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Keep track of your progress, weight and goals with this daily journal as you watch the pounds melt away with the Digest Diet plan. Get the motivation you need to stick with your goals by printing the handy journal below. (Click the image to enlarge and print.)

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52 thoughts on “Digest Diet: My Journal

  1. To is my last day for the first phase….I am loving this diet. I already lost 2.6lbs and its day four of the diet. My cravings are even a problem anymore!

  2. So I am on day 5 and thought I would eat dinner at lunch time (I don’t like to eat heavy late…). It seems like there is a ton of food! I chose the baked breast (1/2 breast) with 2 cups broccoli, 2 cups salad and handful of grapes….this is way more than I can eat at one sitting! Am I doing something wrong??

  3. I think it’s the canned beans – soak dry beans at least 12 hours then cook slowly in water, no salt while cooking, skim bubbles off the top every few minutes once they start to boil for about the first 20 min. It’s not as much of a pain as it seems once you’ve done it a few times.

  4. Try soaking dry beans overnight(at least 12 hours) and cooking them yourself rather than using canned beans.

  5. I started the Digest diet last Monday.  Lived on Gas-X to help with that issue.  By Wed I was so bloated, I could barely eat anything.  Someone on the Facebook discussion said something about needing more fiber and how she’d gotten constipated the first few days.   Stopped at pharmacy and got some X-Lax on way from work Thurs.  By Fri night felt better.  Sat was back on Gas-X. It’s now Sun and back to X-Lax. I’ve doubled the amount of Fiber pills that I normally take.  Something is wrong here.  Any suggestions? 

  6. I started the diet yesterday and found that I’m getting full on half of the suggested servings, should I eat it all to make sure I’m getting enough food or should I stop when I’m full.

  7. I have to have brain surgery in a couple of weeks.  It was very unexpected to say the least.  He wanted to do it before Christmas.  I said no.   Anyhow, take care of yourselves out there.  Lizabeth Charmaine* Phillips

  8. Am looking for vegetarian recipes. There aren’t many in the diet book.  Are there more in the cookbook?  

  9. Having trouble finding flaxseed meal and almond butter.  Any suggestions for where to purchase?  I don’t see on GNC either.  Help

  10. Having trouble finding flaxseed meal and almond butter.  Any suggestions for where to purchase?  I don’t see on GNC either.  Help

    1. I can find flaxseed meal in the aisle where the gluten free products are (the baking aisle at my store). Maybe if you have Whole Foods markets in your area?

  11. The link to the shopping list and the journal is not working and yes I am going to the other page, it will take you there and then say there a web error!..This is the 3rd time I have tried.

  12. The ling to the Digest Diet Journal still is not working.  When you click on the image it goes to another page but does not load.

  13. the link to the journal is working for me – once i clicked on it … just needed a minute to download

    1. I’m still not getting the journal, have clicked the link and left the new tab open for a long time.

    2. I’m still not getting the journal, have clicked the link and left the new tab open for a long time.

  14. the link the to the journal is not working again,,, it opens the new page, but never loads.

  15. Well, the Digest Diet Journal still is not working. I clicked on the image itself and that did not work. I then clicked on “Print your own Diet Digest Journal” and that did not work.

  16. My husband, who is starting the diet, needs to drink lemonade for his health.  Can he still dink it and how do I prepare it so it’s healthy and without artificial sweetners?
    Also, once a week he must drive many hours and he relies on diet caffeinated soda to keep him awake.  He does not drink tea or coffee.  What can he drink that is caffeinated and diet friendly?

  17. I see day 1-4 with fat release shakes includes yogurt.  I get yeast infections from eating yogurt.  Any suggestions what I could use in place of?

    1. Have you tried nonfat cottage cheese? It is recommened as a substitute in the article on making healthier smoothies.

  18. Today is day one for my husband and I; we are gonna rock this thing!

  19. Today is day one for my husband and I; we are gonna rock this thing!

    1. Hi Valerie,
      My husband and I are doing this together, too!  I lost 9lbs in the first 7 days and he lost 10lbs.  We’re really both enjoying the food.  Have found very little we didn’t care for.  Good luck to you both!

  20. Help I  have had Gastric Bypass (6 yrs ago) and an empty nester widowed, I have trouble moving and exerciseing  . I am just starting and the recipes are grossly over sized for me, any help

  21. I have lost 8.8lbs.  I am day 18 if that helps.  It is a lot of cooking and planning if you work.  I have been on many diet and really wanted to lose about 15 lbs.  I really like this diet.  I thought I ate very healthy before but this really teaches you how to eat and snack and still lose weight without starving.

  22. How much (ozs) does the shake make.  Where do you purchase shaker cup to freeze shakes?

  23. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks and have lost 8 lbs. You have to follow it exactly.

  24. will the book says to go to readersdigest,com/digestdiet  to get a complete shopping list all i get is free trill for 14 day (i have the book) i what the food list…so how do you get the list ??????

  25. Have you tried the lentil and chard soup? It says it makes 12 cups but I don’t see any liquid added other than 1/4 cup of lemon juice.

    1. Maybe we have a different printing of the book? Mine says “7 cups water”.

  26. I made the Chunky Beef & Vegetable Chili with Red Wine last night, but was surprised that there was no chili powder called for in the recipe.  Anyone else think this is a mistake?

  27. I am finding I have a few questions and thought there was a Q&A site?  Can someone help me find the link?  Thanks!

  28. I’m on day 8 and feel great!!  I’ve lost 7.6lbs!!  I have more energy then I ever thought possible….I feel like I’m getting paid to do this!!  My only hard part was that I seemed to plateau day 4-6..but I was also getting my period, so I waited for it to come and weighed in today!!  WAHOO!! 

  29. I am on day 13 and have lost 6 pounds. The weight loss has been very steady and I’ve never been able to lose more than 1 pound per week on any other diet. The food is so healthy and I love most of it. I did modify the exercise plan a bit to make it simpler to remember. This diet is very low carb the first two weeks so you have to be ready to give up the carbs. I am not hungry at all and the fat releasers seem to be working. I love the shakes and plan to have one a day going forward. The glass of wine in the evening is also fabulous. The diet is a bit expensive and I don’t like that all the recipes are for 4 servings. When only one is on the plan it is hard to cut down. Some of the meals are fussy to make but for the most part, I would make most of them again.

    1. I feel the same way so I just cook feed the meals my two children, my husband and myself.  If I don’t think they will eat it I adjust the recipe for one.  It has been work that is definitely worth it.

  30. Does anyone know if there is a support forum for this diet anywhere? I sure could use one!

    1. Yes! Go to facebook.com/digestdiet and you’ll find plenty of friendly editors and readers going through the plan!

  31. I have to agree with Mkjensen90. I am on my 3rd day, and today I also feel really bloated. I guess it is just my body trying to get rid of stuff and reacting to the increased fiber.  Hopefully this too will pass.

  32. I just started the diet, today is
    My 2nd day- i feel really bloated? Anyone else?

    1. I belong to a group of 5 that just finished our first week and all of us have had problems with cramping and gas.  A couple of tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia and everything was fine.  I think this program has more fiber than we were used to.  We’re adding more water daily to help.

  33. I am really frustrated. I have been on this diet for a week and have only lost just over 2 pounds. I keep yo-yoing. One day I loose; the next I gain. I am eating so much more healthier and am ready to give up and start Weight Watchers or HCG!

    1. I did HCG, lost handfuls of hair. I lost 30 lbs, but gained 44 back. I hope this diet will help me lose then maintain. Good luck with your losses.

    2. The more I walk the more I lose.  I used to live this way for 2 decades – eating healthier choices, moderation in amounts, more active.  It’s hard getting back on track and it’s hard to find motivation without support but several family members are starting with me and not only do we have spontaneous 1min jitterbug dancing while cooking, but we’ve shared food costs until we can make pantry healthy to use.  I think for long term this is best choice for me/us.  Now have family in other part of US joining to get back to healthy living and making bit fun to share results since we all have different body shapes and metobolic systems. :)

      1. remember to keep a sunny disposition and keep moving!!! Winter will be soon enough Robin…

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