Digest Diet: Adrienne’s Weight-Loss Success Story

After the first phase of the Digest Diet, Adrienne's weight loss was seven pounds; then she went on to shed 18 pounds total by day 21.

Adrienne Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Adrienne Farr • Her weight before Digest Diet: 209 pounds • Her weight after: 191 pounds • Total lost: 18 pounds! • Inches lost: 9.5 total! 1.5 inches of belly fat! • Health gains: “I am a lot less anxious.”; Reduced back and knee pain • Also: Blood pressure decreased from 128/82 to 104/6; Reduced total body fat by 6.4%

Adrienne’s busy lifestyle as an executive assistant has made it difficult to find the time for healthy habits. But she was ready to change when the scale climbed past 200. Her back and knees hurt, and she was worried about her health: “I knew that my cholesterol was high and my blood pressure (although normal) was creeping higher.” A former high school gymnast, Adrienne, 36, yearned to be fit again.

Her first step to success? Healing her mind: “Sadly, even when I was fit and in great shape, I still thought I was fat. I look at pictures from years ago, and I am shocked. I can’t believe how small I was, yet I thought I was fat.” Now Adrienne says, “I feel strong and healthy mentally; I want my body to match.”

Within days of starting the plan, her energy was soaring. “I literally jumped out of bed at five a.m. I have never done that.” She also found that her food tastes naturally shifted. “I craved greens—spinach, broccoli, fennel. That’s new for me.”

At her first weigh-in, Adrienne lost an amazing seven pounds in four days. “When I saw that happen, I thought, ‘Obviously it is working!’ Cupcakes, candy, junk food outside my office—I ignored it. I didn’t want anything to derail me.”

Another big surprise: Bringing more fun into each day helped the pounds melt off. “I loved watching old TV programs—Rhoda, Good Times, 227, All in the Family, Three’s Company—it made me laugh out loud.” To add more movement to each day, she woke up early each morning and danced in her living room.

She enjoys knowing that her success was achieved by doing something grounded in science. “This didn’t feel like a fad diet at all. I never thought it was possible to lose so much weight so quickly and in such a healthy way. This is something I can do for the rest of my life.” But most of all, she likes how this way of taking care of herself makes her feel both physically and emotionally. “I feel healthy. My skin is glowing, and I don’t have headaches anymore! I feel completely optimistic.”

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    • Denton0617

      I would really like to see updates on the Test Team, I feel certain there were several who intended to lose more weigh, there were a few who only needed to lose a few to get to their – but how are the other doing?  I would love to see up to date facts and pictures.

    • Tori1168

      I’m disappointed in the wasted food… 2 romaine leaves with cheese is one of the snacks, the next time you eat lettuce is about 5 days later, by then the lettuce is wilted. Not to mention other foods that you only use a small amount of, any the rest may go to waist depending on the size of package your able to buy. I don’t eat pork or beef, so I hope substituting other dinners in the book was the right thing to do. Trying to find the website that has community and support, easy to use shopping list, All the EXCLUSIVE success tools and tricks … all free. I don’t mind paying for things if it helps. But with the economy the way it is, this diet has been very costly (I bought all off brands, to save money). Very good food, lost about a pound a day, which is nice, but I can do that by eating salads! 
      Hope that every one that has purchased this book has a wonderful results, I’m going to continue with the diet as planned, so please wish me luck as well. 
      Good Luck Everyone. 
       If this is the website for all the EXCLUSIVE things, some one please tell me where on here is the shopping lists, and other recipes on here. I’m not finding it :- ( 

    • Mommafifa

      I think they made a mistake and switched the before and after pics here.

      If you look closely, she actually looks slimmer in the before pic. Particularly her arms and legs

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKDYL7PPRDQN4FYTV7M5JCNCFQ Jill G

        I thought the same thing until I realized the Before pic is actually taken from further away. That is  causing her to look smaller all over.

      • Rold

        Posture is better in the picture on the right….which is what can make you look more slender. 

    • Sheryldi

      I was sad to see what was promoted on the cover as an article was really a long advertorial. 14 pages of teasers in a book I paid for, advertising yet another book, was annoying.

      • Debnslo55

        Were you disappointed in the rest of it?  Seems like alot of money to pay for a diet book.

      • Debnslo55

        Were you disappointed in the rest of it?  Seems like alot of money to pay for a diet book.

    • Suejenkins12

      “Blood pressure decreased from 128/82 to 104/6;”

      Perhaps a proofreader is needed?