Copeland Checklist for ADHD

Better understand why and how ADHD is diagnosed the way it is.

The Copeland Symptom Checklist is an 8-category, 63-item checklist which contains information about cognitive, emotional, and social symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Primarily used for adults, the Copeland checklist is one of many evaluations used by health care professionals to test for ADHD.

Because one standard evaluation of ADHD does not exist; it’s important for professionals to evaluate adults with symptoms of ADHD by measuring data, examining the patient’s history, and conducting mental status testing. As the Copeland Checklist allows for a basic understanding of the patient’s performance within their daily routine; interviews with the patient’s family or close friends may be needed to accurately provide a diagnosis.

The 8 categories of the Copeland Checklist include:

• Inattention/Distractibility
• Impulsivity
• Activity Level Problems
• Noncompliance
• Underachievement/Disorganization/Learning Problems
• Emotional Difficulties
• Poor Peer Relations
• Impaired Family Relationships

American Family Physician

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