and INSPECT tires before buying them—i havent bought a new tire in years

  341. It looks like the list might be shorter if you titled it, “Things you can buy at a garage sale”!!

  342. I hate slide shows. Can’t you just give me the damned list? Sheesh! It’ll take forever to scroll through this crap.

  343. Really…. Video Games, laptops, and Blenders???!!!!
    I buy video games all the time  from Garage Sales and Thrift Stores,and I don’t have a problem at all with them. This blog is false..

  344. Items with safety issues (like helmets and car seats) are obvious, and in some states (like Indiana) reselling a mattress is against the law.  But seriously, if you eliminated the other items from garage sales, then all you could sell is glassware and books.  Oh, wait, books sometimes harbor “creepy crawlies”, and you can’t wash them with hot water.  Better just buy new, folks — unless you are worried about items coming from a warehouse where rodents have undoubted crawled around on them.  Sheesh……

  345. then what does that leave to sell in a garage sale? the garage itself? oh wait, steer clear of that too because there could be spider webs and vehicle fluid residue on the floor.   Pfffft…..

  346. I’ve seen people buy used bath towels and thought to myself…eeeww.  If you shouldn’t buy bedding, matresses, or sofas at garge sales, why buy anyone’s clothes since they are in direct body contact? Bed Bugs could be in clothing too. Creepy. Best to stay away from personal items.

  347. Don’t agree with this article….soft furnishings & clothes can be cleaned and disinfected. For $50 I bought a sealy posturepedic full mattress, box spring, frame and headboard. I cleaned, disinfected and allergy bagged the mattress. They are very comfortable and I saved about $350.

  348. Vaccum cleaner & shop vacuum. Such items can be tested on site to determine if they run but such tests are difficult to gauge how effectively they vacuum–which is usually not very well.

  349. I thought recycling and less waste was the “in” thing now?? After reading this I’m not sure what is left to purchase at a yard sale. Seems like pretty much everything you could  find at a sale was listed here. Some of us have to get many of these very items used or we would not be able to have them at all. Way to go making us feel like we’re gross for buying yard sale items!

  350. DVD’s? Really?  It’s obvious which advertisers your catering to.  New DVD’s are a scam…

  351. CD’s and DVD’s really?  It costs about $2 to have them resurfaced at a video rental place if they’re scratched, which is also very visible, so you can avoid it easily.

  352. Good lord, why the hell would anyone buy, ANY,product on that list.?  Cribs, mattresses.?  You have to be pretty desperate to make those purchases.

  353. shoes? that’s silly. most of my shoes are second hand and I’ve never had a problem

  354. No sheets! Give me a break. Bedbugs can not take any heat. They are guaranteed to die if you put them in the washer even with warm water. Even if you put the sheets in the dryer without using the washer they will dry. If you leave the sheets in the car on a summer day they will die. 100 % of bed bugs die if exposed to 115 degree heat for a few seconds. Dryers get to 190 degrees on high or if it is really old and not working well still over 120 degrees. Stop scaring people for no reason. 

  355. I kept expecting that wooden box the girl bought at the yard sale in the movie The Possession to show up on the list.

  356. I’d love to see this list, but can’t handle that each element requires it’s own page. I can handle one slow loading page, not 22.

  357. A mostly useless list.  I’ve violated at least half of it, buying at garage sales and thrift shops, and have rarely encountered problems.  The key is to carefully examine the item before buying.  If it has obvious problems that you can’t fix or live with, don’t buy it.  Even broken computers and plasma TVs can be a good deal for a buyer who has the technical know-how and skills to fix them, because what’s broken on them is often trivial and inexpensive to repair at home, although not so for the original owner facing the prospect of sending them in to a repair facility.

  358. lol…..so i guess dont buy anything from yard sales right……

  359. RD, do you realy think reader are so stupid, you had to tell us what not to buy secondhand?

  360. I think most of these are ridiculous.  It’s almost like the person who did this article wants us to only buy new.  I  agree with a few, but seriously….don’t buy dvds?  Really?  *rolling eyes*

  361. Actually, running sheets through the dryer on high does, in fact, kill bedbugs. That said, I wouldn’t buy second-hand ones anyway…it’s just icky.

  362. This story was sponsored by Walmart and other similar retailers ?????????????????

  363. i made the mistake of  buying a tooth brush and underwaer from a garge sale. the tooth brush had dried food particals that i had to spit out after  using it and the underwear were heavely stained but the sad part about the stains i don’t know how i missed it but my girlfriend didn’t she got mad when i sat on her new sude couch with them on.

  364. I can’t help but think whoever wrote this article has a huge dislike for anything used. Some stuff makes a lot of sense (helmets, carseats, and matresses are good examples), but some of this “advice” on living frugally sounds either lazy or misleading. Don’t buy used kitchen appliances because they may be dull, or don’t buy used DVD’s because they may be scratched? Really? When I buy anything used, I always think about cost of risk. If I buy a used DVD, the slim chance that it’s unwatchable is generally offset by the fact that I can replace it ten or more times at that cost for less than I could buy a single new copy in the store. Pretty low risk in my book. The same goes for most of the rest of the list. Don’t even get me started on the “sanitation” reasons of this article, some of those are just as lame.

  365. Its funny. People don’t mind getting used life partners in this country but they want new TV.

  366. I bought two 27″  Sony TVs about 12 Years ago. For the new one I paid $900 for the used one I paid $100. The used was still working fine and new one died after 8 Years.

  367. Optical media, AKA CDs, DVDs, BluRay etc, can be inspected prior to purchasing. Most scratches can be removed. Number 13 is pretty rediculous.

  368. Nothing wrong with buying electronics, furniture etc from garage sales. A person with common sense can see at a glance if it worth the price or not. Except for the personal items, swimsuits, matteresses, and the child seats and cribs, most garage sale items are safe and make economic sense to buy. Tires involved in a wreck unsafe? Well usually they won’t hold air so you are not going to buy them, otherwise they are generally a good buy.

    As a dealer in used and repurposed items, the writer of this article didn’t do a very good job of research.

  369. This article should be called “21 things that nobody every buys at yardsales…”  seriously?

  370. So basically you can’t buy anything at a garage sale… hmmmmmmm sounds like consumerism hypnosis to me.  :D

  371. I think this article was written by car seat and helmet manufacturers.  Steven Levitt proved that standard seat belts even if they are ill fitting work just as well as most car seats.   

  372. This list is pretty much everything you can buy at yard sales. Common sense goes a long way when buying things at yard sales. Obviously you wouldn’t buy scratched DVD’s but if items come from the right place and you wash it with the exception of furniture you are usually pretty safe.  Whoever wrote this article obviously likes their things to be new but you can score some amazing loot for almost nothing at these sales.

  373. and just how is the average fox viewer going to to furnish or stock the single wide if everything is not good

  374. #16 (Video Games) – this is silly. For most old/retro games, like the NES in the photo… garage sales are actually the best place to find them. Anything on a cartridge should be perfectly fine to buy.

    People don’t know what they’re worth so you get them for really cheap, and many are fairly easy to repair.

  375. This tends to cover most everything sold at yard sales. I agree with some things, but definitely not with DVD and CDs. I’ve bought many that continue to last used, and that’s why you ALWAYS check first for scratches. They’re made to last forever if treated right.

  376. WOW! According to the list, that leaves nothing to buy at a garage sale

  377. Some of these are so common sense it makes the whole thing seems silly, but since RD brought up the subject I will add “One-time use tickets for past events”. One time use tickets means they can only be used once, for a specific date. If hte date is past, then the ticket is worthless. Be careful!

  378. So basically what they are saying is skip the garage sales entirely.

  379. So basically what they are saying is skip the garage sales entirely.

  380. What a fearful, scaredy-cat author. So terrified of germs! I’ve been going to garage sales for over twenty years.  I clothed my family, bought bedding, towels, pillows, shoes, computers, cameras, Christmas presents, school supplies, underwear and makeup from garage sales. Never got bed bugs or any disease. My kids are grown & healthy.  And I never realized I was living recklessly & endangering their lives. 

  381. It would be nice to see what I shouldn’t buy but after the back helmet all I get is a blank page

  382. It would be nice to see what I shouldn’t buy but after the back helmet all I get is a blank page

  383. These post that you have about these common items that should be an obvious not to buy are the most ridiculous items. Common sense should already imply these items not to buy,this “helpful” hints are a joke,if these people know not to buy any of these,then why bother living clean,go be with the homeless!

  384. Some of those make obvious sense.. but for the cookware one.. no one should hesitate to buy cast iron cookware at a garage sale. That stuff lasts forever, and even a completely rusty one can be brought back to usefulness pretty easily. just use some common sense people. and if you not already, cook with cast iron, youll love it.

  385. Don’t pay over $1 for any kitchen counter appliances. If it’s defective, toss it or see if you can wangle a replacement from the manufacturer!!

  386. Most of the stuffed animal toys are sorry Chinese crap that is all the time being recalled for loose buttons, snaps, wires and other defective stuff.

  387. I have had very good results from used tires from tire stores. The ones I get are high-end ones with at least 50% tread depth above the wear bars. The last 50% will last longer than the first because the tread is better supported by the casing. It also holds to the road better as the better supported tread does not “squirm” as much as on a new tire, though hydroplaning resistance is somewhat less.
    Usually the tires I get are from expensive cars whose owners will replace the entire set when one is damaged. My pickup tires are takeoffs from ambulances and emergency vehicles that are replaced in sets when one is damaged.
    Always look at the date of manufacture (DOT code) whether the tire is used or new. Some “new” tires have been sitting in a stockroom for 5 years or more and should not be used. No tire with sidewall cracks should be installed, especially rayon cord (rayon is synthetic cotton and rots just like it).

  388. After debugging the mattress, a waterproof padded mattress cover is a good idea. To properly sanitized a used mattress requires professional treatment and the cost of that is probably better spent toward a new mattress. Only if the mattress is an already clean, unworn and high-end one might it be worthwhile to buy a used one.

  389. When the previous owner’s child porn that is loaded on the laptop, that is hidden from you but not from the FBI, is traced to you the legal expenses will make a brandnew laptop seem really cheap. Never use a second hand hard drive. Always install a new one even if you do buy a used computer. Crush the previous one with a sledgehammer and then burn it in a furnace. Then wrap the cinder blob in a cereal box and toss it in a public trash can.

  390. Bed bugs can’t stand bleach and hot water, then the dryer on ‘high’.

  391. Used uncoated stainless steel, glass (Pyrex) and cast iron cookware is just fine. Coated is unsafe even when bought new. Do a little research on that.
    Cast iron may need reseasoning.

    Cribs should not have corner posts or finials. Many children have hanged themselves on them by getting clothing caught. Others have been injured on finials. Cheap cribs are typically made from weak kinds or grades of wood that are prone to breaking. Wood grain that runs diagonally will, when broken, result in “spears” that can skewer a child or an adult who falls through the slats. Cribs should be made of oak or other strong wood. Or metal if sturdy enough to not bend and allow a child’s head to go between the side slats.

    Older cribs and playyards, even those that are made of oak or other strong springy wood, typically have slats spaced too far apart, allowing a baby’s small head to jam between them. At the least this is terrifying and if not caught quickly can cause the child’s neck to be wrenched or even to strangle the child. Same goes for stair and balcony railing balusters (spindles). Most older houses have them spaced too far apart.

    Crib mattresses should fit closely so that the baby’s head cannot be forced between the edge of the mattress and the sides of the crib. This goes for child beds too. Our youngest was on our bed, which was against the wall. He fell over, jamming his head down between the mattress and the wall. Now the mattress is slid over tightly against the wall to close that gap. Mama was right there, so he wasn’t hurt (suffocated or his neck wrenched).

    While we’re at it, make sure your kitchen range and dryer are fastened to the floor or wall baseboard so a child that climbs onto the open door cannot tip the appliance over. A number have been killed and others injured. Modern appliances are so lightweight that they are not heavy enough to prevent tipping. Our youngest tipped our range over on himself. Blessedly the racks were far apart enough to allow him to go between them, and he was not caught by the door as it closed. Poor Mama was horribly scared, more than the child. If the oven had been hot it still could have been fatal or he would have been seriously injured. Our range is now fastened to the floor with screws! New ranges come with safety brackets that fasten to the floor and baseboard/wall. One of the rear feet of the range slides under and into the bracket, preventing tipping while still allowing the range to be slid out from the wall for cleaning under it.

    Try to choose dryers that have side swinging doors rather than oven-type doors. Still better to fasten the back of the cabinet down in the same manner as the range.

    The abovementioned boy is our EIGHTH and is the first to have suffered anything like the mentioned incidents! We are still learning after 20 years of parenting and have not learned the “hard way” yet…prayers.

  392. these people are so full of nonsense! I have bought many many of the things they say not to and they were just fine. can we guess who put this article out? haha 

  393. I get the sense that the person who wrote this article is in marketing. He/she is trying to make you buy new. I mean, seriously, don’t buy used sheets because they might have bugs? Washing them will get rid of bugs, eggs, cooties, etc. Mattresses and sofas, yeah, they’re tough to bag up and suffocate critters, but stuffed animals just get put in a bag for at least 2 weeks, then run through the dryer, like you would if your kid brought home lice. Helmets and car seats – not from strangers, but from reliable sources. Most other things on the list, well, if you expected it to be new, you’d buy it new.

  394. Gee, about the only thing you guys left off the “do not buy from a garage sale” was the super agent decoder ring.  Better not buy that either.  It might have unused messages that aren’t decoded yet and it will call Homeland Security on you.  

  395. I think you guys seriously listed EVERY item I find at an average yard/garage sale. Seriously? Video game consoles? one-time use codes? It’s called a user profile and don’t give me that crap and show an NES. Get real.  and DVDs/CDs/VHS – if you can’t check the look of the disc, don’t buy.  But you know what? my VHS have WAY outlived my childhood and are still good for one more run.  besides, buying an old VHS for $1-2 and then transferring it to DVD at home saves money.  Just because something’s old and loved doesn’t make it worthless.

  396. Given everything you listed, there isn’t anything left.  Maybe we could sell illegal aliens or grass clippings or used broomsticks or wine dregs?

  397. Some of these are ridiculous. Everybody going to a yard sale knows that a DVD they buy there might be scratched… and there are scratch removers. Sheets and towels are absolutely able to be sanitized with a little bleach and the hot cycle. And so what if your new-to-you laptop, TV, or food processor ends up being broken? Often people sell things that are broken in ways that are easy to fix. And at any rate, you spent so little on it that you’re likely to save in the long run even if you lose in some cases. 

  398. Totally disagree with 13.  I have a huge DVD collection, but like many people, I am slowly moving them all to the hard drive so that I don’t need to keel the solid media anymore.  Sure, I’ll keep a few solid DVDs of my favorite movies, but I’m getting rid of the rest – they just take up way too much space, and so many of them I don’t really watch anymore.  I don’t mind giving up 1 gigabyte on a 1000 gigabyte hard drive to hang onto the content, but I really don’t need the plastic box with the disk in it. In my case, I’m not interested in the hassle of selling them, but am just slowly just giving them away to friends, or the Salvation Army, as they get converted to data. So yes, I’m turning over my whole library, and getting rid of a couple hundred flawless DVDs. And I am not the only affluent techy guy doing this; you’re going to see alot more of it in the future as more and more people shed their media for all-digital, all-streaming options.  Now, if you have a guy who every time he finds a bad disk in his library, he tries to sell it at the next garage sale, then you have a problem.  But if you have a guy who’s just trying to liquidate his library, then you’d be a fool not to snatch them up, cause most of them are probably in great condition. For god sakes, all you have to do is look carefully at the surface of the disk to see if it’s scuffed, scratched or cracked to know not to buy it.  It’s not rocket science.  The advice in this article about avoiding them across the board is terrible.

  399. Don’t buy used shoes, check.  Oh wait!  Don’t buy used running shoes either… 

  400. I buy used DVDs and CDs all the time – all you have to do is check the surface before you lay down your money. 

  401. Yeah, because you can’t look at a DVD and see if it has scratches or not.

  402. I people cant use common sense to figure out what to buy or not to buy then they probably dont read much either – duh!! Should we not buy used underwear tell me what to do I cant figure it out for myself – dumb article.

  403. Agree with most, but on number12, the old cookware, there is nothing wrong with old cast iron skillets, and dutch ovens.  many even if rusty can be brought back to new in a couple hours.

  404. that article has a lot of good thoughts about potential downsides to many commonj 2nd hand items but to blindly follow as an absolute guideline ,which seems to be the articles drive is ridiculous.A strict adherence to these stay away from used leaves very little in the way of offerings at sales at all.whats next ,avoid tools as they may not come with all safety features or a lawnmower as it may not be smog-less compared to new i could go on  and with better examples so what purpose does this article do for the environment,lower income,unemployed,or just poor folks in general?No help says me,test the stuff, spend less ,be aware of potential drawbacks to owning used stuff and have some faith in how the world treats you,I get most of the things i use and sell right from the garbage so all the above advice is a joke cept about the safety items and  i dunno are bugs that hard to find in sheets .I didnt like or appreciate this article,its the wrong angle,how bout 21 things to know about garage sale items and how a little info can help anyone who cares about quality of life enhance their life qualities ,environment,resource conservation,appreciating the labor required to produce new  products and the unlocking your personal trustee ship and setting sail or similar whatever your article sucks in the minds of those who resist the endless production for mass consumption having no other end than the end where it ends.how bout givin a s**t  

  405. Is there anything not here that at garage sales that you can buy?!?!!? It feels almost as if someone went and made of list of everything you see at a normal garage sale!!!

  406. I am dumber for having gone through the first 8 or so items before catching myself.  I have, like, a billion more important things to do, yet I get pulled into this. I sometimes feel sorry for the writer who is just doing their job, and knows what crap it is.

  407. so basically you cant buy anything at a garage sale! this list names just about everything you would find at one

  408. What a bunch of elitist shinola, particularly on the cookware and CD front…

    I’ve got a kitchen furnished with old cast iron; about half of it came from thrift stores (easily equivalent to a garage sale). A little steel wool and some seasoning with vegetable oil has given me no-stick stuff that’ll put the new–and expensive–offerings to shame. Same with my wok that can do double duty as a deep fryer or steamer.

  409. I don’t care what they say I will buy sheets and pillow cases/.Soap and hot water will kill grems.I buy them because there all readly been used and older ones don’t get thoses little fuzzy lint things on them. A person has to be carefull when buying used. And not every has bed bugs .

  410. The nicest hotels can have and do have bedbugs.  There is no “picking carefully” these days. My husband stays at only nice hotels and we are very careful with his bags when he gets home.  Everything gets washed before it goes into the drawers.  He launders everything the moment he gets home because we have read in the paper that hotels where he has stayed have gotten infestations.  

  411. I agree with you Guest.  I am rich by Obama’s definition (middle class really) and I am not too good to buy used clothing.  I went to Ireland and went shopping for a shearling coat.  None of them were exactly what I wanted so I went home without one.  Less than a week later, I wandered in a furniture consignment store and there was a beautiful English shearling jacket for 40 bucks with my name on it.   I get compliments every time I wear it.  I buy used upholstered furniture all the time too.   The way my husband travels for a living if we are going to get bedbugs it will be from him not my furniture shopping.   I agree too, that his mother had all the wrong priorities.   My children grew up wearing beautiful clothes but often we bought garage sale clothes and friend’s hand me downs.  

  412. Going by all the warnings intended to keep us “safe” these days makes me wonder how the human race has survived to this point. Do you realize it wasn’t that long ago that kids played in the streets of our neighborhood, dug holes in the dirt, rode bikes and didn’t wear helmuts. We wear latchkey kids, we watched The Three Stooges on TV, not to mention The Little Rascals, all while our parents shopped garage sales looking to buy good clothes cheap. How are we still alive?

  413. So, what is left to buy? Nothing! Everything seems to be a problem… There goes the garage sale shopping fun too!

  414. So basically this article is saying dont buy anything at garage sales.

  415. Rusty used cast iron is the best bargain cookware to be had anywhere.   A little elbow grease and a couple trips through the oven with some real grease and it’s way better than new.  Most “non-stick” stuff for sale brand new these days isn’t worth the metal it’s made from, cast iron is timeless.

    Every pre-owned car I’ve ever bought, in fact every car I’ve ever owned, had used tires on it.  They’re only new tires until they get put on a car.  Every car you share the road with has “used” tires on it.  Some in worse shape than others.

    Shoes and hats?  Plenty never saw the light of day more than once (sometimes ever) and find their way to a garage sale or thrift store.  “New” ones have been on other people’s feet too, they get handled in the store by who-knows-who.  It’s a good idea to clean them well either way.

    Clothes that require a tailor will require one whether new or pre-worn.  The pre-worn will just cost considerably less is all.  Some designers and vintage styles are only available pre-worn, many saw one evening’s wear before being parted with.  Some looked good in the store and never made it out on the town.  See shoes above.

    Appliances that run can have blades and such replaced for MUCH less than replacing the whole appliance.  Many are a great bargain even if you have to buy a part.  Some aren’t.

    In an incredibly wasteful culture it’s ok to toss out perfectly functional or repairable goods and just buy a new one.  What a terrible waste of money and resources. 

  416. Now that you made it clear nothing used is safe or clean so lets shut down all the Goodwill stores the Salvation Army and ever other second hand store in the country. You idiots with all the answers never have to provide for a family on minimum wage or less. There isn’t a thing wrong with buying a used TV or used tires or blenders not to mention countless other items and toys. For some a thrift store is a blessing and it’s like Walmart they can afford.

  417. I frequently get DVDs at yards sales.  I just check them for scratches before I buy.   If a seller wouldn’t let me check them, I wouldn’t buy them. That’s never happened to me.

  418. This is the dumbest list I’ve ever read. Pure desperation for a story.

  419. kids grow up and car seats are no longer needed by theyre parents ! not everyone can afford to buy a new kid car seat for $50 !!

  420. Reader’s Digest. here is a thought. in social media world, the goal is to have content shared and re-posted.  When you have long ads pop-up when you click the article, it prevents re-posting and your missing out on having content shared.  Reconsider this.  The static model is passe

  421. Well, based on this list we should just avoid garage sales,period!

  422. Whoever wrote this article obviously knows very little about used items. The only used items that I would never buy are underwear (just a personal thing) and makeup (though I am allergic to all makeup so that’s a given) As long as you get the history behind an item and do your due diligence by asking the appropriate questions and doing a bit of research on the items you need before you shop any of these items are fine!

  423. I disagree with most of this as many people garage sale (aka Salvation Army and Goodwill; Craigslist, Freecycle) and do just fine with their goods.  Use your best judgment.  

  424. I totally and completely disagree with the comment about video games.  If you buy an XBOX or PS game, it will work for anyone as long as the disk is not damaged.  I can only think of one game out of all of them I have ever played that would not be playable.  In general, there should be no problem.  If someone else has claimed the free virtual goodies, then you can usually purchase them at a reasonable price.

    I use to work in that business (as of a few months ago).  There have been rumors flying around about the manufacturers making games only work for one console.  That has not happened yet, and I very much doubt it ever will.  It’s anecdotal, but everyone I have spoken with would not buy a console from a manufacturer that did that.

    Please be factual if you are going to make such statements.

  425. So Reader’s Digest thinks we’re too stupid to check for scratches on DVDs and Blu-ray discs?  You’d have to be as dumb as a democRat to not check for them.

  426. According to this post… garage sales should almost not exist… 

  427. What a dumb list this is, I’ve bought most of these things used. I love my Stearns and Foster ‘top of the line’ mattress that I got for a tenth of the original purchase price. No sleep impressions, had been in a guest room. I’ve bought shoes that still had the tags on them, never worn. All my cookware is vintage cast iron from yard sales. Certainly a lot safer than that mystery coated pan set from China where the teflon is flaking into your food the third time you use it. Who made this list? 

  428. That about covers it then?…..So basically your saying buy NOTHING at garage sales…. So who what genius over at the Department of Consumer Services developed this economy boosting list? A few are reasonable but seriously…. I’d like to see a list of things TO BUY at garage sales…. Bet the author would have trouble coming up with three…

  429. Rust on iron cookware is a safety problem? Note: you can eat rust.

  430. Grandmas rule also applies here   “2 things you never buy at the Dollar Store,  Condoms and Pregnacy Tests”

  431. Horse Manure. This is not what I call a credible source of information. Its a sales gimmick. Come on people, think for yourself for once.

  432. Some of these really do make me wonder WHO is behind this article.  So many of my son’s and son-in-law’s games are used because the cost of new games is often prohibitive.   

    Common sense should guide us all.  

  433. Not much left, I suppose you are left with stainless steel trinkets and golf clubs since everything you plan to purchase needs to be completely sterilized before you bring it home…

  434. I think this note is stupid…I love garage sales,the only thing that apply for me, is make up or beuty products becouse you dont really  know how old they are…

  435. I love America if you print it it has to be fact, so fact this if these things are to be avoided
    So to should be used bikes, motorcycles ,cars he’ll only thing safe are books, well some books.

  436. Crib recalls are a joke. Pretty soon the politically-driven American Academy of Pediatrics will be recommending your kids be put to sleep in suspended animation chambers, for their safety of course. Does anyone else ever read the insane recommendations they make today, and think, “How did we even survive to adulthood?”

  437. Our family goes garage sailing every weekend…
    Man, this list is set up by those product manufacturers to try and scare mom’s and dad’s from trying to save some money. I have bought all of those things with no problems and saved thousands of dollas.

    Let me provide a better list:
    1. Do not buy the LEMONADE from the kids.
    2. Do not buy China and Decorative Plates (nobody really wants them)
    3. Do not buy the Walmart and Target brand clothes, go for better (same price too)
    4. Do not buy Harry Potter books for reselling on Amazon (everyone is junking them)
    5. Do not buy cheap furniture
    6. Do not buy anything from Eagle Scout sales (the prices are always way jacked)
    7. Do not buy DVD’s (they are ancient). 
    8. Do not buy collections of anything (stamps, coins, dolls) – high chances are you are getting taken
    9 Do not buy the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (that book is in every GS and has NO value).
    10. Do not buy  Sewing Machines (they won’t work, and service is probably discontinued)

    That’s a better list.

    1. Sewing machines?!!! Don’t buy any made in the last 30-40 years, but if it’s an old one in a cabinet, it almost always works. We’ve bought 4, each for under $40 and all of which worked (got rid of all but one due to moves). Additionally, they are very simple mechanically, and if it is a Singer, parts are easy to find. Still have the first one we bought…a 1950s work horse. Wife used it yesterday.

      In regards to their list….the washing machine might not kill everything, but the dryer on high heat sure as heck will. In regards to shoes, nobody is buying old worn out shoes at garage sales, and I think the benefit of having shoes that have been broken in a bit far outweigh any deformation from someone else having worn them. More foot damage is probably done by cheap shoes or shoes without any padding.

  438. Tryed to see Boeing Aircraft , told me that it was not abav. on this site/////////

  439. Used helmets can be used during severe weather storms when adults and children have to seek shelter

  440. Laptops are ok to buy if you are allowed to go through it and do a complete checkout of it.

  441. Laptops are ok to buy if you are allowed to go through it and do a complete checkout of it.

  442. A very sophmoric list.  Most of it is common sense and not the greatest advice anyway.
    A plasma tv?  Who is going to spend thousands repairing one?  Just pay $100 to $200 if they can show you it works.

  443. Used luggage is also risky. Picture this. You get a great buy on a perfect sized, great condition Samsonite (or whatever). You pack your stuff and head for the airport. As you sit wait for your flight, the drug sniffing dogs come by and are attracted to your new carry-on. Seems the previous owner used it to transport some contraband. They take you into the little room and now you got some spanin to do. 

  444. Kent you are funny. I only went once at my neighbors and they had wonderful almost brand new stuff.

  445. Condoms are my pick to be on the list, I made that mistake years ago, but I love all 6 of my kids.

  446. Not sure who wrote this article,  but they sure do seem to be paranoid about the world around them.    And they must have never been on a budget.  People on a budget accept the minute risk mention in points number   1,2,3,4,9, and 10. 

  447. The one about laptops is just retarded, and has nothing to do with the fact that it came from a garage sale.

  448. Wrong on every count except maybe, the mattress.  Foolish warnings about peoples germs etc. – germs are everywhere from your money to door handles to toilet seats…no more or less exposure if you bought one of those products or not.  Safety recalls?  What garbage, you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t figure out how to use a crib, car seat or helmet.  “if it was in an accident”.  Yea, right, high percentage I’m sure…why not add, “if hit by lightening?” or “what if in a fire?”  Typical media silliness.  You should buy every one of these products at a garage sale – because of fear monger mentality like this article, they can’t be sold for value on a private listing.  You get the product for penny’s on the dollar at a garage sale.  Every one of them is a great bargain.  

  449. i’m with u nemo,,, how about,, 10 things u should never take when dumpster diving,,,,, the shoes i have on right now, for instance,, coffee cups, a bird feeder, christmas ornaments and a lamp.  amazing what a little duct tape will fix up.

  450. I have bought 9 of these 10 items at garage sales and have no regrets. However I have learned the hard way on other items.

  451. after 18 years in the biz used electronics especially computers are a great buy when large company’s items go off lease. Especially desktops. Everything depends on price vs performance.

  452. So do helmets come with instructions saying “Discard after accident”? What’s with this load the next webpage crap anyway? Why can’t you just put all 10 on 1 page and spare us the load time, duh.

  453.  I don’t think this is a list of things to NEVER buy, it’s just a list of things to know before you buy. Check it over, sanitize it, don’t be paranoid.

    1. In some states it’s mandatory that children wear a helmet, you are subject to a substantial fine if they don’t. Also if you participate in any kind of organized bike rides they require you wear a helmet. Otherwise I agree w/ you. But much like braces and glasses (an anathema when I was a kid), it’s become a bit of a fashion statement.

  454. I don’t get it.  People spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on their yards.  Then, on weekends, they trash up the place and the neighborhood by hauling all their uselss junk out in front of their houses.  On average they make $1.27 an hour – not counting what gets stolen (for absolutely no apparent reason).

  455. well I disagree on the carseat issue….if it was made within 5 years, you ascertain it was not in a car accident(most are not), and it is say for grandparent car that is used only sporatically, then realy why do you need to buy a new one and fill up the land fills more. Buy your kids some books with the savings!

  456. Why do they show a picture of a swim suit while talking about wet suits?  Don’t they know the difference?

  457. This “list” articles must be written by those who make their livings writing.   They are not valid consumers.  Their lists are generally simplistic and rather stupid.  Reminds me of the time the FDA wrote published a safety list for farmers and told them to be careful not to slip in wet cow piles.

  458. This is a poorly written and researched article in my opinion. For example, it would have to be a terrible accident to damage a child seat, not to mention the child strapped in it. How would a seat “risk a childs life”? The objections it gives for personal items such as hats, bathing suits, and mattresses are all addressed by a thorough cleaning. If anything this article should mention that ALL personal items and clothes NEED to be cleaned after purchase regardless of how they appear.  The main point is that purchasing any used item should be done with research and care, and not just because some baseball cap selling for a quarter hasn’t been washed yet.

  459. My first child was born a few years before all the crib recalls. We went crib shopping and I flat refused to buy any of the drop-side cribs they were selling. I took one look at the plastic guides and had serious doubts about the safety. Shortly after my second was born (and still before the recalls) a friend offered use of an *old* crib she had: one with metal guides (it was a design from 20+ years ago). I took her up on it and have been pleased with its quality.

  460. That’s not a real list…. here is a real list:



    Left Overs From Fridge

    Expired Prescription Medication




    Foreign Exchange Students

    Kidneys (Or any organ)


  461. The bicycle helmet isn’t always safe to buy brad new in a regular store either.  They aren’t always packaged appropriately and could have been damaged long before they even hit the stores.  I have seen them on display with nothing but a loop to hang them on the shelves.

  462. Tires? You’re kidding of course. This would also apply to buying any used vehicle. And what about potholes encountered with your existing tires? Sorry, but if there’s a problem with a tire due to an accident, it tends to become apparent visually or while giving your used tire it’s first road-test.

  463. My mother wanted to donate my deceased father’s used underwear to the Goodwill store.  Yuck!!!  I made a comment about it not being a good idea.  She tried to argue with me about it.  When we went to the Goodwill store to make purchases I saw some underwear being sold, and I pointed to them to show my mother.  I told her the store is selling underwear for purchasing.  They were not in packages.  She didn’t say anything.  She got really quiet for the rest of the day.  I think I made my point.  lol

  464. What the hell? Did you write this on your coffee break? Beside the overstatement of the obvious you provided little rationale for your picks; most of them are common sense. Exactly what was the point of this scratch?

  465. You know what? Back in the old days we had lots of hand-me-downs, including cribs that have been in the family for generations. They may not be deemed safe by today’s standards but with some common sense you can make even those old heirlooms safe. For my first baby I was given a crib that was originally used for my husband and two of his siblings (all of whom survived just fine being in that crib) when they were babies, it was from the 1950s. The slats were too far apart to be considered safe nowadays, but we used fabric and weaved it through the slats and also used crib bumper pads. Not everyone can afford to buy stuff brand new, especially young parents who are just starting out and are on a limited budget. Just because someone out there had something bad happen while using a certain product, doesn’t mean it will happen to everyone. As long as you are aware of the potential for some kind of hazard, you can take precautions to prevent a similiar incident. The only thing I would agree with is that you need to be careful with helmets and car seats because they do lose their protective qualities once they have been in an accident. If they come from a trusted source like a friend or relative and you know they are fine, then yes, but don’t buy such used things online, at yard sales or thrift stores. And used undies are a definite nono, just the thought of it is disgusting. I’ve purchased a mattress set for cheap when a motel was doing remodelling. It was in very good condition but as a precaution we had it professionally steam cleaned. Some thrift stores such as Goodwill take donated old mattresses and box springs and have them either cleaned and sterilized or refurbished with new padding and covers. They can be purchased for alot less than what they would cost in a mattress outlet or furniture store. As long as you use common sense most used items should be fine.  

  466. My neighbor that has Hepatitus C sold a bunch of partially used makeup and cosmetics at her garage sale.  Now there is something you definitely don’t want to buy at a garage sale!

  467. Plasma TVs cost thousands to fix? Only if they cost tens of thousands to buy in the first place!

    This, and the comment about laptops, suggests that most of the advice here can safely be ignored.

  468. Plasma TVs cost thousands to fix? Only if they cost tens of thousands to buy in the first place!

    This, and the comment about laptops, suggests that most of the advice here can safely be ignored.

  469. Tires can be a bargain, just check the manufacture date on the inside of the tire. If they are ancient dont buy. If they have good tread and under 10 years BUY. I have with no problems. Same with car seats, if they are newer they are ok. Quit scaring people. Matress sets are another ok, if you inspect them first. Vermin infestations can be clearly seen. When you have limited income ya make due within your budget. If ya want people to only buy new stuff insted of the used that nyou say not to buy, then pay for it.

  470. Things you should not buy from flea markets or garage sales.
    #1. Vibrators. Especially one’s branded “The manhandler”.
    #2. Used ladies or men’s panties or boxers.
    #3. The 9 knots of love.
    #4. Enema syringes.
    #5. Bamboo ear canal cleaners.
    I am sure that there’s more to add to this list…

  471.     Baloney, whoever wrote this little article needs their head examined, I doubt seriously if the author is any kind of expert on any item they have “blackballed”!  Another example of someone , some entity constantly wanting to make your everyday decisions for you! Mind your business and let people run their own lives, I for one believe there are good bargains on very little used articles of all kinds and most of the “boomers” were raised on “hand me downs” and it did not lower our status at all!

  472. Wetsuits?? Come on… the conditions of wetsuits are quite easy to judge and they go for a tiny fraction of the original prices. They are also easily repairable. Often times people get into scuba diving, buy all sorts of equipment only to never use it. There are bargains to be had. Realize however, that a lot of people pee in their wetsuits while few admit it!

    1. Remember, however, that, unless the owner had a raging urinary infection, pee is pretty much a sterile liquid. So much so that it’s been used as an eye was for literally thousands of years.

  473. I have bought all of the above used. It is nice when U can afford to do otherwise and only buy new but everyone cannot. Bathing suits go in the washing machine for 2 cycles in bleach and detergent.  Cribs now cannot be sold used because a federal law was passed to make sure the industry could get more money, I guess, because 9 babies dies over a long period of time. No cars have been recalled for the same reason but now U cannot get a crib with a drop side. Buy used. Clean it. BE overcautious, especially with mattresses and person wear items. Move on.

    1. Remember that many of these items used to be proudly “passed down,” from generation to generation. What’s changed? Mass marketing and a lot of scary propaganda.

  474. used tv,s, shorts, socks, cribs, lemonade/ food, illegal software,music,videos, pit bulls, illegal weapons.

  475. you didn’t mention Bongs.
    Never buy a used bong
    At least that’s the way I see it!

    1. Awwww…A little water, pop in a couple of Efferdent or other denture cleaner, let it sit, rinse it out, and you’re good to go.

  476. There is no reason not to buy used tires. With a set of tires, it’s unlightly all four have a problem. In an accident, most of the time, the tires are along for the ride and not invalved in the hit. Plus, it’s a yard sale. Ask the seller if they don’t work out, can you bring them back. As for TV’s and computers, I insist on trying them out before I’d buy them. Like tires, see if you can bring them back if they stop working.

  477. clearly the editors of this list are speaking from a place of privilege…  middle to upper class people that can afford to buy everything new and clearly are not advocating on behalf of reduce reuse recycle mentality.  most of this stuff is just fine to get second hand.  in fact, unless it happened when i was a small child and i dont know about it, i have never owned a bed (mattress) that was not owned by someone else previously.  i have never had bed bugs.

  478. That’s why you try the shoes on first.
    For the most part I beleive that this whole page is a waste of time. Using a tad bit of common sense is the key. I do hope you’re not the only editor………………… 

  479. How about false teeth, eyeglasses, diaphrams, prescription medicine, hypodermic needles, wigs, used diapers, partial rolls of toilet paper, etc. 

  480. Another useless list made by someone lacking enough knowledge to examine an item and deal with potential issues if/when necessary.  In other words someone who knows less about the topic than the general public made a list just to keep up some sort of quota. 

    HELLO EDITORS!  Please tell writers when they produce rubbish.  Thank you.

  481. What makes this article even more worthless than it already is? The fact that any critical (yet still G rated), comments are removed. I guess no one RD cares what their readers think unless they agree with them.

  482. So, your crack staff researched and composed a list of common sense items; why not include toothbrushes, electric razors, eyeglasses, socks, loofahI, dentures and wigs…come on folks. Additionally, please know how so many of us always appreciate going through 10-clicks to read an entire useless article when one click would suffice.  

  483. People buy things they can’t afford, then don’t pay their credit card, mortgage etc. and expect the market to absorb their foolishness.

    Everyone in this country is in debt up to their eyeballs and meanwhile, they keep on buying everything new just to satisfy their worry, finickiness and insatiable desire for a rock star life style that they didn’t do anything to earn.

    Maybe we should spend more time worrying about how we will pay our obligations which WE PROMISED TO PAY when we signed the credit card contract instead of worrying whether we can afford new shoes. God forbid we have to get something used because we have no other choice, meanwhile in another country some kid is pulling 10 year old shoes off a dead guy and thanking God for them.

  484. It is illegal in most (if not all) states to sell a used mattress. It is also illegal in some states to sell a used car seat. When in doubt, DONT!!!

  485. It is actually illegal in some states tp sell a used car seat. It is the simple fact that you CANT tell if it’s been involved in a wreck.

  486. I had a guy come up to our garage sale one time to ask if we FN had any half-used rolls of dental floss…He simply stated he didnt like paying full price for anything.  FN Yuk!

  487. While I agree with not buying used Mattresses, hats or shoes I’d buy a used laptop after carefully checking it out, Used Laptops are sold every day and if you know anything about them you can
    find some pretty decent bargains that still have plenty of life in them or their parts that are sometimes worth more than the machine itself.

  488. I have heard the shoe truism before, and it makes no sense to me. New shoes aren’t molded to my feet, and neither are used ones. If they fit and are comfortable, it doesn’t make sense to me that the presence of other feet in the shoes will magically make them not fit, nor does it make sense that some cheap last used in Brazil is any more certain to fit my feet. Try shoes on.

  489. You never know a person unless you live with them,,,  You don’t know what they do behind closed doors.  reliable people can be sick and I sure no one tells you about their sex habbits.   Cribbs are only safe as long as the child can’t not get up on their own, but people like to use them for a cage to keep a child in place.  Some poeple just don’t put them together properly.  Considering how many babies we have in the world there are few accidents. 

  490.  why not throw some even more obvious things on this list…used qtips, underwear and discarded coffee grounds….really?  what a complete waste of space on the net…

  491.  why not throw some even more obvious things on this list…used qtips, underwear and discarded coffee grounds….really?  what a complete waste of space on the net…

  492. Shoes Should Not Be Bought!! Get New Ones It’s Better. Better Safe Than Sorry :D

  493. Clocks!  I have never bought a good, working clock at a yard sale or thrift store!

  494. Clocks!  I have never bought a good, working clock at a yard sale or thrift store!

  495. Unless of course you’re smart enough to do the appropriate research on cribs and child car seats before you buy. And if you know how to inspect child car seats, helmets, laptops and tires. DUH.

  496. Unless of course you’re smart enough to do the appropriate research on cribs and child car seats before you buy. And if you know how to inspect child car seats, helmets, laptops and tires. DUH.

  497.  Have a look and see the prices vintage swimsuits are fetching on eBay and various online vintage shops. One can easily clean and disinfect such garments.

  498. Truth is, if any of you buy anything more complex than a couple of old books at a garage sale, then you’re just not too bright.

  499. I love the dated bonehead info in this. Example:  “If your plasma screen dies, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix or replace”.  HAHHAHAHHA   Or, you could just go to Amazon and buy a new 50″ one for $600.00   Today. Go out and see. Ha Ha.

  500. All good stuff, but NEVER buy leftover food, open food packages, half eaten plates of food at a garage sale.

    Even if it smells okay – it could be less than completely fresh.

  501. never buy partially used make-up!  or mattressess unless you want to take a chance on bed bugs! a ming vase for 20.00…seriously!

  502. After my friend’s house was infested with bedbugs from a sofa she bought at a yard sale, I refuse to buy anything used. She ended up having to move!

  503. After my friend’s house was infested with bedbugs from a sofa she bought at a yard sale, I refuse to buy anything used. She ended up having to move!

  504. Tires are FINE to buy new or used… if you have eyes…LOOK!   nothing wrng with tread… NOTHING WRONG WITH TIRES …. they are rubber  they don’t dents or get HIDDEN dammage!!  save some money and buy new when you can!      THIS IS REDICULOUS!!

  505. Another ridiculous prohibition — many hats are easy to wash.  Remnants of hair products?  Gasp!

  506. You can often get brand new or nearly new shoes that someone is selling because they don’t fit right or they don’t like the style.  It is absurd to proclaim blanket rules about what to buy or not to buy; instead, use your judgment and ask questions.

  507. Swim suits?  What, you never heard of a washing machine, hot water, and detergent or soap?

  508. I disagree with you on laptops, tires and car seats.  Most laptops get resold (via Craigslist or other resale site) because of being outdated, not damage.  I have bought DOZENS or them, refurb’d them, and sold them. Basic rule…have the owner turn them on and let you use them for 3-minutes…if they work, then they will work.

    Tires – most ‘like new’ tires are the case of the owner wanting a different set of wheels…since a 17″ tire won’t fit on a 20″ wheel, then it is obvious. If the tires look new, ask him ‘why’ he’s selling them…if it is a case of ‘well…I got a new set of spiffy rims, and they won’t fit the new ones…’…chances are almost 100% they are just as ‘new’ as they appear.  Most ‘wreck’ tires are obviously damaged…and heads-up, when you total your car, the insurance company sells it to the junkyard…who strips it. Guess what that junkyard does with those wheels and tires if not damaged?  Simple rule…take them to a tire shop for balancing before you put them on…if they balance, chances are 99.99999% they are fine…ask them to ‘eyeball’ them beforehand, just in case.

    Car seats – hey, how many children do you have? I had three boys and four seats worth a total of almost $500.  Once they outgrew them, I wanted to recapture my costs…and sold them via yardsale.  ASK QUESTIONS. Have the owner show you how they install. Does it look right? Don’t buy damaged, defective or not working properly seats…but if it looks like new, then chances are, the kids are grown out of a perfectly-good seat.  Just because you wreck your car does NOT make the car seat that you sit in bad…and it doesn’t make the child seat bad, either.  The number 1 reason for child injuries in wrecks is that the adult does NOT put the seat in properly before driving.

  509. Try telling that little Geico frog that you want all new tires (#3) on your car if it’s been in an accident. He’ll just make one of his smart remarks and deny your request.

  510. Try telling that little Geico frog that you want all new tires (#3) on your car if it’s been in an accident. He’ll just make one of his smart remarks and deny your request.