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september 2015 13 things handyman

Home Improvement

13 Things a Handyman Won’t Tell You (But Every Homeowner Should Know)

How to find the most trustworthy handyman for the job, the household things you can fix yourself… >>

Air purifying plants, from left to right: Jewel of India, Janet Craig, ZZ Plant, Golden Pothos


12 Healthy Houseplant Hacks For Those Who Lack a Green Thumb

Did you know mayonnaise and tea can make your plants healthier? Check out these unexpected tips to… >>


Cleaning & Organizing

8 Smart Uses for Your Kitchen Sponge You Haven’t Tried

The lowly kitchen sponge can play several important roles around the house. Here's how to use a… >>

scratches disappear crayon set

Home Improvement

8 Tricks You Can Try to Remove Scratches From Furniture

A gouge or scratch will spoil the look of a tabletop. Dust the affected area and clean it with a… >>

mason jar crafts vacation


10 Brilliantly Creative Mason Jar Gifts For Every Occasion

These inexpensive gift ideas presented in mason jars are genius solutions for birthday parties… >>

Basil and Tomato


Companion Planting: 7 Herbs That Can Make Other Plants Grow Better

When to plant dill, basil, thyme, and other herbs to enhance the growth of other veggies and… >>

stained carpet

Cleaning & Organizing

7 Proven Ways to Save a Stained Carpet

When something spills on your carpet, don't freak out! One of these methods can likely remove your… >>

keep moths at bay opener

Cleaning & Organizing

7 Surefire Ways to Keep Moths Out of Your Closet

Is there anything worse than noticing a moth-made hole in a favorite shirt? Prevent moths from… >>

wrapping paper wrapped books

Cleaning & Organizing

8 Inventive Uses for Leftover Wrapping Paper You Never Thought Of

There's no need to throw out leftover wrapping paper scraps. Reuse them, and it's like you're… >>

baking soda

Cleaning & Organizing

Baking Soda Uses: 17 of the Most Brilliant Ways to Fix Things With Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most versatile home remedies in your pantry. Here’s how to use baking… >>

Tennis Ball Hiding Place

Cleaning & Organizing

11 Genius Ways Tennis Balls Can Make Your Life Better

Think beyond the tennis court: Tennis balls can help you park the car, fluff up your laundry, and… >>

popsicle sticks label garden

Cleaning & Organizing

8 Handy Ways You Can Use Popsicle Sticks to Solve Your Problems

Tongue depressors, craft sticks, little wooden thingies: Whatever you want to call them, Popsicle… >>

cleaning kitchen wrong garbage disposal

Cleaning & Organizing

11 Ways You Could Be Cleaning Your Kitchen Wrong

Even if you clean your kitchen religiously, chances are you might be making a few of these crucial… >>

loading dishwasher wrong silverwear

Cleaning & Organizing

8 Ways You Might Be Loading Your Dishwasher Wrong

Never taken the time to read through your dishwasher's user manual? Avoid these mistakes to ensure… >>

jewelry statement hair clip


How to Make Jewelry: 5 Handmade Projects That Look Totally Professional

Lusting for new baubles? In their book Make A Statement, Janet Crowther and Katie Covington teach… >>

DIY wallpaper bedside table


7 Wallpaper Craft Projects (That Don’t Involve Walls)

Have leftover strips of wallpaper? These creative crafts will add a bit of style and color to… >>

diy light bulbs bees


What to Do With Old Light Bulbs? 5 Bright Ideas to Turn Light Bulbs Into Crafts

Before you get rid of old light bulbs, consider turning your burned-out bulbs into pieces of art… >>

april cover homeowners house

Home Improvement

35 Things Every Homeowner Must Know to Save Money and Prevent Big Screw-Ups

Protect your biggest investment, make smarter decisions, and avoid costly mistakes. >>


Cleaning & Organizing

A Professional Organizer Reveals: 9 Ways to Get Rid of Junk (Without Guilt)

You want to get rid of clutter and clean up your house, but it can be hard to part with sentimental… >>

diy wine bottles chalkboard art


6 Crafty Ways to Reinvent Leftover Wine Bottles

Don't toss that empty bottle of Pinot! Turn your used bottle of wine into a beautiful decoration… >>