Amtrak Is Running a Huge Sale for Spring Break

Updated: Mar. 14, 2023

Amtrak's latest deal may entice you to ditch highway traffic and grab a train ticket for your upcoming Spring Break getaway.

No matter how you choose to spend your spring break it never seems to feel long enough, which is why the last place you want to waste those precious hours is stuck in traffic. This year, holiday road trippers are in luck because Amtrak is having a sale on Auto Train fares that will help you make the most of your vacation. Skip the interstate and opt for a train ride instead!

What is Amtrak’s Auto Train deal?

Amtrak is currently running an Auto Train deal in which you and your car can travel with nonstop service between Lorton, Virginia (located outside of Washington, D.C.) and Sanford, Florida (located near Orlando) for only $95 plus the cost of your vehicle.

The promotion is available only on Coach tickets, so no upgrades are permitted. However, Amtrak’s Coach seats recline and offer quite a bit of legroom and feature at-seat trays, reading lights and electrical outlets, so you’ll be very comfortable on your journey.

How does the Auto Train work?

With Amtrak’s Auto Train, your car travels with you. Book your ticket, and then pack your car as if it were your suitcase, including everything you’ll need for your trip. When you board the train, your car boards too, so you can relax throughout the train ride and still have wheels once you arrive at your destination.

Once you’re on board, you are free to roam about the cabin, enjoy a meal, get some work done, or stream your favorite films and shows. Snacks, meals and beverages are all available for purchase, or you can opt to bring your own. Every passenger can take advantage of free basic Wi-Fi for the duration of their journey.

How long is this deal available for?

While Amtrak has not made any mention of how long we can expect to see this incredible Auto Train deal, chances are it won’t stick around forever. Furthermore, prices may change based on demand and availability, especially during peak travel times. Seats sell out quickly, so if you are considering getting off the highway and aboard the train, book your ticket sooner rather than later.

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