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Keep track of your progress, weight and goals with this daily journal as you watch the pounds melt away with the Digest Diet plan. Get the motivation you need to stick with your goals by printing the handy journal below. (Click the image to enlarge and print.)

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    • Bridget

      To is my last day for the first phase….I am loving this diet. I already lost 2.6lbs and its day four of the diet. My cravings are even a problem anymore!

    • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.parmelee.1 Nancy Parmelee

      can i substitute hemp seeds for the flax or one of the healty fats?

    • Smac

      So I am on day 5 and thought I would eat dinner at lunch time (I don’t like to eat heavy late…). It seems like there is a ton of food! I chose the baked breast (1/2 breast) with 2 cups broccoli, 2 cups salad and handful of grapes….this is way more than I can eat at one sitting! Am I doing something wrong??

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s the canned beans – soak dry beans at least 12 hours then cook slowly in water, no salt while cooking, skim bubbles off the top every few minutes once they start to boil for about the first 20 min. It’s not as much of a pain as it seems once you’ve done it a few times.

    • Anonymous

      Try soaking dry beans overnight(at least 12 hours) and cooking them yourself rather than using canned beans.

    • Guest_P

      I started the Digest diet last Monday.  Lived on Gas-X to help with that issue.  By Wed I was so bloated, I could barely eat anything.  Someone on the Facebook discussion said something about needing more fiber and how she’d gotten constipated the first few days.   Stopped at pharmacy and got some X-Lax on way from work Thurs.  By Fri night felt better.  Sat was back on Gas-X. It’s now Sun and back to X-Lax. I’ve doubled the amount of Fiber pills that I normally take.  Something is wrong here.  Any suggestions? 

    • Sasche2005

      I started the diet yesterday and found that I’m getting full on half of the suggested servings, should I eat it all to make sure I’m getting enough food or should I stop when I’m full.

      • KarenK

        I am having the same problem. Have you found an answer yet?