15 Annoying Fashion Problems That Every Woman Will Definitely Understand

Can we get an amen?

While we appreciate the fabulous sartorial realm for many reasons, like any other good thing in this world, there are factors that will grate and irritate—from avid shopping addicts to reluctant consumers alike. In all honesty, women’s fashion can be downright annoying; from peculiar retail prices to unreasonable sizing systems, here are 15 fashion nuisances that will have you vigorously nodding your heads in agreement. (For beauty atrocities, check out our pick of beauty trends that should have never happened).

Trying to squeeze something over your head in the fitting room.

We all like to consider ourselves as independent women, but there’s no shame in asking our friends to help out in the fitting room every now and again. These minuscule holes and complex clasps got us wondering if sartorial rocket science is an actual study.

Questioning why your new jeans have fake pockets.


You wriggle into the perfect pair of skinny cut jeans, only to find that the designers have fooled you entirely when you try to cram some receipts in your front pocket. This doesn’t seem to be a prevalent problem in the men’s section, so do they assume women just don’t need to carry things? A common theory is that they are trying to push us into buying more bags instead, in which case it’s a vicious, inescapable cycle.

Finding out that your adorable strappy bikini has some side effects.

Swimsuit designers across the industry have decided to get really “creative” with bathing suits recently with adventurous cut-outs and impressive lattice work. Unsurprisingly, they leave nightmarish tan lines.

Realizing some retail prices are absolutely ridiculous.

In all honesty, did the quantity of cotton and manufacturing needed to assemble this shirt go anywhere near this price tag?

Limping around in heels in order to gain a few feet.


We appreciate heels for accentuating our figures and sparking the illusion of longer legs, but it requires a sacrifice—in this case, a painful one. Whether it’s worth it is up to you. 

Transferring denim dye on lighter colors.

Nothing is worse than purchasing a ravishing white purse only to discover that your cheap blue jeans decided to leave its signature mark.

Having ‘one size fits all’ fail to live up to expectations.

Everybody has different body types, and it should be common sense that a size 2 is not going fit the same skirt as a size 10.

Adjusting your strapless attire 24/7.


Strapless dresses are a nice concept, but the practicality is quite questionable. You might want to consider whether it’s worth nip slips and doing the pull-up dance all night.

Putting on spanx.

Sometimes you’re left with two choices: either abandon that stunning bodycon dress or buy into the brand that made Sara Blakely a billionaire: Spanx. While magically stripping our bodies of the lumps and bumps that we so despise is pleasing, walking around in an elastic corset—not so much.

Coming out of a shopping experience without finding anything Instagram-worthy.


Fast fashion is a real toss-up—finding that perfect ensemble in the tangled midst of strange trends and horrendous designs can feel like a challenge equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

Putting on a pair of jeans that isn’t humanly proportionate.

Unless you’re Cindy Crawford, we don’t understand how our waist size could possibly equate to this leg length. Here’s how to find the best jeans for your body type

Having button-down shirts become “inappropriate” to wear to work.


For those who are a little more well endowed, the dreaded “peekaboob” can make you feel like a busty version of Hulk is about to implode from your buttons.

Getting excited about a find until it lets you down.


That feeling of excitement when you pick up a gorgeous, silky leather jacket only to find a bejeweled neon pink skull sewn into the back (not to mention the cheesy logos and sayings frequently plastered onto otherwise lovely T-shirts).

Trying to take off a romper/jumpsuit in the bathroom.

Don’t sell a garment as low-maintenance and comfortable if I have to conduct a strip show in order to pee.

Walking outside in a skirt on a windy day.

Not everyone can pull off that glamorous Marilyn Monroe look when the wind is forcing us to unintentionally flash our cheeks to everyone in the vicinity.

Hana Hong
Hana is a journalist and storyteller who writes for Reader's Digest, InStyle, CollegeFashionista, Her Campus and The Fashion Network, among other publications. She hails from the Midwest, where she graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA in News-Editorial Journalism, but has a passion for the East Coast.