10 Jobs Americans Can’t Live Without

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Professions the United States Needs

Professions the United States Needs
The national unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high -- above 9% since May 2009. While some companies are hiring, many continue to lay off workers, causing an overwhelming sense of job insecurity. However, certain workers may have less to worry about than others. That's because they are in professions Americans can't live without. 24/7 Wall St. has identified those crucial jobs.
Correctional Officers and Jailers Number Employed: 457,550 Median Income: $39,040 Correctional officers are the largest part of the prison workforce and yet there is always demand for more. "All Bureau of Prison institutions routinely have vacancies for this position," according to the organization. Prison officers play an indispensable role in society, not only maintaining order but assuring that no prisoners escape. Correctional officers do not have an easy job and deal with extremely high levels of stress. On top of the threat of inmate violence and actual inmate violence they are exposed to, they also have to deal with factors such as understaffing, overtime, poor public image and low pay, according to the National Institute of Justice.

9. Electrical Power Line Repairers

9. Electrical Power Line Repairers
Number Employed: 105,540 Median Income: $58,030 We take for granted that lights go on at the flip of a switch. But when electricity stops running entire cities can shut down, such as in the Northeast Blackout of 2003. When power utilities cease operation, they affect many important functions of society. Many services, from public transportation to hospitals, rely on electricity to run properly. As a result, linemen are always on call to attend to repairs.

8. Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

8. Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers
Number Employed: 644,300 Median Income: $53,540 Police officers "protect lives and property," as the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts it. Being a police officer is both dangerous and highly stressful. Unfortunately, the poor economy has resulted in city budget cuts, causing shortages in many forces and further exacerbating officers' stress levels. Chicago, for instance, is currently facing a shortage of between 1,300 to 2,300 officers, according to Medill Reports. Police officers are spread thin and must cover extra sectors. In Chicago, this means citizens sometimes must wait up to 40 minutes for response from police. Yet, a certain level of law enforcement has to remain in place to ensure protection.

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7. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

7. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
Number Employed: 5,080 Median Income: $75,650 Nuclear Power Reactor Operators control and monitor power-generating plants and the various equipment and instruments involved in their operation. Due to concerns about the safety of nuclear power, plant operators must either be working or on call nights, weekends and during holidays. Use of nuclear power will likely experience significant growth in the near future. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, "the number of operating reactors in the world is expected to increase by between 90 and 350 units by 2030," reports Reuters.

6. Air Traffic Controller

6. Air Traffic Controller
Number Employed: 23,970 Median Income: $108,040 Air traffic controllers are needed to ensure safe and efficient air travel. Without a satisfactory number of people working this job, people are put in danger and airports run poorly. The country is already experiencing these problems due to a recent shortage. According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, there has been a wave of controller retirements as more and more reach the mandatory retirement age of 56. "The effects of the nationwide air traffic controller staffing shortage can still be felt throughout the system," the organization states. These effects include a number of serious operational errors in recent years, well above the average. Air traffic errors increased 81 percent from 2007 to 2010.

5. Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers

5. Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers
Number Employed: 190,100 Median Income: $54,710 When telephone and computer services fail it is an inconvenience for most Americans. In certain cases, however, basic communication utilities can be critical. Telecommunications companies therefore often have equipment installers and repairers available or on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just think: What would happen if you couldn't call 911 in an emergency?

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4. Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters

4. Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters
Number Employed: 42,700 Median Income: $49,770 To this day, America depends on the railroad system. Many companies rely on freight trains to deliver supplies, people depend on passenger trains for transportation, and city dwellers depend on urban transit to get to work. Railroad conductors and yardmasters are essential to keep operations running smoothly. Demand for rail transportation is on the rise, and as the railroad workforce continues to age, the railroad industry will hire workers at increasing rates.

3. Firefighters

3. Firefighters
Number Employed: 302,400 Median Income: $45,250 Firefighters work year-round, protecting people and their property from fire. Recently, areas all over the country are suffering from shortages of paid, professional firefighters, as well as volunteers, due to retirements and tightening city budgets. When fire departments are not fully staffed, it often results in few firefighters responding to calls. Cuts can only go so deep, however, due to the need for firefighters.

2. Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operators

2. Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operators
Number Employed: 108,330 Median Income: $40,770 Water and liquid waste treatment plants require near-constant supervision in order to ensure that customers receive safe water. As a result, system operators must either work or be on call at all hours. Plants are highly regulated and can face a number of problems. Storms can cause flooding in sewers, and water can be tainted by chemicals. Plant operators are responsible for all of this.

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1. Registered Nurses

1. Registered Nurses
Number Employed: 2,655,020 Median Income: $64,690 Registered nurses are the most common occupation in the health care industry. As more people gain access to medical coverage as a result of healthcare reform, there may be a shortage of primary care physicians. To address the shortage, medical professionals are pushing for more nurses to become nurse practitioners. Also from AOL Jobs Hot Jobs for Skilled Workers The Future of Trade Jobs in America How You Can Help – Today Learn More About Jobs Week

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15 thoughts on “10 Jobs Americans Can’t Live Without

  1. I guess truck drivers arent important even though we bring everybody everything! America would totally shut down in one week without truck drivers. No gas no food no supplies no nothing!

  2. You also should have listed professional truck drivers. Almost everything anyone purchases in this country has been transported on a truck.

  3. Those of us who made the mistake of choosing the wrong education/training path and who have no-more student loan opportunities are pretty much screwed. Even third world countries don’t have many openings for 40 year old shovel swingers that can pay both room and board.

    Kids, if you don’t know what to do when you get out of high school, learn a trade or take a low paying job. STAY AWAY FROM UNIVERSITIES!!! Especially if you are not perfectly suited to their specific, academic style of learning. It will put you in debt and it’s like gambling; no matter how many times you say “never again” you find yourself taking out more loans for a different course like a fool.

    Learn a trade or take a crap job. It will pay off long-term.

  4. How are teachers not on this list? Politicians keep putting education on the back burner, then wonder why our children perform worse than so many other countries.

  5. Where are the teachers?  Some has to teach all these people how to do those jobs we can’t live without!

  6. Where are the teachers?  Some has to teach all these people how to do those jobs we can’t live without!

  7. Where are the teachers?  Some has to teach all these people how to do those jobs we can’t live without!

  8. Salutations from the water plant in West Sacramento, California. Our pay can be better for the responsibility that we are trusted with…………it pays the bills.
    There is a shortage in California if interested and have the certifications move to the State.

  9. Its interesting that the three public service jobs are also the lowest paying.  Wisconsin says we’re overpaid.  The politicals like to call us corrupt thugs and slobs.  So how do we get qualified people to enter any public service profession

  10. I have been in a water treatment plant for 25 years.  This ranking has been a long time coming.
    What I would like to see is the water systems start a internship paid or unpaid and start training opertors for the future.  To get young people into the field.  On the job training is really where they learn.  The pay could be better.

  11. As a wastewater operator I am glad to see we are finally being recognized. It is not a glamorious job but it is a important job that takes a person with an aptitude in mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, regulations, politics and a strong stomach. Not to mention on call 24/7.

  12. This is a very interesting article. I guess it is like everything else people take for granted, “Turn the handle and water comes out or push the lever and the waste goes away.” The time is coming, and in the near future, that many of us are going to retire from this profession and without the recruiting of new blood there may be a time that people will realize that stuff just don’t happen by magic.

    When I left the operations side of the business, I didn’t realize it isn’t just plant operators charged with keeping everything safe but it takes everyone involved with water to make things work, right down to the distribution folks. And even us inspectors who are charged with getting all the infrastructure right so everything flows in the right direction.

    As I said, “a day of reckoning is coming”, and then people will understand how important this profession is.

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