BedJet vs. Eight Sleep: Here’s How the Reader-Loved Cooling Bed Systems Compare

For those who struggle with sweaty nights, it’s time to look at the BedJet vs Eight Sleep bed cooling systems.  

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It’s no fun being a hot sleeper. Nights are too short to be tossing and turning, waking up to adjust the thermostat and kicking off the blankets. Thankfully, there are amazing cooling bedding systems that beat stuffy nights once and for all. But when it comes to two of the most popular, BedJet vs Eight Sleep, which is the better choice?  

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding altogether, check out the best cooling mattresses and cooling blankets to get the job done. Allow me to compare the BedJet vs Eight Sleep, two cooling bedding systems that consistently land on RD’s list of best-selling products. Our editors tested both, so here are our honest thoughts.

What’s the difference between the BedJet and the Eight Sleep cooling systems? 

Much like a portable air conditioner, the BedJet 3 system uses an electric, compact machine to blow cool air through the sheets. The Eight Sleep Pod Cover, however, uses its machine buddy and discrete water tubing to adjust its temperature based on different circumstances like local weather and sleep stages. Both are controllable through an app with similar features.  

Another big difference between BedJet vs Eight Sleep is the price. The former costs less than $500, while the latter will run you about four times as much at $2,295. Although it’s a similar cooling experience, BedJet has an arguably simpler system than Eight Sleep’s water-controlled system. Either way, cooler nights are ahead.  

All about the BedJet 3

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The BedJet 3 is a compact machine that blows cold (or hot) air through a nozzle and into your sheets. It works in tandem with the Cloud Sheet, but your regular bedding set works too. It’s compatible with just about any mattress, whether you’re a college student on a twin or a couple sharing a California king.  

Using a remote, an app or the machine itself, adjust the temperature exactly to your liking. Program the settings and schedule ahead of bedtime. The remote lets you control the temperature by degree, set a timer, adjust the airflow and program biorhythm sleep temperatures.  

It takes about 10 minutes to set up, but the benefits last night after night. While it might not replace an air conditioner, hot sleepers will love the freshness between the cooling bed sheets. “The BedJet 3 efficiently cools me down, providing exceptional airflow throughout the bed which has significantly improved my sleep,” says our Shopping Editor Stephanie Hope in her BedJet review. “I wake up feeling refreshed and energized—without any pesky night sweats.”  

All about the Eight Sleep Pod Cover  

Eight Sleep Pod 3 CoverMary Henn/

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover cooling system is slightly different. It’s almost like a smart cooling mattress pad. But don’t let the water tubing deter you. The cover is hardly detectable and it’s compatible with any sheet set.  

Start by placing the one-inch foam sheet on any mattress bigger than a full. It’ll attach like a fitted sheet, so feel free to cover it with a mattress cover. Priming does take up to four hours and requires water and peroxide (the peroxide ensures the water runs clean).  

“I love warming my bed after a nightly shower or bath—it takes bedtime coziness to a whole new level,” says our Shopping Editor Mary Henn in her Eight Sleep review. “I’ve tried cooling sheets and comforters in the past, and I’ve also tried heated blankets. The Eight Sleep system blows those types of products out of the water (pun intended).”

A built-in active grid lays atop the cover to monitor sleep patterns and transfer data to the Eight Sleep app. The app membership may be well worth $24 a month because subscribers can get all kinds of scientific sleep health metrics and other cool information. You can even schedule a vibrating, thermal alarm through the cover to gently wake you up. Co-sleepers can also adjust the system to different settings on different sides of the bed. Keep in mind that a 12-month subscription is required for new Pod purchases, but you can cancel anytime.  


Does BedJet actually cool the air? 

For a bed cooling system, the BedJet does the job, Stephanie says. However, it’s not an actual air conditioner, so the air outside the bed isn’t affected.  

How often do you refill the Eight Sleep water? 

The Eight Sleep needs to be refilled every three to four weeks. Remember to only use distilled water and hydrogen peroxide when refilling.  

The bottom line 

When it comes to whether the BedJet vs Eight Sleep is the best product for hot sleepers, that depends on your needs and budget. The BedJet 3 is the cheaper option and doesn’t require much maintenance or upkeep. The Eight Sleep Pod Cover is a luxury bedding item and requires monthly refills. You get similar health tracking statistics with both, but the Eight Sleep may be more extensive, which is to be expected at this more expensive price point.

Where to buy the BedJet 3

Rd Ecomm Bedjet Via Bedjet.comvia merchant

The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System is on sale for $429 on the brand’s website. You can also shop the system on Amazon for $489.  

Where to buy the Eight Sleep Pod Cover

Eight Sleep Pod 3 CoverVia Merchant

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover is definitely a splurge. It has a price tag of about $2,295 on the brand’s website. A monthly subscription unlocks all the sleep features, including new ones in future updates. A 12-month subscription is required for new Pod purchases, but as I said earlier, you can cancel at any time.  

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