This Hotel Booking Secret Guarantees You’ll Get the Cheapest Rate Possible

You hardly have to do anything to get the best price ever.’s more frustrating to the seasoned traveler than to book a hotel, only to see the price go down a few days later. And while some price drops are fairly insignificant, oftentimes they’re major—especially if you booked your original room far in advance.

Fortunately, there’s no need to bang your fists if you realize you jumped too early on your reservation. There’s an easy fix: Simply cancel the existing room and rebook it at the lower price.

“Most hotels allow you to cancel a reservation for free up to 24 to 48 hours before check-in,” says Jeanette Pavini, a savings expert at “Especially larger hotels.”

For busier hotels, Pavini recommends having the person you’re traveling with book the cheaper room before canceling your existing reservation. That way you won’t be left roomless should someone swoop in and snatch the cheaper room while you’re in the process of rebooking.

It’s worth looking at other hotels in the area, too. The hotel you booked that was cheapest a few months ago isn’t guaranteed to still be cheapest as your vacation gets closer. Save even further and possibly snag a hotel upgrade with these savvy secrets.

Obviously, you’ll want to check your hotel’s booking and cancellation terms, as well as the terms of any third party site you used to book. And before your next stay, these are the 20 hotel booking secrets you need to know.